Love Again?

Nearly half of her dressing up session was spent in front of the full-length, expensive mirror enframed in neat, hand-carved mahogany wood. Lizzy was busy checking out the best outfit for the evening as she rummaged through her wardrobe and ransacked her make-up kit. She had been at this for nearly an hour and had roughly two hours more to the late-night date. She was a kind of person that believed in first impressions and she knew she had to make this count.

Lizzy was obviously bored. She had been thinking about her previous heartbreaks, which totalled twelve in all. She had even been forced to believe that she had been cursed by a god or goddess for her fate. Sacrifices offered, atonements made, fasts taken, but all to no avail. She had just concluded to give up on dating but she wanted to give this guy she just met on BBM a chance, like she always does. He proposed they meet in person and the date would be tonight. That cheered her up a little

Lizzy finally settled for a dark red, knee-length gown and a pair of Gucci high heels to match. She adorned her wrists with a diamond encrusted Swiss watch and a pair of golden D&G earrings and necklaces graced her ears and neck respectively. She checked her watch which reflected back brilliant blue light to her coloured lips and eyelids and she saw she still had enough time to make the date.

In less that ten minutes, she was already outside the eatery where they were supposed to meet. She gathered her wits around her and entered, looking for a reserved ‘Table Seven’. She saw it already had a male occupant and she moved up the aisle to meet her date. Few feet to him, he turned back and their gazes met — she saw her worst nightmare. It was the same guy she lost her virginity to who later eloped with her best friend, back in secondary school.
She made two fast steps forward, downloaded a calculated slap on his rosy cheek and stormed out of the eatery with balls of tears in her eyes.

Tears blurred her vision as she drove with full headlamps on, headed for home. Her miseries in life came back haunting her again and the words ‘You Never Learn’ kept on playing in her memory. She blamed herself for being too soft to have fallen in love again after her lessons.
She was taking a bend to her home when a Mercedes Benz E-Class appeared out of nowhere and crashed into her, destroying her headlamps and shattering glass everywhere. In anger, culminating from the previous occurence and this new one, she alighted from her car, ready to face the man behind the wheels in the other car.

‘You must be a very crazy driver to have done this’, she shot out angrily at the other driver who was yet to leave his vehicle.

When he finally alighted, she couldnt but notice he was the handsome type — finely chiseled nose, square jaw and broad chest plus a neat moustache to finish. He opened his mouth to reveal a set of white teeth and spoke.

“I’m most sorry ma’am. I didnt see you coming.”

Lizzy was obviously suprised at the calm of this man and she cooled off.

“You need to learn to be careful next time. I could have been hurt”, came her reply as she strode off to her car.

The young gentleman didnt back off, though. “I’d like to pay for damages. Could I get any contact details please? Maybe a phone number?”.

Lizzy did a double-take on that and thought again, ‘what could it hurt to give the handsome chap a try?’.

With a smile on her face, she procured a small card from her bag and handed it to him. Coquettishly, she smiled and whispered to him ‘do call’..they parted ways and another love story began…….

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24 thoughts on “Love Again?” by Hextophar (@Hextophar)

  1. Good one. I like it.

    1. @vincentdepaul thanks for taking time out to read

  2. Nice, I like.

    1. @uzywhyte I’m glad you did like it.

  3. an interesting read

    1. @innoalifa thanks for the comment.

  4. Lizzy has once again refused to learn. But then, how would she find true love, if she refuses to give it a try.

    1. Your thoughts are correct. She just has to keep trying.

  5. Ermm…this is interesting. Is it going to be a series?

    1. Sadly, no. I wish it were, but you’ll get one very soon. Watch this space. Thanks for reading.

  6. Still reading…like it so far. A bit of grammer errors to correct though…she was a kind of person could change to she was the kind of person….she had concluded to give up can change to she had concluded giving up…he proposed they meet(since it’s in past tense)could change to he had proposed…

  7. Ok same comment…grammer can be corrected. Some sentences can be joined with a comma so you have less short sentences that could actually be just the one.
    Yet to leave his vehicle …suggests he’s leaving it behind as opposed to getting out of it.
    Haven’t written in so long but learned quite a lot when i was active on here.
    Stay on and you will surely pick up good tips from seasoned writers..

  8. It’s a risk to love,
    What if it doesn’t work out?
    Ah, but what if it does.


    Life itself is a risk, she gats to try again.

    1. Well, you’ve spoken well. She just has to keep having a go at it till she gets the ONE. Thanks for reading.

  9. @phoenix , thanks very much for taking out of your precious time to point all these out to me. I’ll try to work on my diction, grammar and others. I hope you’ll keep up with my other works to notice the changes. Thanks.

    1. Thanks. Glad you read.

  10. No matter the heart breaks we just have to keep searching for that special one..if you are lucky you find him/her if not you settle for the next best thing…

    1. @schatzilein So true! But I doubt if our Lizzy would settle for someone she doesn’t want. Thanks for taking your precious time to red my humble piece

  11. Nice story, I enjoyed it. Lizzie has to be mindful of the fine line between desire and desperation. When you reach the level of “I must have a man now or I die” there is a much greater chance of missing the “red flags” in some potential partners and ending up with someone that creates more havoc than good in your life.

    I do love the idea of holding on to hope you presented:)

  12. @adaezediana Woah.. You’ve just made me have classes in a great school of thought. Thanks for this opinion of yours.

  13. beware of sharp sharp love occasioned by chiseled nose and expensive car.

    1. LOL.. True.. Like the name you gave it —-» Sharp Sharp Love.. Me I call it Lovey Lovey :D

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