Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 2 (And the Spiritual Hosts Convened)

Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 2 (And the Spiritual Hosts Convened)

We have to seek Xale’s attention now! Pontius roared’ the legion was convening in Orunmila’s shrine. The atmosphere was tense and heavy,as dark smoke increasingly filled the arena whenever the demons roared out words.

They hadn’t foreseen the dynamic transformation Ayetoro had undergone,especially inspite of all their efforts. With Alao’s sudden change of heart,confusion had been enthroned in their midst. First! We must locate an empty vessel! This letter must not be destroyed said Arcki the assistant head of the legion. Pontius! He roared, you’re the most effective after myself,go now!

And find us a befitting vessel. Lead him here that he may pick up the letter. Pontius bowed in acknowledgement and flew off, his huge wings moving swiftly. Marcus! He yelled as he walked briskly towards the smallest member of the legion. Guard this letter,ensure it doesn’t get ruined by this filthy liquid he scoffed in disdain as he looked at the puddle of rain that had filled the grove. Ay Master! The dwarf like creature replied, with miniature wings. Pontius flew round the Ayetoro thrice,looking for a worthy vessel.

‘This mission is of utmost importance’ he thought to himself. I mustn’t fail my master!’ As he lurked around, he came to a conclusion. Alamu,son of Akintaju the wealthiest merchant in the village was worthy. Young as he was, he harboured a lot of anger and resentment,bridled with arrogance and pride that always threw everyone off. He had few friends, and all he cared about was a way to gain fame and prestige. He wanted to be the greatest and most famous,isolated was he.

Hehehehe!! Pontius grinned wildly,thus exposing his filthy fangs. Hence,he acted. Alamu headed straight to the grove. He had no idea whatsoever of what he was doing, but he felt no inclination to return home. He noticed a piece of paper on the ground and inquisitiveness came upon him. He picked up the wet parchment from the ground, and went back home. Hiding it beneath his mat,he soliloquised saying ‘that should be safe from prying eyes’ .

Arcki looked furiously at his cohorts! Why are there so many believers here? Can you feel the atmosphere? We can’t survive here he said. This remark was accompanied by a loud whimper, it was Marcus wallowing in pain. Its the prayer! Arcki roared, we cannot operate from here, we must leave now. Hurry!!!! And the legion flew hurriedly to the neighbouring village of Ayede whose environment suited them most,because there were few believers. The angels danced and shouted for joy.

They were excited, the Father is proud said Mi cal-leader of the angelic assembly in charge of Ayetoro. Yes he is,they chorused loudly. Now, all we have to do is Minister-he continued. Livia! Charlon!! Yes My Lord!! They answered. See to it that these believers receive all that they need to grow,whilst we await the conversion of the chosen one.

Huh? Chosen what??….. Isn’t it John?? They asked themselves. Mi cal smiled and said to them ‘WAIT’ in due time, he will be revealed. And so,the supernatural beings both good and bad,flew around the town,acting on the words of their masters. Great light overshadowed the town of Ayetoro whilst darkness hovered in the shielded enclaves of the town.

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  1. This is nice
    but word-spacing
    and better punctuation
    will make it more interesting……………………………

  2. @Elizah, great idea but execution was not as great. But its interesting.

  3. Agh …confused

  4. I didn’t like this episode as much as the previous one, @Elizah. Too much of a jump into the metaphysical, without much explanation of the background of the angels and demons.

  5. You want me to have nightmares abi. ..lol I like the idea. I agree though, your punctuation needs more work

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