Love is Happiness

Shade cried.That was the first time a woman ever cried on my account. I watched her, overwhelmed by the whole tears thing. Was she hurt? Did I push it too much? Was she regretting our union already?

I reached for her cheeks with trembling hands. It was the first time I made love to woman and felt fulfilled afterwards. I was trembling from making love to my wife. It was a good sign already but Shade was crying, I hoped they were tears of joy.


Shola lied to me. It’d hurt but not as much as she had described it. She didn’t tell me he would caress and tease my body in ways unimaginable. She didn’t tell me he’d be so soft and firm at once and that my whole body would feel like it was in a bath of hot ice.

I felt his fingers rub my cheeks, it was only then that I opened my eyes. When I felt his touch, my body giggled in preparation for another session. I opened my eyes to look at the man who had given me the best time of my life, the man I married. He was trembling. Was he ill?

I didn’t realise I was crying until he wiped a tear from my cheek. I smiled shyly. He smiled too revealing shiny white teeth. His smile is to kill for, I swear! Till date, I still get weak knees when he smiles at me.

‘’You need to get in the bath tub’’

Memories of hot ice flooded my senses and I thought he meant something sexier than our bath tub.

‘’Oh, that was too much pleasure. I don’t think I can contain anymore” I almost moaned.

He burst into laughter. His melodious laughter filled the entire room, I almost danced. I was sure I married the right man, the man who makes me want to dance to his laughter. There were no doubts about our union on my mind.

“You must be sore, the warm bath will be soothing. This woman sef, you no go kill me abeg.”

“No be you wan kill me ni? With that your extra-large thing”

We both laughed this time around. He scooped me to the bathroom and dipped me into an already prepared bath of mildly warm water. I looked at the man scrubbing me. He was laughing at a joke he had just thrown. I didn’t even get the joke but I was laughing too.

“Thank you.” She whispered before drifting off to sleep that night.

I’ve never know a woman who sleeps as much as my wife. She’s the first to sleep after we make love. She says the whole exercise makes her dozy. Movies also make her dozy, so does football.

The first time we got pregnant she had to quit her job. She always felt dozy at the office and slept at every little break she got. She was also dozy at the market, in the church, in the kitchen! That was the worst part. I transformed into an emergency cook overnight. Those days were hilarious as well as challenging.

When Kiki came, every memory of Shade’s doziness and my kitchen adventure was wiped away. She looks a lot like her mother- same eyes, same lips. She’s so angelic, so beautiful and so sweet like her mother.

When I returned home today from my trip this sweet little girl came running towards me screaming.


Behind her was a woman, heavily pregnant. Smiling lovingly as she pushed herself towards me. For a moment I thought she did scream HUSBAND like her little girl. She was obviously glad to see me too.

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  1. Wow…beautiful!

  2. @sylvia & @uzywhyte
    well-said as felt
    lovely as comely
    maybe making one homely

  3. Sweet story Sylvia, thanks for taking me through each of Shade and hubby’s happy love experience. I’d like to read of their first fights and how they made up. *winks , you know………

  4. I am also crying!!!!

    1. loool @Nalongo you’re really crying indeed

  5. Aww very beautiful

  6. Well done Sylvia, wow I enjoyed it, brilliant writing. Yes oh, I would love to read more about this wonderful couple.

  7. I love the part, ” the first time we got pregnant” that is so nice, how many men would say WE got pregnant. I feel that shows how caring and more romantic the husband is

  8. Really interesting. I like it. But where is it going? The story doesn’t really end. Hope you’ll be writing some more? Do keep up the good work. (y) :)

  9. Touching and sweet. :-)

  10. i dont get the concept behind this, seems kinda lame

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