Immortal Love

Angels! give a rising ovation
Cherubim, a mighty formation
Let the earth cease its rotation
Because I met this Miss.

Roll yourself out oh Thunder
Make all creations wonder
Let the planet shudder
My ring did not miss.

Oh sacred land! await our flight
Together, we come in great might
Let hormones rise and fire this night
As I make my first kiss.

Riches shall rise at our command
All temptations, we shall withstand
May the creator honor this demand
As we proceed in this bliss.

We shall be in love till eternity
Trampling any form of adversity
Baby, gimme the feeling of paternity
Give me my first son, Chris.

7 thoughts on “Immortal Love” by Soogun (@Omoniyi)

  1. Nice nice……. really liked the ending. Thumbs up.

    1. Thanks @ufuomaotebele ….I really appreciate you coming around. Thanks!

  2. every line makes sense
    beyond a mere simple tense
    to the bliss that comes in love
    making me fly high beyond the dove

    This is great noble Poet!!!!!

    1. Wow! Three gbosa a for you ….how wonderful this comment is. Thanks plenty!

  3. If people have told you that this piece is “Nice”, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but they’ve lied. Its not Nice at all, its “Super”. And you created your own rhyme sequence too. How cool!!

  4. Who is this nice man! You are so kind bruh…thanks for coming around! Im encouraged

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