Maiden’s Cross Episode 8

Anike struggled as the man held her down with one hand. He was not a big man but he was very strong. She gritted her teeth and tried to raise her heel to hit his crotch. She was disappointed as she only succeeded in making contact with the back of his thigh. The man slapped her buttocks, hard, and yanked down her tights in one quick movement. Her panties went next as he tore them off her body. Anike felt the cold night air on her buttocks. This was really going to happen. She, a seventeen year old virgin was going to be raped by this evil looking old man. The man must have been at least forty years old for Christ’s sake, her mind screamed. She opened her mouth and started screaming. There was no way she would surrender herself meekly to this humiliation, she resolved. She trashed and kicked while screaming her head off. The man got annoyed and started to slap her. She desperately tried to turn around. If she could, she would be able to kick him where it hurts, she thought. She felt him yank her hair and her head snapped backwards at an uncomfortable angle. He bent to kiss her and Anike clamped her teeth on his lower lip. She succeeded in drawing blood and the man yelped in pain. He relaxed his grip for a moment and Anike took her chance. She twisted to face him and raised her right foot to his crotch. He fell back and screamed, uttering a string of curses.
Anike grabbed her tights and made for the exit. Suddenly, the door was kicked in and hit her squarely in the face. She sagged to the floor like a rag doll and lost consciousness.

Anike slowly gained consciousness with a pounding headache. She immediately remembered her ordeal with Vieri but couldn’t remember how it ended. She could remember kicking him and running for the door but that was it. Everything else was fuzzy after that. She looked around her surroundings and wondered where she was. It was a small room crammed with furnishings of every kind. A large plasma television hung on the wall opposite the bed. Just beneath the TV was a large home theatre with a stack of cds beside it. The wall beside the bed was home to a large crucifix and a poster of the baby Jesus in a manger. Anike’s eyes stopped roving the room when she suddenly remembered what happened. She remembered the door swinging in to hit her, she remembered falling despite her best efforts to the contrary. She vaguely remembered being carried into a car. That must have been how she got here. Only God knew what whoever abducted her had in mind. She glanced at the door and thought about escape before her abductor came back. She tried to get up but a pounding headache forced her back to the bed. She waited for it to subside and tried again, more slowly this time. She succeeded in getting her feet grounded and sat for a while with her eyes closed. She opened her eyes again and saw a container of pills and a bottle of water on a little bedside table. She picked it up and read the label. It was Italian but she did spot aspirin amongst all the strange words. Thank God. She twisted it open and put two pills in her left palm. God, how she hated drugs but she knew she had to down these. She grabbed the water and opened it while picking one pill with her right hand. She put some water in her mouth and dropped the pill in it. She grimaced as she swallowed. She repeated the process with the second pill. She felt relief almost immediately and said a silent prayer of thanks.
She got up and found her footwear in a corner of the room. She slipped her feet in it and tried to open the door. It was locked. There were two other doors on the other side of the room but this was obviously the exit. Anike almost burst into tears. Maybe Vieri had locked her in here to teach her a lesson, she thought. She had fought him hard to avoid being raped and had succeeded. She removed her footwear and went back to the bed. She might as well wait for whoever had locked her in here.
Some minutes later, Anike heard footsteps outside the door. She bolted upright. She hastily looked around for anything that could act as a weapon. She saw a bottle of Coke at the foot of the bed and she grabbed it. She put it just under the bed where her hand could easily reach it and she sat down again. The door opened and a man came in, glanced at her and closed the door behind him. He carried a nylon bag in his right hand which he dropped on the plastic reading table. This is not Vieri, Anike thought. This was a much young, rather skinny guy. She eyed with the utmost contempt she could come up with.
‘Why look at me like that. I’m not bad guy, I save you.’ The guy said as he took off his jacket and threw it on the chair. He had a thick Italian accent like Vieri.
Anike watched him closely while positioning herself to grab the bottle if he tried to come near her.
He didn’t. He just sat on the chair and opened the nylon. He brought out two boxes and dropped them on the table. He rummaged in the nylon and came up with two plastic forks. He opened one of the boxes and attacked the steaming spaghetti that was in it. He took three or four forkfuls before glancing in Anike’s direction again. He offered her the second box of spaghetti and the fork.
Anike eyed the man warily. It seemed what he said was true, that he had saved her. She vaguely remembered herself being laid gently on the bed and her head being tended. Her hand went to her forehead. There was a plaster there. She must have sustained the injury when the door hit her. The guy must have been tired of stretching out his hand as he dropped the box again and returned to his own steaming spaghetti. The food smell of the food was assaulting her nostrils and her stomach growled. Anike watched as the guy got up and disappeared through one of the little doors. Anike heard the sound of a running tap and He soon came back with two plastic cups of water. He dropped one beside his food and the other on the little bedside table. He got back into his seat and offered Anike the food again. This time she collected it. She slowly opened the box and twirled some of the spaghetti around her fork. It was steaming so she blew air on it to knock the steam off. Her eyes were still on the guy as she placed the food in her mouth, but he was just concentrating on his food. It was delicious, the best spaghetti she had ever had. She soon stopped watching him and concentrated on her own food too.
When she was done eating, the guy collected the box and the fork and took it to the other room. Anike realised it was a kitchen and guessed the other door would be the bathroom. Anike was drinking from the plastic cup when he came back. She finished the water and when she glanced up, the guy was advancing towards her with a big knife.

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  1. wowwwwww, the so-called saviour came back with a big knife? Waiting to know what becomes of Anike…………. INTRIGUING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. A really big knife. Lol. Thanks for staying with Anike.

  2. I’m so sorry it took this long but I’ve been very busy (and a little lazy) over the past few weeks. Anyway, I hope u enjoy episode 8.

    1. namdi (@namdi)

      Wow! You’re back! Episode 8 really took you a long time to write -just joking.

      We’ll get to read Episode 9 soon, right?

      1. Lol. Episode 9 coming right up. Thanks @namdi

  3. Hmmmm…..I just hope that the knife was to cut open a parcel he had brought for her o. Sir Sam, don’t upset me please, hasn’t Anike suffered enough?

    Don’t mind me. Keep up the captivating piece. I only get personal when I’m hooked on what I’m reading. Good job. Keep it up!

    1. Parcel? If I hear! Lol. Thanks @ibisonwanchukwu, for the kind comment. U’re a writer’s delight.

  4. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Please do not make us wait this long again.

    1. Yes sir @nalongo. Thanks for staying with Anike. Lol

      1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

        Please I am a woman. My name is mother of twins in Buganda. No, I be proper Naija babe with international ‘family’ thanks a lot.

        1. My bad @nalongo. Dunno why I just decided u were a guy. And to think u’re one of my most consistent readers. Je suis desolee.

          1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

            No wahala, no be only you make the mistake.

  5. Thaniels (@jayrume)

    Took so long but am happy u r back.
    She was not raped, that is a relief. But I no like this “big knief ” matter o.

    1. I don’t like it either. Lol. Thanks for reading.

  6. noksis (@oremeyi)

    just thought about it and i saw the next episode. One day, One trouble be this. What is with the knife biko.

    1. Na so we see am o. Thanks for following MC.

  7. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    This poor girl her troubles are growing waaaaaay bigger than her. I know shes wishing that she was home with wicked aunty Chioma right now smh

    1. I’m sure she does.

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