A MAN’S THING (1 of 3)

How weeks and days sped past remained unclear to Bamigboye Peter Ajao, just few days back, he had been longing for this day to come, and it had seem as if it won’t. It now appeared like a dream as Bami finally had the pleasure of standing beside the lady that would forever be his wife; she was putting on the customary white wedding frock, and as he stared lustfully at her in it, she looked to him like a dazzling mermaid planted in the middle of a deep blue sea with uncertainty and fear perceptibly written all over her smooth, beautiful glowing face. She had no reason to fear though, Bami had showered much trust on her and had sealed it with promises to keep doing that forever. Yet, those promises seemed not to offer the assurance of hope she could bank on, and it was as if she was only realizing it now that marrying him was total big mistake altogether.

The Preacher’s sermon that day was totally meaningless to the dark handsome Bami, whose eyes kept feasting helplessly on his mermaid. As far as he was concerned, the bald Pastor could have as well being humming a nursery rhyme. When finally the pastor requested him to recite his pledge, his mind found his body quickly.

“I do” he promised impatiently and listened to his bride confess the same thing. Her eyes soon depicted the seriousness and sincerity that could satisfy him temporarily.

Soon they would be inside a closed room – a room where none of the hundreds of people standing around them would be. That soon, it would be the both of them only, and then he would be free to tear into her like an hungry lion, only then would he be filled with the satisfaction he had lived the past two decades hungering for.

The thought that there would be a Reception angered Bami slightly – if only it was possible to skip that part of the programme, or if only the people concerned could give him the chance to have his libido satisfied first before anything else, he would be soo happy. But Bami could hear the people shouting at him if he attempted asking ‘Brother Bamigboyeeeee, be patient she is your wife and you would spend your entire life enjoying her, why rush?’ And since the vox populi would look appealing and reasonably, it would do no good arguing that, so Bami decided against giving it a trial.

Only God knew what Gloria was thinking in her head on this glorious day, Bami could hardly comport himself throughout the programme, all his mind was set on satisfying his hunger. He understood totally that marriage constituted more than having desires satisfied but for justifiable reasons, that was all on his mind now. Bami shifted gazes in church, staring at the other girls and comparing them to his bride, but it appeared as though none of those finer girls came to his wedding, because none of the ladies his eyes saw had anything – face, stature and other appealing feminine features – as Gloria. His bride was his pride.

It was like a giant spirit punched the ‘Next’ button on life’s remote control, Bami finally found himself walking hand in hand with his new bride into the hotel room, it was the night of their wedding and the moment he had waited hungrily for the most. More than anything, Bami was happy that Gloria was smiling at him too, revealing the broken white teeth that he loved most in her face, and quietly something in Bami was telling him that what she was doing depicted that she was as hungry for him as he was for her. Therefore, to him, nothing else mattered. Yes, they were dog tired, yet Bami was keen that nothing would spoil the fun, just as nothing on earth could separate them.

He slammed the bathroom door behind himself and stared lustfully at his bride who had taken her bath before him and was on the bed waiting – the stare, unlike the peek in church was obvious – He approached her and noticed a flicker of melancholy sweep through her face, this he ignored to attend to later, but as far as he was – or wanted to be – concerned, what mattered now mattered most.

Bami stretched his hands towards her night gown and noted simultaneously that she seemed reluctant to allow him – he overlooked this and tried to take off her gown slightly, he crawled unto the bed and turned her over, allowing himself to lie very close to her. . . he noticed that she wasn’t following his emotionally drama, and it dropped in his mind that perhaps she was a virgin – like himself. He had been told severally that no lady liked to lose her virginity no matter to who, but he wanted to make her understand that since it was her husband, it was safe!

“Gloria” He paused a little, his hands resting on her buttocks as he had now managed to slip under her, she was very close above him. When there was no reply but the loud sighs of their breadth, he continued, “Gloria, see I am your husband now . . . well, I am going to be your husband forever. So, trust me, this is safe.” He hoped that worked because she shifted a little and allowed him to remove her bra completely.

