Sweet Pain

Every second with you only adds to my ache
An ache that no balm can take
A yearning to be touched
Yet the touch gets me torched
Lighting up an already heated flame
How do I resolve this game?

A second away from you adds to my pain
I’m caught in a terrain
Do I stay and hurt?
Or leave with my “buts”?
Do I stay feeling heated?
Or leave feeling cheated?

I’m stuck between the truth and the true
It holds my heart by the root
The truth of what we feel
The truth we feel so real
So real is my plea…
Help stop my heart from peel.

It’s sweet, yet it’s a pain
The ache in me is not lame
Doesn’t crawl but pound
Seeking to escape and expound
It’s a pain yet I love
What aching for you does!

13 thoughts on “Sweet Pain” by imaniking (@imaniking)

  1. it’s a sweet pain
    we often pursue
    sensing in it the beautiful
    the enchanting and lovely………………….

    1. But why does it have to hurt
      …when its got beauty so hot
      can’t love just be sweet
      but then we won’t appreciate it.
      thanks for stopping by as always @innoalifa

      1. @imaniking life is often not a bed of roses even if we’re in love. Moreover, it sometimes end in a way we wouldn’t even want it. Maybe my poem at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/06/y-junction/ has a message related to that. You could check it out and comment, good or bad.

        Thanks a lot!

  2. Love love love often leaves me angry asking myself these questions from your poem
    ” Do I stay and hurt?
    Or leave with my “buts”?
    Do I stay feeling heated?
    Or leave feeling cheated?”

    Really loved this but the answer is always clear to us we just choose to be stubborn like me.

    1. Yes o!
      I’m also one of the stubborn ones…I love Love with its hurt and buts.
      Do I feel angry…a lot of times, hurt… one too many but hey @ufuomaotebele its a sweet pain. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. Appreciated!

  3. kay (@kaymillion)

    I agree with you @ufuomaotebele……. But hope you know say the thing fit turn person fool?

    1. @Kaymillion Agreed!!!! The thing don use me play before mehn……not knowing how to think confusing what u already kno. There is God sha……we will make it my dear.

    2. No be small o…no be small…@kaymillion but being a fool is relative, some turn mumu which is a serious level. Love with knowledge. Thanks for your comment

  4. so true but really painful….and its hard to let go but still it pays when you let go. Nice poem.

    1. @Olushademi remember to let go if its not worth the stay. Its better than the continued hurt and no hope of a better tomorrow. I appreciate your comment, thank u :)

  5. Bittersweet paradoxical
    Gnawing with ferocious heat
    Yet we are unwilling yo let go
    Love laugh n live all we want with it’d added pains

    1. You got that right! Regardless of its added pain, there’s laughter to enjoy, pain to endure all because we choose to love. Thanks @newnaija for commenting in a poetic way, I luv.

      1. You are welcome boss.

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