My Teacher In Kindergarten

My Teacher In Kindergarten

More than two decades after
Seeing her induced pleasant smiles
As she was carrying a black chalk-board
Singing beautiful rhymes in a way not bored

Looking jovial in her fast wrinkling face
Running to her old dad like in a one-woman race
Making him smile as she flings away her chalk-board
Embracing him as tight as they happily giggled in accord

Her two grown children were doing well beyond a shrill
The eldest with her husband living and doing her skill
The prognosis and diagnosis of different ailments
And the younger teaching as he learns and sees

Remembering her mum whom death had called
And going in with her sturdy father
She saw in him a dad well-living
An epitome of fatherhood and a life well- brimming

My husband has just divorced me, leaving me the house and everything
Telling me to go ahead loving children who are my queens and kings
I tried placating him to stay behind but he pushed me away
Telling me he was going to live a new life in a new way

I sighed and wept setting out to come and see you
Just on my way to meet my star kids in school
Since my significant other has left me
To live and be all he wants to be

You should never be gloom and moody
For my Lizzy is always never grim
She’s a happily fulfilled mother
And a truly amazing teacher

39 thoughts on “My Teacher In Kindergarten” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. Gabriel (@GabrielNwogu)

    Amazing! @innoalifa. Amazing piece! I SO MUCH LOVE THIS. Permission requested to quote a part of this poem in my next write up…?

    1. @GabrielNwogu, to quote in your next write up lolz!!!!!!!!1
      Feel free to quote any part
      and make it part of a whole
      in your I’m hoping to read part by part………….

  2. hmm… still remember your kindergarten teacher??
    what i loved about this poem was that it sounded like a reunion to me…..maybe one day when i do find my teacher it would be like this. i easily imagined the whole scene. the chalk board and all.

    really nice poem inno.

    1. @GabrielNwogu, thanks for stopping by dear
      I sure meeting your old teacher will be nice
      as she sees one of her pupils now grown
      and making waves here and there lols

      1. @ufuomaotebele, @GabrielNwogu comes grabbing what’s yours lolzzzzzzzzzz! A bunch of thanks to you two for reading and commenting……………

  3. kay (@kaymillion)

    nice one………..

    left me in tears as i remembered the ingenuity of my teacher and the great reunion we had sometime back.

    1. @kaymillion let those tears be joyful tears in reminiscence of your teacher ooooooooo!!!!! I’m elated you read and it left a feeling in your heart………….

  4. I sure don’t think I’ll recognise my kindergarten teacher when next I see her #tongue’s out# You got quite an imagery there @innoalifa

    1. Hahahahah, you won’t be able to remember your teacher in Kindergarten! It may be an awesome surprise to you when it does happen anyways.

      Thanks for stopping by @uzywhyte

  5. @innoalafia, this is very nice. Me likey mucho.

    My kindergarten teacher… its one sister like that, I remember her always scolding me for not putting my little aluminum plate with the others after midday meal.

    I went to a catholic school.

    1. @Tai, woa, flogging you for not putting your little aluminium plate on lolzzzzzzz! The school you attended must have left joyful memories in your heart. I can see that sister teacher of you smiling that you’re becoming someone she’s proud of………..

  6. hmm…deep one @innoalifa she must have made quite an impression on you.
    I still remember their names
    and would their faces if them I meet
    but childhood friends and fame
    are those I’ve seen in recent weeks.

    1. My teacher made more than an impression
      more than laying in me a passion
      of fleeing from ignorance
      & embracing knowledge

      @imaniking thanks a lot for not only reading but for commenting as well…………….

  7. Wow a short summary of her life, really adorable you remembered her and wrote about her.
    I can’t remember my kindergarten teacher, I don’t even remember if it was a man or woman.

    1. Wow, you can’t remember your kindergarten teacher!!! You have a friend in @uzywhyte anyways………………..
      @ameenaedrees, na gode sosai!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @innoalifa, you are all grown up, penning this paean to your ex-teacher; well done, this shows more ‘graphic’ freedom than your other poems I’ve read. Perhaps because it has emotional currency with you, good job.

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, graphically free abi? That’s noted!!! I really appreciate your reading and commenting……………

  9. A reunion of daughter (Ur ex-teacher) and father, who has a bad news(divorce) with u as a spectator. Lovely blend…… Men u too much.

    1. @jayrume Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!!!!!
      And your observation, I must say is just on point…………..

      1. Such words from you, the dreaded @innoalifa on NS, i am beyond words………

  10. This is a good one, but then there is something I have noted about your poems—- they are not edited. I forgave you the first time, and the second, but now I must flog you….

    Poetry tells a story like any other…. punctuate them. This is not hip hop dude….

    1. As a writer/poet; you define yourself by the style you employ. Do it your way, and hope you don’t have serious literally work because critics will be on you like a pack of wolves.

      1. I really appreciate your buttressing this point. It is of great value to rightly edit and punctuate your works; this I do a lot. It’s only in my world of poems that I disregard external punctuation. God help me before some critics like a pack of wolves consume me.

        Thanks a million @elovepoetry. :)

  11. Oh! Who will save me from this flogging oooooo?

    @elovepoetry, thanks a lot for stopping by. Sincerely, having you read and comment on this poem gladdened my heart, I dare say. Even though I’m not writing some hip hop rap here (lolzzz), I never employ external punctuation in my poetic writings. This is as a matter of personal style. However, I will certainly give that beautiful idea of punctuating poems some moments of careful thoughts.

  12. Nice….but I expected more than this.

    With all your stamping the entire NS with tit bits and epistles of commentary poetics, one expects you to go full ballistic when you upload an entry for a post.

