Why Do Most Women Stop Dressing To Please Their Men After Marriage?

Why Do Most Women Stop Dressing To Please Their Men After Marriage?

Most men would wish their wives remain youthful and attractive forever, at least when it comes to retaining their flair for fashion. I like her when she is dressed to ‘kill,’ and that is why I was attracted to her in the first place, but what happens if she starts tying those old school wrappers after marriage?

Men what do you make of a woman who suddenly or gradually starts tying wrappers around her waist? Do you normally feel comfortable watching your once upon a time queen in a shadow of her old self? Was her outfits not a mart of those things that attracted you to her in the first place? Would you pull all stop to see that she returns to her usual way of dressing or it doesn’t really bother you?

Imagine a scenario where you came home with a colleague from the office only to find a wrapper tied around her waist. Now this is a woman your friends have heard so much about. They respect her for her sense of fashion, and gave you a 5 star rating when both of you were still courting; and now things have changed.

What length are you prepared to go to make your woman dress to suit your taste? Let’s find out what your thoughts are and what you would do if she is now a shadow of her old self in terms of fashion.

Women, would you rather continue to dress the same way you were before getting married? If your answer is no, then what do you think is the most suitable outfit to wear around the home? Do you think you ladies can’t be bothered about your looks after you are married? Are you too busy with the children and house chores that you don’t have time for yourself anymore?

Always remember, it is important to always be the centre of attraction of your beau.

So ladies and gents, we are eager to hear your candid opinion.

7 thoughts on “Why Do Most Women Stop Dressing To Please Their Men After Marriage?” by iyandasdiary (@Iyandasdiary)

  1. I want her to dress as she likes
    wearing dainty wrappers isn’t a bad idea
    but not appearing as one unkempt lady lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  2. Tying a wrapper or buba, as some prefer, to occasions and outings isn’t bad. The problem lies in tying one old and dirty wrapper and making it into a regular home wear when you could have easily worn a sexy top, bum shorts and flip flops or better still, a dainty, little dress/long gown. After all, you are at home. That you are married doesn’t mean you should transform into a dirty and unkempt wife/mother. Another thing, the husband is to blame sometimes. When a man doesn’t take good care of his wife and cater for her needs, that is always the case, especially, if the woman in question is a housewife. That’s my take.

  3. kay (@kaymillion)

    *no comment*

  4. Hmmmm, you can tie wrapper around the house to do chores, but it will be nice to change to something attractive before your husband returns so that he will forget about all those sexy women he sees at work, If a man comes and meets an unkempt wife, his thoughts might quaver to an unknown place at least to sooth his senses.
    So if he meets a sexy wife at home, he might just relax and sooth his senses at home.
    Husbands too should dress to kill o, because some of us ladies like men looking hot.
    #Just saying#:-) :-)

  5. Tying on d chest is d worst! Well it takes a lot of effort to maintain dat state if u ask me. U notice those changes especially wen they start having kids.this is because they re preoccupied wit taking care of d kids and household. Again the body changes so those outfits can’t fit easily. Also for some their problem is d wherewithal and nonchalant attitude on d man. Even if they want to put on bum shorts and spag there might be a cousin or nephew or brother in-law dat might make it look inappropriate . Again some men prefer dem d way they are else dey ll accuse d woman of flirting. Me I pray d lord d strength to try small wen d time comes. Lol!

  6. I try to look good all the time but it is not always possible. Men can also be slobs.

  7. Men are the biggest slobs actually. @nalongo they get fat, and they embarrass you in public, speaking in accents u never knew they had when you were dating. As for women tying wrapper… there’s more to that situation. Also, for women who nolonger look good after marriage, don’t be mistaken o. Its because their husbands don’t take care of them. The ones who have their jobs tend to manage well. But the moment a woman has her welfare in the hands of her man, you start seeing annoying changes. Brazillian hair will become Ghana weaving. She starts looking shabby, and he’ll say he couldn’t give her d money cos he wants to service his care. But in all honesty, not all men are like that.

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