As two love spices bounced powerfully against his chest, Bami realized how much he loved this lady and how determinedly he was going to spend the rest of his life with her, come what may. Even though he had been absentminded when in church earlier that day; and it even feels strangely that it never happened. Yet, Bami knew that he meant every word of his promises to always be together with her for better or for worse and nothing except death could do them path.

He ran his hands over and about her chest, and watched as she winced at his every touch.

“There is something I have to tell you” She whispered softly into his ears; if there was really something she wanted to say, the romantic way she chirped into his ears would not let him spare time to listen.

“Let it wait till later dear. Let the love in the air kill it for now” He reached for her small pink cotton shorts, which she wore under her night gown and pulled it down gently. Something seemed to bulge strangely from her. He closed his eyes and pulled down the final material that obstructed reaching heaven’s gate.

Bami felt her cold hands moving impulsively towards his. She held his hands tightly stopping him as he was about to get rid of the cotton material, but because he was a man – a ready man for that matter – he overpowered her and pulled it down anyway. He reached hastily for the hollow that would lead him to cloud nine where he had longed for.

She let out a scream, which could have been a loud moan but it wasn’t of pleasure – it sounded more like a restive cry and then soon enough, he too screamed, but his wasn’t a moan – it was a clear fearful scream.

At the point where he had blindfolded himself and expected to encounter a hollow – a slimy madly desired concave – there was no hollow. Instead, there was something extremely strange, and that was going to be the shock of hiss life. In between her legs, was a fleshy chunk, half thick and dark brown like a rubber stick – there was a man’s thing!

Reviving from the shock, and returning to it simultaneously, Bami fainted.

18 thoughts on “A MAN’S THING (1 of 3)” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. Lol
    Oh dear, what is poor Bami going to do now?
    If she’s transgender and in Naija,I’m sure he would have heard some ‘whispers’ about it prior to their marriage
    I’m enjoying the story,can’t wait for part 2

  2. OMG, Bamibgoye, what is this?
    Filing for divorce or waiting for God’s will?
    What a thing?

  3. @LEVUZ is this fiction or what?

    1. @charla, hmmmm, have you heard about any transsexual, even though there might just be one around, *no rumours*. . . maximum secret!

      @innoalifa; Let’s see. . . andyes, it is pure fiction.

      @innoalifa, @charla
      Thanks for reading!

      1. @Levuz waiting with ears and eyes wide open………

  4. This was a very interesting read. i didn’t see the last part coming at all.

    Next plz

  5. “…Bami realized how much he loved this lady and how determinedly he was going to spend the rest of his life with her, come what may…”
    Men, i hope he remembers that part when he wakes up o.

    1. @jayrume, I hope too o
      Thanks for reading!

  6. Whoa! All thoughts of sexual, passionate lovemaking gone. What to do. Nice write

  7. Interestin! Part 2 pls

  8. Ah a man’s thing ke? Heavy stuff going on here…
    Thumbs up!

  9. WOAH!!! hmmm #amansthing

    1. @uzywhyte, @Bolanle, @elly, @ufuomaotebele

      Second Part out soon, watch out. . . and. . . thanks *winks*

  10. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    what!!! this is serious and funny……….

  11. A man’s kini indeed. Thought as much but you packaged it so well… Nice one.

  12. I almost fainted at that last part myself. A man’s kini ke?

  13. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @levuz, good story unfolding. I like the way you paced the story so well. I just began reading and I hope the story is a fresh, humane view on transgendered peeps. Nice write

  14. LOL!

    Man! Now you just either ruined my idea for another shocking story or got inspired by my story NS did on word prompt way back. I was toying of doing something with the idea again but you beat me to it…and you did it nicely.

    One unique thing I like about what you did here is that this part of the story could be a standalone tale. Nice build up to the climax of devastating discovery.

    off to the next part.

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