The Devil’s Whiskey: Part 7

“Oh my God Jola, what have you done?”

“Hey, I’m not really in the mood….can you call me back later?” I asked wearily.

“Oh, so you have heard abi?” she went on saying. I knew she wasn’t going to drop it until she had said the reason why she was calling.

“Heard what?” I finally gave in.

“So you haven’t heard?”

“oooooohh, Osas seriously if you don’t have any anything important to say to me, get the hell off the phone!” I screamed at her. It wasn’t intentional but she was beginning to annoy me.

“Well, don’t go off on me now because I told you that if you didn’t get your act together, a thing like this was going to happen.”

What was she talking about? If there was one thing I admired about this girl was the fact that she knew how to keep me in suspense but today was not the right time for all that.

“Mr. Femi came in yesterday furiously looking for you.” She finally said.

“Mr who? Fe…mi?” I stuttered. There was too much on my plate for one day. I had just gotten home after my ordeal with Segun and I was trying my very best to remain sane and now she comes with this?

“Where were you last night, did you forget you were scheduled to work yesterday?”

“I thought I told Fred to cover for me……..did he never show up?” I made sure that guy gave me his assurance that he would cover up for me but he failed and so I lost my job.

“Osas…….”I began to cry. “I’m such a fool……a big….big fool.” I couldn’t tell her what happened afraid she would laugh at me and said she told me so.

“What’s wrong?…….is it Emeka?” she asked.

“It’s everything; I’m so confused right now…….I feel like dying.” I couldn’t stop saying nonsense. My throat was on fire as I tried so hard not to let Osas know that I really was crying hysterically.

“Die ke? Abeg, losing ones job has not come to that……please no talks of death here. I can help you talk to Mr. Femi but I advice you start looking for a job.”

She said all she could and as soon as she was off the phone, I felt lonely again. So many thoughts were running through my head. Should I contact the police? Should I tell Emeka about the real Segun. I knew I had brought this on myself but I would never forgive myself if Emeka got hurt because of my own selfishness.


When he called me this afternoon that he wanted to talk, I couldn’t refuse. I knew what he wanted and I slowly gave into it than to subject myself to his words and beatings. It’s been 2 weeks since that night happened and my silence was slowly driving me insane. Emeka would call every now and then but I stopped picking up his calls because Segun somehow now occupied my life.

After we finished doing it for the day, I was expecting to receive some dollar notes as he usually forced me to accept but none came. Instead of some cash, I heard the most surprising words of my life. After Segun quickly dressed up, loosely tying his tie, he sat me down on the hotel bed and spoke up to me.

“Jola, I’m so sorry if my actions have infuriated you but I sincerely want you to make me an honest man.” He was straight-forward and that amazed me.

“Make you an honest man? What do you mean by that?” I was seriously scared of this man, there was no telling what he might do next and what he said next really confirmed how gone he was.

“Would you please marry me?”


“I truly mean every one of my words sweetheart.” He drew closer, looking at me with those eyes.

“I can’t, and I will not marry a monster like you”

I knew I should have watched what I say to him because the slap that landed on my face was the prove that I had not learnt my lesson. The annoyance on his face was becoming more visible.

As we were descending downwards with Segun forcefully holding my hands, putting on a show for people to see, an Angry Emeka emerged. Upon seeing us, Emeka rushed into the Hotel compound, picking up a bucket of filthy water just at the door leading to the receptionist’s desk that the janitor was using.

As we walked out of the hotel, I saw Emeka’s furious face and quickly separated hands with Segun as Emeka bathed him with the dirty water after pushing him to the ground.

“Is this the hospital were your sick mother is?”

“You need to hear me out first.”

“Hear what, your lies or what?”

“You have to understand me baby.”

“Baby?” he yelled.

“Understand that Segun is not your old class-mate or what? You better keep quiet before I beat the hell out of you in public.”

“And as for you…….” He turned to Segun who was still lying on the floor after the punch he had received from Emeka. “I swear, I will kill you if you come close to her again.”

As I rushed along with Emeka out of the hotel, the Okada man that he had told to wait for him kicked off the bike as Emeka carried me as he sat behind me, pushing me to seat well in the already moving motorcycle.

“Jola, get back here!” I could hear Segun screaming at me.

Segun stood up and saw his driver staring at him.

“Sorry oga, sorry oga.”

“Don’t sorry me jare, quickly bring the car closer and get me out of here.” He laid his frustration on his driver.

Before the hotel waiters, waitresses and customers could get responses to their concerned wordings, Segun’s car screeched out of the hotel, almost knocking down the gateman.

The Okada man stopped at Emeka’s apartment and as soon as my feet touched the floor, I wanted to run off as fast as I could.

