Office Politics

Office Politics

Smiling and humming to herself, Bimpe wrote her resignation letter. She was very thankful that she would be leaving this “office politics” firm with over bearing colleagues and mangers, for another which not only offers her better pay but a career in her line of profession. The resignation was immediate as she hopes to resume in her new office on Monday morning. Today being Friday, she decides to drop it first thing in the morning.

She prints out the letter, makes some corrections, reprints and was ready to submit to the MD. After all as his secretary, it is him she reports to directly.

“Bimpe, please see me in my office” says the Admin manager walking away to his office.

“Yes sir” she replies. She takes one look at the letter again and decides to submit the letter first before going to the Admin’s office. “After I see Oga” she adds as an afterthought.

“Can I come in sir” she says peeping into the MD’s office.

“Yes, come in. Is there something you want?” the MD says, looking at the white envelop in Bimpe’s hands.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity given to serve in your company and then give you this humble request sir” Bimpe said.

The MD looks at her and wonders what request this is at this time. He has a lot of financial obligations already and does not want some staff to add to that already piled up bill. “Request! What request is that again?”

She hands him the envelope instead of answering. She sees the irritation in his eyes and smiles to herself once again.

He opens the envelope and sees the resignation letter. He sighs with relief. At lease she is not asking for a loan, he thinks to himself. “So what is this request o” He asked.

“As stated in my letter, the resignation is immediate as I would love to resume on Monday at my new office, sir” She replies.

“That is fine with me.” MD says.

“Can you sign the second copy saying the short notice is ok by you, sir” Bimpe says.

“OK.” The MD replies “At least you are reducing the financial burden of the company”

“Does that mean I will not be paid for the month, sir?” Bimpe said.

“It means whenever we have your money, it will be sent across to you” MD replies harshly.

“Thank you sir” Bimpe replies leaving the office. She really didn’t care as where she was going, she was to be paid double of what she earns now and she has been offered an option to take part of her salary on resumption to help her cope with the sudden change as a loan.

Two hours later, she hums softly as she approached the Admin’s office. Her mind already made up that if the man dares to talk down on her, she would give him a piece of her mind without fear. After all, she is no longer a staff. MD has already instructed Miss Sade to take over, get herself acquainted with the new office as Bimpe will not be resuming on Monday with them.

She knocks twice and opens the door. “Mr Sam, you said to see you in your office sir”.

“Yes I did. Please sit down madam.” That is Mr Sam, always courteous even when abusing you. “Actually, I have a memo for you but have not been able to give it to you for some time now”.

Yes, as if we don’t see each other every working day, thought Bimpe.

Mr Sam hands over the Memo to Bimpe who reads through.

“What does this mean Mr Sam? You give me a Memo dated 1st of April on the 29th of April and expect me to take it? Are you kidding me?” Bimpe asked angrily.

“Bimpe, please take it easy. The firm is undergoing some financial constrains hence the memo” Mr Sam replies, trying not to look at her face.

“Financial constrains indeed. That is why you tell me of a cut in my salary, which is almost 50%, via a memo dated 1st of April on the 29th of April bah?” Bimpe replied with a distasteful look on her face.

“Anyways, am not taking that stupid memo which by the way has no effect as I have resigned my appointment.” She stands up and about to leave a dumbfounded Admin Manager.

“What? When did you resign? Who got your letter?” the now hyper Mr Sam said standing up also.

“I have a copy of my resignation letter already received, signed and conditions accepted by the MD on me. As a matter of fact Miss Sade is at this moment on my desk answering all mails and receiving visitors as we speak. As for that your yeye memo, you can shove it up your you know where” With that Bimpe storms out of the office not offering any further words.

NB: Its my first attempt. advice, encouragement and corrections from you will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

16 thoughts on “Office Politics” by Thaniels (@jayrume)

  1. why do i feel like there’s something coming after this? first piece? …congrats on taking the leap…you can only get better after this…@jayrume is there a follow-up?

    1. @dee‘s hive thanks so much. don’t know yet if there will be a follow-up, but the help of good writers like your self, hopefully, the young shall grow. *winks*.

      Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  2. @jayrume
    this caught my mind
    making it revel making a sigh
    this is nicer than I thought of the title
    coming from one who knows how to write

    1. Thanks. Am happy I impressed a guru like u. U r appreciated.

  3. Nice piece.
    The title is quite misleading though -at least it was for me. Judging from the title, I thought I was about reading a story where characters will play some real ‘office politics’. I just kept hoping that I would find those characters in the next line or paragraph. I didn’t.

    Well, aside the title issue, it was, Ok.

    1. Noted. Will work on giving better title next time. Your thoughts are appreciated.

  4. Nice piece. Keep writing, it only gets better.

  5. yes o. Can only get better. Ur thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

  6. i like your story. i have not done any analysis though. i can relate to your story.

  7. Ur thoughts are appreciated. Thanks so much.

  8. @jayrume nice…looking forward to the next

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  10. For a first attempt it is good, cos the structure is good.
    I love when people use shitty words like your yeye memo.
    Practice they say makes perfect, more trial and you might become @olajumoke in the art of storytelling.
    Lol I like the piece.

    1. Thank so much. Will take plenty of practice to become @olajumoke o, but i will sure try.

      Thanks once again.

      1. @jayrume, I have had it on my mind to write something on your Office Politics theme for a while.
        Well done for starting something most of us can relate to. (Fantastic work. It helps, If people can relate)
        If you continue with it as a series, you can work on it by reading any of these – @mimiadebayo @ufuomaotebele @ameenaedrees @Omod‘s @Ayoks @dees-hive and @sanjules‘ series here on NS. The art of serial writing with all the cliff hangers and complex story-lines is fun but of course it takes practice.
        I know you will thrill us. Elements of this in your first piece.
        Keep improving you art.
        Well done.

        1. Thanks so much. I will work on improving my art.

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