Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told. [2nd Edition – 4th Episode]

Demilade – “Who else will it be? Emmanuel of course”. This was what I received as response to the question I asked Demilade.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My hands started shaking like a 15 year old boy caught pants down with a girl by his dad. I felt cheated and duped. Emmanuel told me he had ended things with Demilade and here was Demilade telling me she was still in a relationship with Emmanuel. He lied to me so that I could go on and mess myself up. My head was just spinning that afternoon. The rate at which my heart was beating wasn’t normal. I didn’t even know what my response would be at first.

I logged out of facebook and buried my head in my hands thinking of what to do. Emmanuel has made me look like a fool. His elder brother and I, who happened to be his friend asked his beautiful girlfriend out; that was a record Emmanuel would boast of anywhere…..just to show how crazy guyz are about his cute girlfriend.

I summoned up courage and went back online. I was lucky to still meet Demilade online. She asked:
Demilade – “Why did you go offline?”

My hands still shaking, I replied:
Me – “Sincerely, I was too happy to see your reply that Emmanuel is still your guy. Actually, Emmanuel had lost all hope on you. He felt sorry for all he had made you go through, so he asked me to help talk to you on his behalf. I had to use that method to know if you are still in love with Emmanuel.”
I lied….what do you expect me to do?… say I really meant those words that I had loved her from the very first day I met her? Hell NO! I would look like a girlfriend snatcher and it would not even make any sense because I was the one who connected Emmanuel to Demilade and I also made Demilade say YES.

Demilade – “Hmmmm. But, you still have not answered my question. Why did you go offline when I mentioned Emmanuel as my boyfriend?”
I guess she was suspecting something. So, I replied:

Me – “Oh! Sorry about that. I called Emmanuel immediately to inform him of the good news. He was just too happy to hear you have not changed your mind about him. Demilade, Emmanuel really loves you.”
I lied again.

Demilade – “Why did you call him? He never told me he was no longer interested in the relationship though it’s been weeks since we talked”
Me – “Yeah. He felt since it has been a long time you guyz talked, you would have got another guy over there in school.”
Demilade – “Thank God he knows it has been a long time”
Me – “Yeah! And I want you to forgive him for that. He’ll call you soon.”
I felt really bad for lying to Demilade, someone I really really love with all of my heart.

I told her to expect Emmanuel’s call, of which it was all lies. I logged out of Facebook after wishing her good luck in her renovated relationship. Her replies showed she wasn’t understanding what was really going on. I felt sick instantly and I excused myself to continue the staff training the next day.

In the evening, Demilade called me. I was on my bed…..alone with my thoughts. I didn’t want to answer her call at first. I didn’t want to continue the journey of lies I had just begun. I missed her calls so many times before I eventually answered her call and I lied again when she asked why I didn’t answer her calls on time:
Me – “I was charging my phone inside and I was outside. Sorry.”
Demilade – “You are not sounding okay sir, what’s wrong?”
I have warned Demilade many times to stop using ‘sir’ for me. But she wouldn’t change. Although, the use of ‘sir’ had reduced unlike before that all her statements ended with ‘sir’. That was one of the reasons I delayed asking her out. She was still exhibiting the Student-Teacher relationship and that would never go down well with me if I really wanted her to be mine.

Me – “Hun? Why the sir again? When will you hear word?”
Demilade – “I’m sorry sir. Oh! Sorry. But, what’s wrong with you please? You are not sounding good.”
Demilade is such a very nice girl who was always after my happiness.

Me – “Demilade, you know I’m a happy person. I’m good and there is nothing wrong with me.”
Demilade – “Are you sure sir?”
Me – “Sir again? Well, I’m very okay. Thanks for the care.”
Demilade – “You are welcome. Thank God. Please, are you free? Am bored and I just remembered I have something to discuss with you”
I became anxious. What will this discussion be all about? What’s on her mind again? I couldn’t phantom what her discussion would be like. So, I said:
Me – “I’m very free for now. Just that by 7 or 7:30, I must go and cook supper. But, we can do some lil chatting for now.”
Demilade – “It is a lie oo. So you now cook? Thank God ooo. I’ll meet you on facebook now”

I smiled to her last statement, as if Facebok was a restaurant or a nearby location she wan come meet me. I promised myself not to lie to Demilade no matter what. But her first question got me trapped again;
Demilade – “Whose name were you expecting me to mention when you asked me which of your friends is my boyfriend?”
No response came from my side. She continued:
Demilade – “And what if I didn’t mention anybody’s name, will you say you meant all the things you said?”
This was a question that got me thinking for minutes. But before I typed the true answer, she said:
Demilade – “Emmanuel and I was never in a serious relationship. In fact, we never dated sef.”

This revelation was like a green light for me. I drove off on a high speed by saying:
Me – “I’m calling you straight away.”
I didn’t wait to receive her reply on that, I just went straight to my phone dialer and dialed her number. She picked up almost immediately.
Me – “Demilade, I must be very sincere with you. I meant those words I told you on facebook this afternoon. I have always loved you. I mean I am so much in love with you…..”
It was as if something came over me. I reeled out the words of affection, coming from the bottom of my heart through my mouth. She was quiet throughout. When I finished saying all I had to say….she was completely speechless. She couldn’t mutter a word. I guessed she was just shocked, hearing me say all that to her, from her one-time teacher.
Demilade – “Opemipo, what am I suppose to say?”
First time in more than a year Demilade called me by my name. I felt a little embarrassed and disrespected. But, it really didn’t matter, all I wanted was a ‘YES, I love you’ from her.

Oh yes! I got the ‘Yes, I love you’ few days later. It was a thing of joy for me that evening when she announced it.

Unfortunately, I misunderstood Demilade’s ‘I love you’, when she told me one night that the love she had for me was a brotherly love….that is, she loved me as a brother. Literally, she wasn’t loving me as her boyfriend.

You needed to see me that night as I almost ran mad.

…to be continued!

Written by: The Charming Humble Nice Guy
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