“Don’t touch me with your stinking hands.” I said to Emeka as he held me from leaving.

“What did you say Jola?”

“You heard me right” I raised my jeans trouser to fit my butt, preparing to stand my ground. “Here is your 45k. In fact, take 60k sef. I can’t continue to deceive myself that I am in a relationship that is heading nowhere. It is over between us.”

I knew I had no right to be angry at him, but I seriously wasn’t about to get on my knees and beg him. He didn’t understand that it was because of what I feared Segun would do to him that made me answer to Segun’s calls every night for the past 2 weeks.

“Emeka, I’m sorry that I betrayed you but I can’t explain everything right now.” I began to cry.

“That’s why we are going to go in there,” he pointed to his apartment. “you will take a shower and after you are well rested Jola, you had better talk to me.”

As soon I got out of the shower, I picked up my phone and there was 4 missed calls from Osas, and 11 missed calls from Segun.

“What are you calling me for, haven’t you done enough?”

“You need to understand?”

“How can I ever trust you again? I told you something as per friend’s level and you leaked it out to Emeka?”

“It’s not like that Jola. I meant the best for you.”

“Anyways, I think you have just made matters worse Osas.”

“Babe, just calm down and speak to Emeka, I know you guys can get through this.”

As I finished with Osas, Segun was still on my neck. I wanted to just end everything with him once and for all so I answered.

“You know what Jola? I thought you were smarter than this but you just had to piss me off!” he barked.

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  1. Ewooo, kasala don burst o!’ Wetin jola wan do now.
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    1. @ameednaedrees ahhhh everything don burst oo….how i go put you on hold,… see how fast i delivered part 7 to you?

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      1. @ufuomaotebele *ghen ghen drama for the world…nice one babe…i actually felt like i was at the hotel infact part of the water splashed on me sef *lols

        1. @ayobare lmao the water spillt on u……eyaa ooh…..

  2. chaiiiii.. I love this.. cant wait for d nxt installment

    1. @neyosaxy Yay! glad you re still in here with us.

      just pray and i will pray to that i find time to end this smoothly.

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  11. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @ufuomaotebele, there’s too much happening here, a lot of dominoes just crashing into each other. So I’ll comment my reserve till I know what is next, but I’m curious as to what Emeka will do, seeing as Jola’s path is almost pre-determined. Well done, again

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola Yes, a lot of things went down here even I know it got confusing. Still hope you read it with ease. Thank you.

  12. @ufuomaotebele, the story remains dramatic and interesting – on that front, well done.

    The scene where Jola is at Emeka’s apartment – I didn’t find it very convincing. It looks as if Jola went willingly with Emeka. If so, why should she be angry at him? I would have thought that shame or embarassment would be more appropriate. Or you could simply have had her refuse to follow him and argue with him at the hotel entrance.

    Did Emeka push Segun to the ground, or did he punch him so that he fell? Your story is not clear on this.

  13. I’m not quite sure i understand fully what transpired earlier though (you know, the past 2 weeks with Segun that Jola keeps talking about??). That’s probably because I can’t seem to find part 6 of this story anywhere sha. :(
    Anyway, i’m enjoying the build up. Obviously, Segun seems to have proven how much of a jerk he is but our dear Jola still chooses to process things in slow motion. I don’t see why after she’s experienced something with him that’s enough to leave her indefinitely terrified, she’ll stilll be going to meet him to do the ‘business of the day’ as you put it. #smh, the babe just dey tire me.

    @TolaO, i think Jola’s angry outburst at Emeka was more like a front. She really is ashamed and embarrassed deep down but as she revealed in the story;

    “I knew I had no right to be angry at him, but I seriously wasn’t about to get on my knees and beg him. He didn’t understand that it was because of what I feared Segun would do to him that made me answer to Segun’s calls every night for the past 2 weeks.”
    So, in her mind, she had to display inappropriate and unwarranted anger at him so he’d maybe get fed up and back off – and be safe from Segun or something of the sort.

    Problem for me is that there’s just this huge gap and i don’t know what’s been going on, what the 45k from Emeka was about, what Segun did and stuff like that. #sigh
    @ufuomaotebele, well done oh sis, you’ve got me scouring N.S for your story now. ;)

    1. @kwiksie Where did Part 6 disappear to Naas????

      It would seriously clear everything up for you. Hope you find it sha ooh.

      @TolaO I hope @kwiksie was able to clear some of the scenes up for you………

      Thank both of you for stopping by.

  14. Chaai, my babes is in serious ghenghen things. Some of us use the ‘bone face’ technique when we don’t know what to do. And I’m sure it was because she knew Segun could turn full ninja on Emeka’s ass.

    Well done. The tempo was very fast in this ones.

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