Adriana the Hourglass girl

Adriana the Hourglass girl

One sunny day I sat outside my house, relaxing under a shade right in from of my house. I was whistling a sonorous sound and at the same time pensively thinking about my lonely life. Then all of a sudden I saw a luscious feminine appearing from nowhere, if I were told that she came from heaven I wouldn’t have doubted it. Her physical dichotomy is excellent omg ! , she was putting on a tight fitted white armless shirt with a blue Jeans trouser to compliment. From her hair which was nicely done, spreading freely as the hot lite wind blew the hair to reveal its radiance. Then her beautiful dark and shiny face, something like a black Barbie with a well carved nose though not pointed and a sumptuous red lips looking like a strawberry soaked in honey. Oh ! her dark skin pronounces radiance looking like a creamy delicious chocolate, then my eyes drove down to her cleavage, omg ! These is the best set of huge twin jelly balls hanging firmly on woman’s chest I have ever seen, it looked as though the heavy bosoms were weighing her trunk down but her carriage was excellent. Immediately I employed my imaginative powers to start unbottoning her cloth, unhooked the bra . My eyes then cut across her waist, it was like her body fat left her stomach, hands and other parts of her body to concentrate more on her backside (buttocks), wow she is an hourglass girl ! . The closer she comes towards me the more my body quiver, I thought to myself is this lady coming to me or has she missed her direction. So I stood up watching every of her movement and gesture, after standing patiently in wait of this damsel, she finally came to me standing in front me. She stretched her hand wanting to shake me and said

I’m Adriana

At the sound of that name I woke up from my world of fantasy, then i stuttered, looking confused, trying to embrace these new reality that has just dawn on me

” How can you be Adriana ?

She replied giving a confident smile

“Don’t worry I will explain dear, can we go in ?”

Adriana is a girl I have been chatting with on one of the social media handles for close to a month now. One faithful day her picture popped on my wall, though she wasn’t looking attractive but the innocence on her face looks attracted me. So I decided to send her a friend request, fortunately she accepted immediately. Without wasting much time we started chatting

John : Hello

Adriana : Hi, do I know you ?

John : No but your pics popped on my wall

Adriana : but how ?

John : You were suggested as a friend

Adriana : Oh, well its ok

John : You know what ?

Adriana : What ?

John : You are beautiful, I love your sweet innocent look

Adriana : Hmm but how ? I’m fat and out of shape

John : No I’m looking beyond your physical looks

Adriana : Hmm thanks, you sound interesting

John : I’m only expressing my feelings

Adriana : That’s ok

John : Nice meeting you Adriana

Adriana : And you too

John : I live in Ikorodu Lagos, what part of Lagos do you reside ?

Adriana : Lagos Island

The Adriana I met online is a fat not attractive girl with heart of gold, this girl captivated every living fiber in me. We started texting and calling each other, we became drown in each others ocean of love. After chatting and calling each other on phone for three weeks, we decided to meet in person. I suggested that we should meet in an open place as it is our first time meeting, but to my surprise Adriana declined. She said she prefer coming to my house, I tried giving some flimsy excuses that she might not like the look of my house. Then she out rightly said even if i was living in a hole she will come so I texted my address to her
17 Amos street Thomas Ajegunle
Ikorodu road Lagos.

“Don’t worry I will explain dear, can we go in ?”

She dragged my hand as I led her into my apartment, all my neighbors kept staring hard at us, the guys kept staring most especially at Adriana like they have never seen a woman before. One of my crazy neighbor Emeka broke the silence saying…

” Chinekemie ! See Ukwu ! Johnnie dis won go kill you o”
( Omg ! Look at that As* ! Johnnie this girl will kill you)

We went inside and as I wanted to say a word, she hushed me and said

” Shshshshhs I wanted a man who wouldn’t just lust at my beauty but the fall in love with my personality and that person happens to be you John”

I didn’t allow her finish her statement before I started kissing her, omg ! Adriana is a devilish kisser. I held her so tightly as we kissed, we started gasping for air as the kiss intensified. Then I lifted her up, carried to my bedroom, I laid her on the bed, she appeared to have traveled outta this world, closing her eyes and biting her lips awaiting the pleasure of her life. As I was about unbottoning her shirt, she suddenly held my hand and she said

” No John this is our first meeting, it is not right ”

