Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 4 “Metamorphosis 2”

The dimly lit office was sparsely furnished with a table laden with books,and a wooden chair. Rev Theo’s reading was interrupted by a knock. “Please come in Matte” he answered rather loudly. “Hmm! I can’t believe this!! How could he possibly have known that my translations were flawed tonighy? I smell a rat!” He said to himself,as he walked back to the church hall. As expected, it was filled with the new converts who were being counselled by the church leaders. He waited patiently,and when they concluded their meeting,he stood up to address them all. ” My beloved leaders, I greet you all. I’m here to confront whichever one of you had the effrontery to report my inconsistencies to the Reverend. Look here! Kristian or no Kristian,emi o ma gbadun oh!! let this be a warning to each and everyone of you. If you keep trying to jeoardise my career,sango will destroy you all” he said fuming with anger. “I don’t think you should make such derogatory remarks,its not right for a believer to………..”. “Shut it Samu! I didn’t ask for your opinion,let this be a warning to each and everyone of you”and he stormed out of the hall. “I’m sorry to ask this question Sir. But…… Are you sure Akowe has received salvation?” Bola the lead chorister asked inquisitively. “Ah ah.. Of course he has,he’s just yet to renew his mind with the word” John replied assuringly. The village of Ayetoro prospered greatly for three months under the reign of the newly enthroned king who was also a believer but,fear and confusion came in the moment Rev Theo’s letter of transfer arrived. He was to be transfered to Ilu Amuwa which was far away from Ayetoro. His wife was to take over from him but this time,as an assistant to the newly appointed Pastor John(formerly Ifamuyiwa). “Dear Lord Jesus! Dear Lord Jesus!! Theo yelled out in pain. He didn’t want to leave the town,these people were his family and source of joy. Seeing them grow in love and strength encouraged him even more in the faith. “You have to leave. But before you do so, call forth a healing crusade. This is your last assignment! And lay hands on your leaders, for the journey ahead is not for the weak,nor the faint hearted. Relent not! For I am with you always”. Theo prepared himself and organised a meeting. “This assignment must be taken seriously” he said to his leaders. “Allailuya… Allailuya………..” The chorister sang as she led the worship session. The arena was filled with the spirit and lots of miracles were happening already, even though the Reverend was yet to lay hands on the sick. There were over a hundred people present in the open- space field. “I’m gonna start laying hands now,if you’ve got an illness in your body,please come forward” “mo fe fi owo kan yin…………..” Matti translated as enthusiastically as usual. There were lots of healing miracles performed that night, but one caught everyone’s attention. He was a nineteen year old boy who had been mentally unstable for over a decade. His only surviving relative and grandma cried as the reverend approached her grandson. He was filled with compassion for the old woman and he looked her in the face and asked quietly “do u believe God can heal him?” “Se e gbagbo?” Matti asked the old woman. “Mo gbagbo” bitter tears stung her eyes as she uttered this. Without even waiting for her reply,he laid hands on the boy’s head and behold! He fell under the anointing,and kept rolling non stop on the wet grass for a few minutes even as the legion of demons that once dwelt in him began to flee. The moment he gained balance,his sanity had been restored. “Reverend! You’ve got to see this!! The boy has been healed!!! Glory to God!!!!” Bola yelled as she ran towards Theo. The voice spoke to the reverend once more “Well done Son! The purpose of this assignment has just been fulfilled”.

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  1. A god try but breaking your story into paragraphs may make more sense. Keep pushing on…………..

  2. Thank God for miracles

    1. But na wa for the translator sha…cursing sango inside church..kai

  3. A beautiful storyline.,keep writing dear.

  4. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    Yes, kindly break the story into paragraphs. Following though.

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