Changes to the Naija Stories Points Reward System

Changes to the Naija Stories Points Reward System

Hello members,

As you know, Naija Stories was formed with a view to encouraging Nigerians to read more, write more and enjoy themselves while doing so. This is why since our inception, we have launched various initiatives to reward people for doing so.

One of these initiatives is the point system, where if a member accumulates a number of points, they can convert the same to financial rewards. The details of the policy have been spelt out here and here.

We have been operating this system for over two years, and after reviewing the operation of this system, we have determined that it is no longer financially viable to operate it at this current time. Therefore, we are retiring the system, and from today, we will no longer be able to redeem points, including any points that you may have obtained over time before this announcement.

Those who have converted winnings from contest prizes or other earnings into points may contact with details in order to redeem their points.

We wish to thank all of those who have participated in the system, and let everyone know that we remain committed to our mission of encouraging Nigerians to become more avid readers and writers.

We also apologize for any inconvenience.

The point system will remain a part of the site and ranking system, but the points accumulated will be for bragging rights only and may not be cashed in for a monetary reward.

Thanks again for your understanding.



17 thoughts on “Changes to the Naija Stories Points Reward System” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Wow…never eknew about this…interesting..

  2. I think its cool this way especially for people like me that love writing for fun( even though i havent been here for a while).

  3. Woow I never knew our points are converted to REAL CASH!! **smacking myself real hard on the butt**. I guess that what you get for ignoring to read the T &Cs before signing up.

  4. This will help towards sieving the passionate writers and those who are here just for the fleeting points. Let’s love to write first before we seek monetary advantages. I think NS is dedicated to see budding writers make it in their literary peregrination.

  5. wow!!! @ogaoga this is indeed a PIECE OF NEWS!!! Does that mean that those who have garnered points before July 7 can still redeem their points?

  6. @sambrightomo, I have updated the post to make this clearer. Points obtained before this announcement may not be redeemed, unless such points were won by taking part in a competition.

    Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. P.J. Burre (@olutossen)

    Now, there won’t be unnecessary posts and comments for points sake. Its okay, no monetary reward can actually equal the talents on here afterall,

  8. ok, but what happens to those who actually posted stories because legitimately their 1000 points guaranteed 1 dollar?

  9. And their posts were sensible?

  10. ochegreat (@OCHE@great)

    Am new here and I need help. The place seems rigid. I can’t even post a word. I hope this one works.

    1. @oche@great,

      The reason you were not able to post was because your registration had not yet been approved.

      It has now been approved, so you should have no further problems.

  11. @ogaoga, this isn’t related to the above post.

    I wanted to know why you guys don’t organize any competitions and stuff like that between members of the site anymore. Things like that make the site more interesting and fun to visit. As you can see, there hasn’t been much activity on the site in the past few weeks, and the place seems kinda dull. It’d be nice if you guys came up with a few things that would at least liven the place up. People would be more eager visit the site and see what’s going on. Just a suggestion though.

    1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      @six I totally agree with you…

  12. Amara Ugo (@Miss3me)

    It doesn’t have to be about money really, but bringing up competitions with interesting topics to write on and rewards that makes you challenge yourself would make a lot of sense. For instance an opportunity for your story to be published in a newspaper or forwarded to people who are willing to buy. All the same this site has got a lot of people with creative juices flowing through them. I am inspired daily.

  13. Naijastories is getting dull. I remember when we started, so many competitions, so many write-ups. so many good writers, real good writers and superb critics.
    Where is syblwhite.
    where is Kaycee
    where is Seun.

    where are those men who taunt me and challenge me to be better.

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