Would You Love An Adopted Child Same Way As Your Biological Child?

Would You Love An Adopted Child Same Way As Your Biological Child?

Chiefly among reasons why most people adopt children is when they have given up any hope of having theirs.

However, what happens when after adopting one you discover that you are blessed with a child of yours later on?

Is it  truly possible to love an adopted child same way as yours?

Let me make the scenario clearer and easier to understand. Can you leave your wealth and possession to a child you adopted from a motherless home?

Would it be right to treat an adopted child with levity to the detriment of your own biological child?

Do you think your own biological child will understand later in life if he found out that his sibling was adopted? Do you honestly belief they will be treated equally always or maybe partial in bringing them up?

We watch it on television most of the time, and we hear of women maltreating adopted children simply because they feel threatened. They suddenly become anxious due to the fact that their husbands could leave majority of his will to such a child.

Now that you understand the scenario better, would you truly love an adopted child the same way as your biological child?

Share your thoughts on this issue please and remember that your thoughts, opinions, and answers can go a very long way to help the situation of  people out there.

4 thoughts on “Would You Love An Adopted Child Same Way As Your Biological Child?” by iyandasdiary (@Iyandasdiary)

  1. To adopt a child is usually or often when a couple have not been able to have their own biological child. It seems to be the case too that love is showered on the adopted child until, perhaps, they get their own biological child. It does happen oftentimes that when a biological child comes, the love for children is shared, either one parent favours one child more than the other or the siblings themselves hate themselves.

    I wish categorically make the point that LOVE FOR A CHILD is not reducible to real blood ties. As a parent, I will love my kids as much as possible, not giving them the idea of special preference so as to safeguard their love for each other. Sorry to say but children learn to practice what they see being done.

    Let us love truly for love makes us truly humane.

  2. Ofcos why not…..a child is a child adopted or not

  3. Children are a gift of the LORD. For you to adopt a child, you must treat it as such. If you later have a child, do not use that as an excuse to lose love for the adopted child. Treat them like equals. Treat them both as blood. Sow no seed of enmity between them. If you must will out your possessions, do so with the adopted child in mind.
    “To be BIASED is human, to be FAIR and JUST is divine”

  4. kay (@kaymillion)

    Every child is in d image of God……. So love is expedient
    anyway i have always dreamt of adopting kids (even when i have my own)……. I jst love kids sha.

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