Sex is not love

she loved him with her heart and showed it with her lips
he loved her for her flesh and the curve of her hips
friends warned, parents advised
saying this man was no good
but his words enticed
it was a year they met
she hadn’t seen his parents yet
but she let him have all she could give
after all it was for him she did live
but she lost and he won
his love was a hard game, like chess
he was king and she, pawn
and she couldn’t be of anything less

Mother's Itch

11 thoughts on “Sex is not love” by kay (@Kay0496)

  1. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! i was blow away.
    Great work.

    every line made sense………the story was easily seen.

  3. …And love is not sex. I wish some people will get to read this before they give their all like a modern day mother theresa…

  4. A message in its simplest and shortest form. Great work!

  5. Tell them!!

  6. My dear, if sex is not love, then why is cheating/infidelity a problem to relationships and marriages?
    This is a great weavework anyway, even with its feminist orientation/agenda.
    Nice @kay0496

  7. Short and captivating.
    Loved the chess analogy
    Good work.

  8. kay (@kaymillion)

    Nice 1 @kay0496
    “sex is not love”

  9. wow!!! beautiful!!

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