Let’s Gist Naija – Cheating

Many Nigerians would cheat to pass an exam
Growing up as a kid I learnt the importance of truthfulness, I learnt from my aged grandmother that it pays to always say the truth, but sadly today this truth seems to be the odd way of behaving.

I also learnt that cheating is a crime not only against God but humanity as well, infact she would draw my ears when emphasising this and gradually this sank into my subconscious and it became impossible for me to cheat in an exam, in a test or even in business or relationship.

The odd about this is I got a nick name ODD for this same reason and I beg to ask if being a sincere being makes you abnormal. Being a research freak I decided to research this topic and I soon realized the shocking truth, “many Nigerians would cheat to pass an exam” cheat in a relationship or even in business if it would save their ass from supposed trouble.

The big question this makes me ask is; is cheating now the right thing to do and has my grandmother and mother been wrong all this while? Has the value system changed? Are there other people like me who would not cheat no matter what the price is?

This are questions budding on my mind as a youth writer, this is the question I ask myself everyday; am I the only one who feels this way.
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5 thoughts on “Let’s Gist Naija – Cheating” by Arewa (@arewaolamide)

  1. The thing is that it depends on you, if you choose to cheat your choice, and if you want to be truthfull it’s still your choice.
    But in many situations cheating is inevitable. Your grandma is not wrong though.
    But I ask in case in an exam, if your assistance a little not impersonation can help someone pass would rather the person fail?

  2. You’re not alone on this. Back when I was in school, I was pretty good and I prided myself in not asking anything from anyone in the exam hall, no matter how hard. But still, people won’t let you be. They’ll keep asking you even the questions you haven’t treated. If you say you don’t know one, you get tagged a liar. Ontop wetin? Ontop my brain? I talk say make you no read before exam start? Some would even create enmity with you over not telling them something in the exam hall. Pains a lot. Really painful. Insightful piece here. Thumbs up.

  3. I think it is far more honourable to fail than to cheat. Even if one cheats his way to the top, the truth is that such a person may appear incompetent in some respects. So I encourage that one should build himself that whether on top or below the ladder, one will be highly respected because one is competent, diligent and a sort of genius.

  4. Was always too scared to cheat back then in school…always felt watched and couldnt look at other ppl’s work sheet..

  5. The value system may have changed in our country but its the same with God. And hey! You are not alone.

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