All in God’s Timing Part 2

“I said, I gave him your number…look anyway babes I have to run! My lunch break is over! He might call you soon so please answer your phone.” And with that Toke hung up. Baffled, all Labake could do was to hold her phone in mid-air and wonder at her friend. Only Toke could do such a thing and still order her to talk to a complete stranger. She made a mental note to call her friend after work to sort it out to her. Toke needs to understand that she can’t just give her phone number to random strangers. With that she looked to her cold meal and continued eating as she day dreamed about her beau and how he will come sweeping her off her feet. Before she knew it, her one hour lunch break was over and she had another 3 hours of work ahead of her.





Toke couldn’t just contain her excitement. She kept wondering when Prince Osa will call her friend. She’s known Labake all her life, they practically grew up together. Both their mums were really close friends. She remembered when they were both 7 years old and they would go out the back door of Labake’s family’s duplex in Ikeja, Lagos to the large backyard. There they would play hide and seek. Yes, through the years they had bumps along the way but they got over them and here they are today. She’s really the sister Toke never had, being the only girl in a family of 4 children. And although she loves her friend dearly, one thing she couldn’t quite wrap her mind around was her friend’s determination to wait for God’s timing to bring her Mr. Right to her. After all they say Heaven helps those who help themselves. Honestly she thinks Labake should get out more… Go to parties, meet new people, really meet more guys. She needs to stop locking herself in on Friday and Saturday nights like an old lady. After all, there’s nothing wrong in living your life when you’re young. God understands. Right God? Just as she was thinking, she glances at the clock on her computer’s monitor. Five o’clock. Time to meet up with Dotun for their coffee date. Whether they will be drinking coffe is another topic she’s not going to dwell on.
As Labake pulled into her driveway she felt her phone vibrate on her lap. Her mind raced to her conversation with Toke earlier that day. Could it be Prince Osa calling her so soon? If it was, what would she say? Should she entertain him or just shut him down before he even opens his mouth. As odd as it sounds, she wasn’t in the mood to talk to this particular guy. She wants a man but really this guy? But a conversation couldn’t hurt… Just before the last vibration, she pressed the answer button without looking at the caller ID window.
“Hello Labake?” Disappointment and relief flooded her heart. It was her mom.
“Mom! Isn’t it late for you to be up? I hope everything is ok.”
“Everything is ok my dear. I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be coming to the US this Saturday. I need to come in for my annual check-up and well, use that to see my baby.”
“Oh ok… I’ll prepare your room. It’ll be nice to have you around mom. It’s so lonely here sometimes.” Excitement began to build quietly in her. Having her mom around wouldn’t be so bad. They could go shopping together and do girly things. Oh the comfort of a mother!
“Well ok my dear. I’m going to bed now… I just wanted to let you know of my plans… Save the gists o!”
Labake giggled. “Ok mom. Sleep tight! Tell dad I send my love! I love you!”
“I love you too dear. Good night!”
Calls like this makes Labake miss her family so much. She’s so ready to see her mom. Now she has to get her house ready for her mother.

Prince Osa couldn’t focus on the business proposal on his desk. Frustrated with the fact that he’s been skimming through the document since 10am that morning, he turns his executive leather chair toward the window on his right. He sat there totally in awe of nature. With such beauty spread out before him there has to be some validity to the theory of a Creator. All this magnificent beauty couldn’t just have popped out of nowhere. The Big Bang as some call it. He let the picture in front of him wash over his frustration and he let out a sigh of relief. He may not fully understand the concept of God from the Roman Catholic worldview that he grew up with, neither can he say he is an atheist, but one thing is for sure, there is something bigger than him out there. Such beauty. Speaking of beauty, his good friend Toke had mentioned she had a friend who she described as “a sight to behold.” A small grin sneaked up on his face. The truth is that he’s always had a thing for Toke, but she’s always insisted that there could never be more between them than friendship. Osa didn’t think she really believed that. In his opinion, Toke only said that to keep her freedom to date whomever she wanted without feeling rushed to the altar. She knew that with him, marriage would be inevitable. His father is pushing 80 years old, and his health is not exactly great. The chiefs have already given him the mandate to find his queen before he can ascend the throne of his father. If Toke prefers her freedom to a lifetime with him then he just may find his queen in her friend. With that he made up his mind. He would call Toke’s beautiful friend later tonight. Now back to work. 

It was Wednesday night, and Labake just didn’t feel like driving all the way to church for the midweek Bible study. Instead, she ordered some Lo Mein and some beef with broccoli from a Chinese carry-out nearby and then stopped at the local grocery store for a tub of ice cream. When she got home she turned on her TV and browsed through the On Demand menu of her cable provider. She found the perfect chick flick for a night like this: “A Walk To Remember.” As the movie started she put her things away, changed into a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt; she needed to be as comfortable as she could get. She loved nights like this, snuggled up under the throw on her couch watching one of her favorite movies. She was beginning to start on her dessert when she heard her cell phone ringing in her purse across the room. She thought for a quick second. Should she answer it? Nah. This is her night, whatever it was would just have to wait. A few seconds later, she heard her voicemail alert. Good, the person had the good sense to leave a message. 

She was already in her bed, under her down comforter when she remembered the voicemail message. It might have been important, she has to at least listen to it. She groaned as she climbed out of bed and walked to the armchair next to her dresser. She picked up her purse and dug inside for her cell phone. Why was there so much junk in this purse anyway? Finally, she found her phone and called her voicemail box. The voice over for her voicemail announced to her “You have one new voice message!” After which she heard a deep male voice saying, “Hello, my name is Prince Osa, a friend of Toke’s. She gave me your number at a conference. I thought I’d give you a call and well hopefully start from there. Please give me a call when you get this message. My number is 617-455-5589. Have a lovely night.” Her heart began to skip around. Should she call him right away? No…. that would be too easy. She would give it a day. This night was definitely her night, everything had turned out right.

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  1. Oh lemme call that number…. lol I need a prince in my life.

    Usually, the kind of books I buy are always related to some rich guy and a girl who is looking 4 Mr right. You are doing a wonderful job at keeping me interested since this is a genre of books I love!!!!


    1. Thanks Ufuoma! I’ll keep them coming for you!

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  6. Thank you all for reading! Stay tuned for more!

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