Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 3

I think I know why the dog howls at the moon. There’s always a need to hold on to something in a lonely world. If the moon refuses you, at least, the rest of the world loses sleep.

“Hmmmmn! Kill me now!” Toni said with her mouth full of cavair, bringing me out of my thoughts.

What?” I asked.

“I think this is where cavairs come to die!” she said,

” I’m not really feeling it tonight” I told her, and she was shocked

“The only person I know who hates cavairs, is that boyfriend of yours, don’t dare catch the disease from him” she warned and in a second, she disappeared into the small crowd that filled the Ade- Hanson’s large and loftly piano room, mingling with those that mattered, like the socialite that she was. There she goes, my best friend and ally.

I was once again left alone with my thoughts. Toni was right though. This was the posh cocktail of all posh cocktails. No expense had been spared in putting everything together, and while the who is who’s of the society mingled, soft jazz music was being played by a life band that was led by the grand piano which was the centre piece of the party.

She was also right about Jide’s distaste for cavairs. He says rich people love spending money on weird things, and if he were here, he wouldn’t go near any of it with a long pole.

Jide, where are you? I thought to my self.

I sighed as a waiter walked past me, and reached for a glass of scotch.

Ever since we returned to Nigeria, I hadn’t seen or heard from Jide. I called and left him messages. I even went by his house, and I just haven’t been able to get a hold of him.

Dear God, I hope all is well. I thought to myself.

“Ah, champagne, the drink of champions”  He said. His deep baritone voice bores right through to a woman’s belly. I was scared out of my thought.

“You again,” I sighed, taking a sip, as I glared at Dede Ade-Hanson, the son of our host.

“No this is  Glenfiddich, scottish whiskey, and it’s not in a champagne flute. What’s tripping you up.” I seemed firm on the outside, but my innards were all slippery, busy melting for a handsome guy.

“Yeah, me again.” He said, shaking his glass of whiskey. “Can’t you play nice? This is just like primary school, class five, France in 2002, and all the other times all over again ” he said.

Dede was referring to all the times our paths had crossed. We never got along mainly because our dads weren’t friends, but when you are a member of the inner circle, even if your are arch enemies, your paths are bound to cross, because the inner circle is very very small.

” Well, thats because I don’t like spoilt rich kids” I quipped

“Well, incase you haven’t noticed, I’m no longer that fat Diddy everyone loved to pick on” He replied.

He was grown up all right. Six foot four all male, with no single shred of baby fat. He looked dapper in a suit too. Looking at him made me feel things I shouldn’t feel.I really need to see Jide, I thought to myself.

” Well, I guess I could make nice, considering the fact that your dad is seemingly making moves to acquire my company” I said rather dourly.

” And considering the fact that we may end up working together” He added thickly. His gaze followed every delicate curve of my body, making me feel as if the word “together” was a double entendre.

I reached for another glass of scotch, and immediately took a swig.

“Hmmm… take it easy on that scotch. its rather stiff for a lady.
You seem a little tense and you are favouring your left side too” Dede observed, eyebrows arched in concern.

“Who made you my doctor?” I retorted

“Come on, be nice,” He replied as though he were correcting a naughty child. I let it slide, and played nice.

“It’s nothing. Just a little back ache. I’ve been through a lot this past few weeks” I sighed. Just talking about it gave me slight relief.

“Yeah. I can imagine. Come here.” he said, pulling me close to his all manly frame. I leaned in for a hug, but his huge thumbs went for two node points at my back. I don’t know what he did, but my spine cracked, and I felt much better immediately.

” Oh my God! My backache is gone!”

“You’re welcome,” he said, pleased with himself.

” Wow! That was-”

“Awesome?” he cut in

“No. I was going to say weird! What did you do to me you alien!” I smiled at him, and in response, he leaned in and kissed me.

I could taste his scotch, cavair, and something with a hint of coconut. I was melting in his strong arms, as I suddenly felt woozy.

It ended just as abruptly as it started.

“And how was that? Hope it wasn’t weird. I have been longing to do that all evening.” he said. His lips, stained with my lipcolor, caught the illuminating ball, and glistened.

He was expecting an answer, a reaction, or something but I just stood there, staring at his lips, thinking about his dinner that I just tasted, his scotch, utterly dumbfounded.

“There you are!” Mom said, and saved me from that awkward moment. She waved at Dede, and acted as though she noticed nothing. Mind you, mum never misses a thing.

“There are some investors I’ll like you to meet” She said, as she ushered me along. I scurried off with her, put myself together, and left the sixteen year old version of me behind with Dede. I was a lady once again.

It had been a more hectic night than I would have imagined. Now I understand mum, when she says dinners like this, is where intelligent people come to close deals.

For most of the night, business was just mentioned casually, but as conversations went, it was clear, to those who pitched, who was winning, and who was losing. At the end of the night, we had agreed on 49 – 51 percent. and despite all the charm, and the adulations my dress won, Patreco was holding 51 percent of Servace oil.

I felt really bad within myself, wondering what dad would do at this point, but mum said we had the best bargain, and that she was proud of me and how well I handled the big guys.

I had more reasons to feel turmoil. I needed to sort out things emotionally. I needed Jide to restore some sort of order within me because, at the end of the night, I had lost 51percent ownership of my company, and nearly that much percent ownership of my heart, I headed straight for Jide’s house in shomolu.

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  1. The next installment pls…this is nice :)

    1. P.J. Burre (@olutossen)

      Thank you. Expect it to be up tomorrow…

  2. Did you mean ‘caviar’? Some of the phrases were a bit cliche otherwise, good job :)

  3. P.J. Burre (@olutossen)

    Lol! I did mean caviar. Can’t believe. I let that pass. Thanks a lot. I’ll try to be more careful with my phrases. Would love to hear from you… need more constructive criticism.

  4. Jide has lost already….

    Post soonest

  5. P.J. Burre (@olutossen)

    @schatzilein Next instalment is due for wednesday. Thanks so much for following up.

  6. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I smiled when he kissed her. As if I was the one he kissed oh I imagined tasting everything he’d drank since. I think it shows just how well you have gotten.

    Waiting 4 the next…

    1. P.J. Burre (@olutossen)

      @ ufuomaotebele Wow! I’m glad I could create that feeling. Can’t say hw much i’ve learnt by being on this site. Thanks so much for following up on my progress. I’m still a newbie tho,

  7. Hmm. I have a feeling she is going to catch Jide in the arms of another woman.
    Hope I didn’t burst your bubble?

    1. P.J. Burre (@olutossen)

      @kingobozy That would be bad if it happens. And 10 points to you if you guessed right… lol! I really hope he has a good reason for staying away tho. It’s just kinda strange

  8. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    Am waiting for this today! Nice storyline.

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