Adriana the Hourglass girl 2 (Decoy)

Adriana the Hourglass girl 2 (Decoy)

I’m Joshua Agwu, Josh for short, I live in Lagos city. A place I now call my home, a place I met the most important people in my life and one of them is David. I and David went to a private room in of the Lagos night club, the room was relatively dark with a dim light, we were standing right beside a wide snooker board, with a spotlight hunged at the middle of the snooker board shining directly on the table. Josh brought out a wide paper looking like a map and he spread it open on the table, we are in for private some talk.

Josh : Here is the plan David, I have been working on it for the past 4 months now. Bro we are need eight other like minds to join us in this deal to form a team of ten, remember what the economist talks about division of labor in any enterprise, nine men and one extra hot female, she will be The decoy .

David: A female ? ( He became exasperated) For what ?

Josh : (let out a mean looking smile) She is going to be

He drew Josh closer and whispered some words into his ear, the sounding words into David’s ear, made his facial expression changed, he became excited. David totally welcomed Josh’s plan

David : Omg ! Josh you are a real devil’s incarnate, how the hell did you think about that, I’m sure the devil himself would marvel at your expertise in crime and evil thoughts and deeds

Josh: hehehehe well I’m also sure the devil himself learns from me sometimes times, not bragging when I set my gaze on something, I always accomplish it. Remember the devil should be very old and outdated now, so don’t compare me with that old man . I’m a born strategist, i strategize perfectly and go for the kill !

David : Hmmm All hail the new young devil !

Josh : (I laughed a little, shortly after, halted the laugh and became serious wanting to go back to main business on ground ) Davido my guy let’s get back to work, we must hammer wella dis year !

It was 2:30pm in the afternoon, the sun smiled at me this very day, the sun must have been pleased with me. I went to one of the a big local restaurant, (we call it here a “bukka”) in one of the streets of Lagos for a quickie lunch, as I sat down my mind and entire being was enveloped on the plan I and David figured out earlier in the day. The restaurant was relatively flooded with people probably out on their lunch break, there were different people eating varieties of food, ranging from a well packaged Amala and ewedu soup , Ogbono soup, rice, bread and beans, spaghetti to fufu and egusi soup etc. I took some of my time to watched them as they were eating, with their mouth covered with oiled stains from the soup and moving up and down rhythmically. The ones eating “swallow”, gladly swallowed each balls of their food molded properly to fit into their gullet. Couple of minutes later the white collar workers started coming in, they sat down and started chatting and their hands uncautiosly went straight to their necks to loosen up their stuffed tie, one after the other they did this just like a rehearsed routine. One of them caught my attention. He was sitting right in front of me, this guy totally lacks table manners, belching at intervals anytime he gushes in his “Orobo” (A cola drink) with his guts all opened, in short he was eating horribly well. He even got his white shirt stained with the ever sticky and drawing “ogbono soup” without him noticing it. After eating he picked up first a tooth pick from a bunch of tooth picks placed in a small container then he picked up his suit, he put the suit on, at least the suit will cover the soup stains. I smiled a little and cleverly looked away to avoid embarrassment.

The restaurant was spacious and properly ventilated, all thanks to the owner of the restaurant because he or she must have the interest of the costumer in mind. As I relaxed sitting all a comfortable on the cushioned chairs in the restaurant, the ionizing effect of the AC cooled my senses drifting me away from the wiles of the day, then I suddenly felt a lite tap on my shoulder

Adriana : Good afternoon sir, good afternoon sir (she gave me a lite tap on the shoulder)

Josh : ( Startled a bit, returning back to reality) Yeah, goo good afternoon (clears his face)

Adriana : Can I take your order sir ?

Josh : (Josh finally faced up to see who was talking to him, then he went speechless for some seconds) Wow ! I thank God that before the end of my journey in life I met with an Angel

Adriana : ( She gave a charming smile) You must be a very lucky man then, hope you didn’t let her go when you met her

Josh: Oh noo she is right here standing in front of me, I therefore ask thee for two things

Adriana : ( She giggled ) What sir ?

Josh: First what is your name

Adriana : I’m Adriana sir

Josh : Oh wow ! Cute name, well I’m Josh ( stretches his hands to shake her)

( They briefly shook hands)

Josh : Now I kindly ask for my second request, please allow me to kiss your hand ?

Adriana : (Giggled again ) Oh no not here

Josh : ( I gave her a disappointed look) Angel please don’t turn my request down, its just a friendship kiss

Adriana : Hmm…….well here is my friendship hand ( giving her right hand to Josh)

Josh : (I kissed her hand softly, and she quickly and she stylishly retrieved her hand) Damn ! Omg ! I can’t believe I just kissed the hand of an Angel

Adriana : So can I have your order now sir ?

I brought out his tab and started studying the plans of our un accomplished deal we are about executing. I was all alone in an hotel room, sitting on a King sized bed.

( Briefly I want let you all know who I’m ) I’m a man in his early forties, a nice looking man so ladies say but not strikingly handsome. Standing with an average height of 5’7, with a nicely built body, enough to make any woman melt, it is rare to find a man of my age with such a body build . My taste and class is very high that it even reflected in his personality and physical looks, I never settle down for the less.

