Eve’s love

Your breath stands tall like my amulet
Your rhythmic heart beats protrude
Like that of an eagle’s eye sight
Piecing beyond godot abode
Your smile, a locale for my soul
A boastful drinker losses his sole
Not to alcohol, but liquor of hamlet
I stagger, still envisaged for drops
My undying affection knows no boundaries

You have fallen deeply into the anus of love
You seem envious of the abstract
You thought that you were strong
And could hold back the feelings
But like a dream she keeps holding
You to ransom at night
You, yes you! You nothing but a fool
She has the smooth skin of a snake
And Beauty of a chameleon
Your vision was curb webbed
All you saw was shadows yet
You longed and wanted it more and more
You are nothing but deranged
To think she is perfect

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  1. This is nicely written but it can be better……………

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