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The George’s are like any other typical Nigerian family, though with little ups and downs, drama that will make your ribs crack and a strong family love that supersedes all sort of external aggression. Well, it’s always sensible to introduce from the top but since this isn’t your everyday family, we would do it vice versa.

The last born is ADEJOKE ADRIANNA GEORGE, baby of the house, fairest of them all and very smart for her age. She’s frequently called “joke” as in what you say that makes people laugh. Generally, her jokes are dry but if u don’t laugh, you will receive hell from her. Well, apart from her evidently dry jokes she’s a whole lot fun to be with

Above her is the second born, ADEREMI ISABELLA GEORGE, the “Margaret Thatcher” of the house. She is such a disciplinarian and can be a hard-ass at times. An introvert of the highest order. Well, despite her “wickedness” she still has her moments of unlimited fun. 16 years of age and a 100 level student of accounting in Lagos State University. Thank God for not making her the first born or Adedapo will be receiving assorted slaps everyday e.g igbati, iforun, back-hand, abara e.t.c

This brings me to the first born, ADEDAPO JORGE GEORGE who according to Aderemi is her annoying music-loving, law arguing, fun-loving brother who gets on her last nerve at the slightest chance he gets. But I’m sure you will think differently when you read about him. Well, 20 years of age, 400 level student of law in university of Benin, which off the record the parents do not support till date. They say his vocabulary will be pidginzed and he will eat too much akpu which will take the place of book in his brain. Lead guitarist in a band and very handsome. Gives him problems with the ladies. very funny, I must add. Comedian of the family. P.S, Jorge is pronounced (or: eh)

Well, that’s that about the children but before I go on, you must be wondering who is talking. It is I Adedapo. Writing is my hobby also. But my mum mustn’t see that i am opening all our yansh outside or else…… I will tell you the punishment for the gravity of this offence later. Also, I know u must be wondering why we all have latino middle names. It all boils down to my mum. She is part Nigerian, part Puerto-Rican. Her dad is a Nigerian and her mother is Puerto-Rican. When we were given birth to, our grandmother made sure we all had Puerto-Rican names so we won’t lose touch with our latino origin. So, yes, I have latino blood in me though my Nigerian English and Yoruba is konck.

Moving on, my mum, MRS PENELOPE ROSALITA GEORGE, NEE AYOTUNDE, referred to as PENNY by her husband, my dad. she’s in her late 40’s and she’s a senior researcher at the FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH, AGEGE(FIRA). Walahi, that agege just spoilt the whole swags of the name. Abeg, they should change that “A” to agency make hin fine small jare. Its lack of vision that will make you write oshodi. It means there is no plan to go international. Well, not to digress from what I was saying, she is very beautiful, like a mixture of Jackie Appiah and Salma Hayek. She has this beautiful long hair which my sisters got from her. She also has this killer latino accent where she rolls her “R”, like them salsa-dancing folks. Very jovial but constantly riding us about our grades because of the first class she graduated with in Bio-Chemistry from University of Lagos. Beauty and brains, hmmm.. the whole package.

The grande-finale like they say in those reality programmes/talent shows, I give you the olorioko, olori ebi, DR. OLUMIDE OYEDEJI GEORGE. The DR. stands for medical doctor and not PhD holder, that’s if u were wondering sha.  We just celebrated his 50th birthday early this year. Brilliant man, very jovial, good looks for his age but not someone salma hayek or nadia buari will ordinary fall for which always bring me to this question, ”How did he toast my mother?” and the only answer I come up with is that he saw her, spoke geek and swept her off her feet with his medical terminologies. Things like cyanocobalamin, methatene.. only God knows what they mean but well, im not surprised, if iyanaya can make money just by pulling of his shirt and saying “my waist… my waist”, anything can happen.

Thank you all for taking time to meet my wonderful family. I just need you to sit back and relax as I give you a sneak peek into the LIFE OF THE GEORGE’S.

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  1. This is beautiful, quite spicy………waiting to know about about the Georges’

  2. thanks a lot innoalifa.. just stick around nd u ll get to know a lot abt dem.. thanks for reading

  3. Hahahaha……….funny how I allowed my lil sister to read the Joke part, i asked her who that sounded like…..she pointed to herself but her jokes are not dried!……….I am isabella oo, or she is me???

    Wait oo, why are you writing a story about MY FAMILY?? LOL…….. waiting to see how the characters grow. Also why did you chose an english surname for the characters??

  4. Very captivating with a twist of humor…can’t wait to know more about the georges

  5. Captivated….watch it, …typos and punctuation.

  6. s'am (@samenyuch)

    lets see how this goes…

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  8. @ufuoma..LOL..really, @jasmine, thanks a lot, you will very soon, @nalongo, thanks, i’ll watch it @s’am nd kay , thanks

  9. Splendid, a nice writ ,captivating and hilarious.

  10. Thanks for the tasty appetizer.
    Hope the main course will be a sizzler.

  11. oga mi, i don tell ur maale already. funny piece. guy shey we fit meet on saturday, u talk say u be uniben’ite…(shey dat name dey sef/) na only uniben no get ‘ite for dier name. i am interested in meeting all these ‘dope” writers for school. what say thee?

  12. A wonderful intro…hmm…lets get to the nitty gritty

  13. Nice one, please watch out for Spellings, Abi Akpu and Pidgin don dey do their respective work? Laughing out loud.

  14. This is gonna be interesting. On to the next one.

  15. Nice..but Dapo, Dapo, howbmany times did I call your name? Penny must see this.

    1. if you tell penny, she go ground me nd u no go see oda episodes oh..LOL

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