Those Eyes

Always felt those eyes stare
And wondered what else it dared!
Though always from a distance
A stare that lasted an instant.

The feeling of “I’ll-get-to-meet-you-someday”
Echoed every time it passed near
Couldn’t help but ponder why
Decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

Now those eyes have a heart
And a body to that
I no longer see them in isolation
But a bright part of a nation.

And I know that beneath the silent
Is a source not tapped yet…
That flows ceaselessly and quietly
But surely runs deeply.

I watch and imagine years from here
And chuckle @ what my thoughts dare.
Thoughts I’m unwillingly to share
Yet they are obviously there!

…All because those eyes stared!

11 thoughts on “Those Eyes” by imaniking (@imaniking)

  1. Awww this was sweet pls share the unwilling thoughts.

    I guess the guy has fallen all because those eyes stared.

    1. @ufuomaotebele you could say we both fell in love because those eyes stared and the unwilling thoughts were said *wink* and I’m not sharing any thots. you guys made me laugh so hard this morning reading your comments

  2. Those eyes like mine
    are reading and creating
    a picture & imagery that can last
    well far beyond the realm of temporality

    Great Job!

    1. Hmmmm…thank you for reading and creating. no further comments @innoalifa please enjoy the journey to where the pictures take you. If you decide to share we will be listening …what say you @ufuomaotebele

  3. @imaniking I have a feeling you’re in love. :-) :-) :-) :-)

    1. In love…*thinking* I’m always in love :) :) and you got me smiling after a good laugh @ameenaedrees

  4. Umm those eyes stared.
    Please do share the unshared thoughts, that the real gist of a heart in love

    1. Okay lets get it out in the open. Everyone interested in knowing the thoughts of a heart in love… find a place you love to relax, play some cool music, close your eyes and open them up in a world painted in colors you love with occasional splashes of other contrasting colors that blend in well/good plans you haven’t dared to share yet with the one you love.

      While you are at it, some of the answers to my thots are in the poem. But the really crazy and naughty ones, I didn’t share. Waiting for your responses @ameenaedrees , @newnaija , @innoalifa , @ufuomaotebele

      1. when am seating in my backyard with my seyi shey ft patoraanking and shydee – Murda………..that song puts me in the zone… dear the thoughts are too grown for small kids like myself even..

        Lol,,,,,,, i get what you are saying now.

        1. As for me, I set my mind thinking about my love, making her the object of my thoughts, deeds and words. My love occupies the locus of my focus as she occupies my heart’s innermost centre, being in the bottomless part of the deepest part of my heart…

  5. @innoalifa shey you see it wasn’t easy describing some of those feelings because most times they can only be felt and not expressed and sometimes like @ufuomaotebele said those thoughts are even too BIG for small you! LOL. Thanks everyone at least now you know the feeling. *wink*

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