    If it was another writer I would have mercy and not ‘knife’ ’em too much, But this is @innoalifa the ‘acclaimed’ NS commentary poet and @ufuomaotebele love-lorn stalker. You can do berra than this nah.

    The title doesn’t befit the poem ‘cuz its too direct. You could have made it more creative since the body consists of simple diction.
    The arrangement of lines from top to bottom suggests a pattern but you deviated from the consistency in the 5th verse; the lines were too long. I wish you employed some device to differentiate the two voices in the poem as both were all muddled together and could cause a confusion in semantics.

    On the whole…this read like an ode to your kindergarten teacher (Did you have a crush on her like you have on @ufuomaotebele?

    Just asking…

    Hey…you write well oh…I had just had to sharpen the blunt edges

    1. @Afronuts, thanks a lot for reading, commenting, suggesting, recommending, expecting more [lolzzz] and commending. Your comments are often geared towards better creative literary improvement and I really appreciate you for such consistent efforts.

      It’s undeniably true that the title of the poem appears ‘too direct” but it’s because the poem was a simple innermost outburst and I didn’t want to make it seem ambiguous or vague. Also, the deviation from the arrangement of lines was deliberately done to achieve an effect in physico-stylistics but it looks as if the desired effect was not felt. Though syntactically aimed at a literary effect, it was not intended to cause some kind of semantic confusion.

      While the poem can be described as an ode to a kindergarten teacher, its spontaneous flow is a resultant effect of some nostalgic feelings. Please don’t poke @ufuomaotebele here [lolzzz]

      Sure, something creatively better and more literary befitting can flow from the tip of my pen.

      @Afronuts, looking forward to more of your constructive criticism. I remain honestly grateful.

      1. Interesting….

        I like your explanatory comment. That clears it all.

        Ehn…this one wey you talk say make I no poke @ufuomaotebele for here, seems the crush has worn off….lol, don’t mind me sha….shit happens.

        1. @Afronuts the crush on @ufuomaotebele has… you say worn off? I better keep my words and my fingers well-crossed before something happens lolzzzzzzzz

          1. hen…you don start…putting us in a quandry with your mysterious statements. So e never wear off?

    2. @Afronuts i just had to ‘comment on this comment’ , please have ‘Patience’ with my english…. so u have not stopped monitoring @innoalifa and @ufuomaotebele …hmmmn okay o. *smiles*
      i read it thru like 3x already… like @Afronuts noted … i cudnt place ownership on the voices at one point but going thru the comments helped me find my way. (a little less distraction while writing should help with that… take the advise of the Sage …stalk less people, or is it one person? *winks* -lips sealed-)
      nice piece. your stuffs are easy to relate with so its cool. you’re getting better.

      1. @dees-hive, hahahahaha, stalk less people abi? Anyways, I’m glad you’re able to relate with it in some way. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting.

      2. @dees-hive

        Hian! Bros I no dey monitor anybody oh!

        I’m a writer and a writer is always observant, I was just being observant oh! No put igbo for my pocket. lol!

        Abeg,,I no say make e no ‘cyberstalk’ person too oh….for all we might know, @ufuomaotebele may be his muse. As long as the stalking is for his inspiration, let him go on soun

        1. Lmao……. Been following the comments since all I could do was laugh.

  13. @innoalifa Kindergarten teacher ke? That one is for Ajebutters, people like us that went to Ota Akara, or Jelesimi Montessori we have faint memories of our teachers and any personal endearment thereof would come a far second to the memories of the times we were prevented from having free access to our asaro (porridge) and condensed ice cream. But i Jealous you sha o. Good poem

    1. Ajebutter ke? Whether we be ajekpako trekking daily to school with koko waves (unbrushed hair) [lolzzz) or ajebutter being taken daily to school and picked up thereafter, our teachers and mentors deserve some respect and gratitude nah, if not something more even. It’s really beautiful sharing your thoughts here bro.

      @KingsleyA, I appreciate your stopping by.

  14. Hmm…like I said before, poems ehn…okay. I was gonna make some points about the voice but those have been made. Kindergarten? You try o, me i no go any kinderanything. And I’m just hearing about this crush…

    1. lwkmd…you no go any kinderanything like lolzzzzzzz……………
      Anyways, a debt of gratitude for saying something about the poem. Every observation and suggestion shared is highly appreciated @Lordjosh.

  15. @innoalifa, I did not like this poem. I felt that it did not create a vivid picture in my head as to what was going on, and many of the phrases were contrived and did not ring true. For example:

    Looking jovial in her fast wrinkling face

    A face does not wrinkle fast. Why not simply say “… in her wrinkled face”?

    Running to her old dad like in a one-woman race

    I’m trying to imagine the scene from the previous paragraph. Why would she run to her father? Had she been away from him for a long time? It’s not made clear, so it feels contrived. And a “race” where only “one woman” is involved hardly evokes the image of speed and urgency.

    Making him smile as she flings away her chalk-board

    Assuming this is a teacher (it’s not clear from the poem), why would she be carrying a chalkboard? It’s not something I see happen usually.

    1. Wow! This is one of the best comments I’ve got here. However, that many of the phrases seemed contrived does not necessarily distort the truth-worthiness of the poem. This, notwithstanding, your reading, commenting and observations-rendering are all well-received. I pledge to keep working in order to improve my craft by creating more vivid and better imagery. Indeed, this poem was only a spontaneous outburst and I shared it to know what impression(s) it immediately creates in the minds of readers. I really owe a debt of gratitude to all those who have shared their thoughts with particular reference to the poem.

      A million thanks @TolaO particularly and I’ll really appreciate your reading my other works here.

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