Now can you keep a secret ? Hmm well let me just assume you can,

“I’m a super con artist ”

Call me a smooth operator, but don’t be deceived with my looks because it has nothing to do with my intent, I’m the personification of deceit, something like a sheep coverings filled inside with sweet dangerous venom. Suddenly my phone beeped

( Phone ringing……)

Josh : ( picks it up ) Hello

Adriana : Hello its Adriana

Josh : Oh Baby, I have been waiting for you now for a couple of minutes now, what’s holding you back

Adriana : Hmmm Josh.. that’s why I’m calling you now

Josh: Why

Adriana : I want to let you know that I won’t be able to make it to the hotel today, something came up that is beyond my power

Josh : What ! But…..

Adriana : (cuts in) Don’t worry sweetheart I will surprise you

Josh : Well it’s ok, just take your time, I will be fine

Adriana : Thanks, you are so cute

Josh : Thanks dear, ok then I will call you later

( A beep sound to end our conversation )

I just hide my disappointment, I feel disappointed at Adriana failure to come, i have already prepared my mind to rock and roll with Adriana today, because I’m so dame horn*. So immediately i picked up my phone, checking my phone contact in search for another available girl. Just as i was about to call Sandra, few seconds i heard a knock at the door.

Josh : But I’m not expecting anymore visitor, who could that be “abi na the hotel room service boy ?

So i peeped through the door lens, when I discovered who it was, i quickly opened the door . Without wasting time i hurriedly grabbed her and started kissing the daylight out of her, we continued kissing for a while until she pushed me aside.

Adriana : Wow ! Josh you almost suffocated me, kissing me like a starved hungry baby.

Josh : (excitement was written all over my face) please don’t blame me, I was over excited. I didn’t believe you will come after that call

Adriana : Hehehe I could tell you were disappointed at the sound of your voice on the phone

Josh : Baby you won’t understand, do you know how long I have been fantasizing about today ?

Adriana : Shshshshshshsh (She turned around, showing me her back view )

I quickly removed my shirt and flung it aside. I pull my trousers down, revealing my dark, smooth, and well built body. Adriana stood up and she seductively loosen up her dress, the whole clothing fell off .

” Goddamn it !

She is a black goddess, she started teasing me, squeezing her full bosoms seductively, dipping her finger inside her womanliness and then licking it. I became highly sexually tensed up, something like going gaga, my whole body was quivering and yearning for Adriana, the display of Adriana work of her seduction is more than watching an adult movie . Then she carefully and slowly released her stuffed huge bouncing jelly hanging firmly on her chest, in a playfully and teasing manner. She squeezed and jiggle them, the succulent rich bosoms bouncing randomly like some huge yoyo balls . My excited self, I couldn’t bear any more of Adriana’s torture so i immediately pounced on her, i lifted her up and then laid her on the bed, right beside the bed stands a portable fridge. Quickly i reached for the fridge, opened it and brought a jar of chilled creamy chocolate. I emptied all over her chest,and belly, and seductively said

“Arrrrrh Josh you are so good”

Then i started squeezing her bosom and sucking off the chocolate, Adriana let out soft moans as the nut on her bosoms hardened then I bites them softly. I moved down to her already wet and soaked womanliness omg ! , i spread her legs suspending both legs on the air, then I started feasting on the soaked wet yummy delicacy . She twitched and made a loud moan ” uuurrrrggghhh Omg !

Suck that snail baby !

her waist started moving randomly to the rhythmic flow of my tongue sucking her womanliness dry. The juices kept pouring out like a leaking pipe, then i started vibrating her Gspot with my fingers. Oh this time she went outta control, scattering her hairs, squeezing her bosom and hitting the bed randomly like a distressed lady but in intense pleasure . Wow the pleasure and excitement was at the maximum as she pressed Josh head more into her womanliness. She uncautiously I lifted my face up, as she started shaking with her whole body consumed with intense pleasure and she exploded, I looked at her with excitement knowing that I have fully satisfied her , and my mouth covered with her dripping juices

” Now relax Josh, let me repay you for this favor”

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  1. ayobare (@ayobare)

    Too many errors, not well coordinated…it did not help my reading. Nice storyline though.

  2. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    arggrhh! i would rate this a 5 out of ten. grammatical errors, unneccessary plots, and also quick transition from a scene to another.
    story line does not tell me anything at all. you said you wanted a decoy right? so how does a sex scene with a waitress serve as the decoy? what does JOSH do? the ideas are not clear. please work on it.
    this story is more about sex than a decoy. #mythought

    1. Yeah thanks for.all the criticisms and compliments, I know you will ask about the Decoy aspect, but the story continues in part 3. It can only get better thanks

      1. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

        alright boss. i believe the story would get better as it progresses. big ups man, keep writing

  3. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Make the corrections. The story seems interesting.

  4. Gosh. The scenes are too gory and uncensored. This is not a healthy read and the grammatical errors and typos just made it worst.
    Please improve.

  5. They have said it all….

    Few Mistakes here and there..

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