So she stood up, adjusted her shirt and went to the sitting room. Every atom of guilt well inside me, I melted in shame. Then I asked myself what was I thinking, I just allowed selfish emotions and urge to take advantage of the poor girl. I laid on my bed looking at the hunged fan on the ceiling, thinking of how to apologize to Adriana.
Few seconds later Omg ! To my greatest surprise after couple of seconds Adriana left for the sitting room, she came back with her huge bouncing chest all out, she was standing right at the entrance to the sitting room. Sincerely speaking she looked like an unclad Angel, then she provocatively ripped off her undies, my eyes nearly popped out of my socket. Before I knew what was happening she pounced on me right on the bed like a hungry Lioness. Then I submerged her on the bed, making her lying flat on the bed. Straight away my mouth went for the huge bouncing jelly balls. I sucked and squeezed the jelly balls like a hungry beast sucking on his mom, as she let out a soft moan. I kept on sucking for a while, before I kissed her belly button. I spread her legs, sharing it apart like Moses dividing the Red sea wow this is the finest womanliness I have ever seen. All shaven, fresh, damp soaked, and wow looking so inviting, I shook my head in excitement as brought out my tongue and started licking It. She let out a loud moan Omg ! Scattering her fine hair, displacing her waist and legs violently with rhythmic vibration ravaging all over her body. The deeper I suck the louder she moaned, it was like the pleasure was boasting her brains. Then she said with a fainting sound

” Honey I need you inside me now ” !

Without her giving me a head my black rod was ready for action, strong and erect. Quickly I took off my boxer shorts, I held my rod to guide it in, i teased her a little by rubbing the head of my rod to her Gspot, she let out a soft moan “Oh yessss” ! . Then I zapped in ! She scream Omg, closing her eyes and opening her mouth as she couldn’t hold back the intensity of pleasure she is receiving underneath ! She held the bed tight, as I began to pump it, I started on a high note by pumping it fast and harder. She screamed and screamed so loud that she wasn’t bothering if the neighbors hears her or not. I had to turn her around facing her face down to the pillow, then raising up her big fat as* Omg ! The site of this would make a dead man arise, with great excitement I slapped her as* chick, the as* giggled as her womanliness dripped of warm juices. Again I guided my dick in and continue pumping “wap…wap…wap this is harder, the pillow compressed the loud sexual noises that wasn’t any word Adriana was making . Then I slowed the pace a bit but went deeper, I felt her body vibrate, gyrating and bouncing her fat as* and her screaming intensified…. And swash…. She exploded… Not long too I released my shot, I yelled gggrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We both collapsed on the bed and slept for hours, it was Adriana’s beeping phone that woke us up. And she picked her call

Adriana: “Hello Dad ”

Adriana’s Dad: Hello Sweetie, where are you ?

Adriana: Oh daddy, I should be on my way, it took long before we finalized

Adriana’s Dad: Please start coming dear, its getting dark

Adriana’s : Ok Dad, love you

Adriana’s Dad: Love you too sweetie

And the call ended

I smiled and said

” So you are daddy’s girl ” ?

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  1. Quite a nice piece but there were some punctuation issues.

    1. Thanks for ur criticisms and commendations, ur comments re highly regarded nd important to me. In our imperfection lies in our perfection

  2. Hmmm…HIV/AIDS/STD somebody

  3. Is this finished, @herexg?

    This needs a lot of editing work. It’s as though you just rushed to type it without taking care. And there wasn’t much of a story, too.

  4. “like a hungry beast sucking on his mom”. Pls this FOS is so wrong and.disgusting.
    Work more, make your post more thorough. Great job though.

  5. I like the description you employed. At some point, they weren’t coherent, but in all, it was good.

    About your story. It has being a smooth ride. Nothing out of the ordinary. Their is no conflict, but I guess that will be sorted out with a sequel.

    This feels more like reading an ‘Hint magazine’. Pardon me if it sounds rude.

    Good job on writing this. Do continue


  6. Well, no erotika should be rushed like this. There was nothing there except a burst out of a ‘better lover’ magazine.

    If you want to write a good erotica, the omission of words and even playing with words leaves readers asking and wondering. Well done anyhoo.
    We need erotica writers, the more, the merrier.

  7. Adriana The Hourglass girl is a one of my short series compilation stories, your critics re all welcomed, watch out for the next edition, thanks for reading

  8. Faithful-fateful
    drown -drawn

  9. lover without sex, sex without protection on the first day

  10. punctuation correction ” I spread her legs, sharing it apart like Moses dividing the Red sea wow this is the finest womanliness I have ever seen” to be ” I spread her legs, sharing it apart like Moses dividing the Red sea, wow this is the finest womanliness I have ever seen”

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