Area Parole’ (Chapter Two)

Area Parole’ (Chapter Two)

”mo ti ku ooooo(I’m dead)’ –boko haram has entered Lagos”

Was the first though that popped in to my mind.

I thought to myself ‘I for don enter Biola the day she been show for my side’—

Would have been worth it, or wouldn’t it? Would I have made heaven or not?—

Scrambled thoughts came into mind, everything in shambles, a lot of what-if’s and maybe’s flashed through my mind, I mentally slapped myself over this train of thought, i remembered my root and started reciting psalm 23 or was it 24? Whichever it is, I couldn’t remember at that time, all I cared about was breathing, living and  surviving.

But I knew the words at heart, I kept reciting and asking for forgiveness, then I noticed no other gunshots followed, though by then I was already lying flat in the gutter for about five minutes, not minding the smell and filthy water while taking in whatever amount I could into my mouth, I didn’t care as long as I was safe.


Wait o!( No go talk say I no get liver o!)

Don’t judge me, I know you’ll say it was cowardly but you know what that Yoruba adage says.

“ti omode ba de ibi eru,eru a ba” (when a young child gets to the kinikan place–woh! the English for it is somehow ,you get the point sha) and ” ta lo nje ode apa erin niwaju ode apa enia?” (Who is the elephant hunter in the presence of a man killer?)

How I got there?’ I don’t know, I just found myself there lying in the gutter.

I would have felt awkward under normal circumstances but all I felt was grateful to be alive except that everyone was gathered around something or someone, just that fact changed everything.

So I moved closer to the gathering to see what was up.

What I saw was shocking, it was Blackberry who got shot (funny name right?, he’s called BB for short,how he got his name is a story for another day).

The women were thrashing around and crying, ‘ikunle abiamo“, they kept screaming.

I was dazed, I couldn’t move despite the fact I was smelling like a fish tank, I kept thinking ”just yesterday I saw him,we been go shayo together now“, I was devastated.


Eventually his body was carried away.

It happened in the morning so everybody was still shaken and talking about how it happened when all of a sudden, sirens were approaching, not long after that the police came into view and we were delighted his death would be investigated.

But to our surprise they started carting away every youngster on the street under the guise of apprehending suspects, my people; virtually anyone below the age of 40 on the street was a suspect.

And nowadays boys they even fear police pass thief, immediately, believe me, I no dull that one.

I just entered the next building straight up and scaled the 10ft fence straight up without climbing and landed in the next street, two of them followed me (I know you think it’s a lie, but try being chased by the po-po with AK-47, then you’ll know you can fly).

I put Usain bolt to shame by running so fast everything was a blur, raising dust in my wake.

I managed escaping in record time, within minutes, I had shaked them off my tail and mused aloud, ‘Finally! All those Action film paid off’..LOL

When I finally stopped running, I was way off around “Amje bustop“.

A lot of people stopped in their tracks to stare at me, I was in such a good mood that I momentarily forgot how I filthy I looked at the time all I was; was glad I escaped with all of my body parts intact —

‘God, why are they staring, them never see fine boy before?, shey na only me wa–

‘Chai! Nwanne see young boy just mad, chineke”.

‘People are wicked, and he looks young too, that is somebody’s son oo’ she said looking sympathetic.

Hor! Ko nse oun tuntun,(it is not a new thing)it happens o jare ” another said.


Hearing this it finally dawned on me that they thought I was mad and that was why they were staring, it left me crest fallen.

With the filth all over me, I definitely looked the part, so I dragged my feet like a dog with its tail between its legs after its owner has just reprimanded it and summoned enough courage and went home like that thinking.

“Will the police be waiting for me at house or would they have gone?”

I summoned enough courage and went home like that thinking  “Ìbàjẹ́ ènìyàn, kò lè dá iṣẹ́ Olúwa dúró”. (Man’s wickedness can’t deter God’s purpose/work)

What will happen, will happen….

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  1. Hahahaha the fear of police is the begininnigg of wisdom

    1. i’m telling you ooo..thanks for the read

  2. I can’t help laughing out loud
    this story beyond a mere shout
    is unfolding quite nicely & beautifully

    1. lol…thanks bro..i hope the next also meets up to par

  3. LOOL.. Area boy nla.. And I feel you oh.. 10ft fence without climbing. Superman, can we meet? Lol.. Nice read

    1. Nne my brother,it is not easy ooo…street aint smiling so me cef dey para..thanks for stopping by

  4. Nice. Hehehhehe…inside gutter kwa. yeye

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