Life At The Georges’ Chapter 1


It was a sunny day in lekki peninsular and everybody went about their businesses, so did George’s the also. ‘ Amigo, get your scrawny ass over here, remember we have to get to the airport early’, my mum shouted at Aderemi as she was rushing to her car limping on one leg and forcing her stilettos into the other leg.’ Mama I’m on my way just tell Dapo to wait for me oh because anytime you give him the chance to drive, we won’t hear word in the houseagain’, Aderemi replied while finalising her makeup. Dunno if she has plans for any custom officer cos eleyi poju .

 Anyways, ive been ready an hour ago because my mum finally let me drive the Toyota sequia. After I bashed the Honda while reversing three years ago, I was relegated to driving the kabukabu of the house which was the Toyota corolla 1990 model that my dad bought with his first salary(God knows why he kept it sef, well, there’s a thing about your first, if you know what I mean. Winks*). Okay, I want you to judge. The car doesn’t have a horn, trafficator, head lamp so I can’t drive in the night, leaking radiator which makes me park every ten minutes to refill the water to prevent over-heating, and a car sound that sounds like an elephant’s fart. If V.I.O catch me peren, na die oh. I mean, If the car was meant to be a punishment, I consider my lesson learnt. So, u see why I was ready an hour before take-off time. The adrenaline of driving a road worthy car was coursing through every vein in my body.

Honk! Honk! Honk! I blasted the horn to hurry them up. ‘ ehhh.. I go leave una oh’ I shouted because they were delaying my chances of cruising the car. ‘oga wait jare, abi because you are driving us now we should fry paw paw’ remi replied the only way she knows how to.

Finally we were on the road and I was feeling fly, driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on d frame of my door, enjoying the feeling of cruising a tear-rubber ride. Driving on a 100 with the breeze slapping my left cheek…oh it was like heaven and I was enjoying it until it was interrupted by remi.

‘guy reduce your speed oh,im still in 100 level. I’m too young and pretty to die’ remi said while tapping continously on my shoulder. ‘isabella, stop giving your brother a hard time and let him concentrate on the road’ mum replied with that her sweet latino accent. ‘yes oh, tell her mumsy, I dunno wats your own with me remi’ I also said halfly smiling cos Im used to her wahala. ‘ehn ehn, this is not fast five oh or don’t think you are that transporter guy. Na film trick all those ones dey do oh. Theres no film trick in real life. If you want to die, no carry me go. Infact, mama, why didn’t dad carry us’ remi said with the volume of her voice slightly increased. ‘he has a surgery to perform today. A spinal cord thingy and those things take a lot of time so, thus your brother driving’ mum replied.

The rest of the journey went quietly till we arrived at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja. Okay guys, let me put you out of the dark. I know you are wondering why we are at the airport. Well, we aren’t travelling anywhere, we just came to pick our cousin, Micheal. He is the son of my mum’s elder sister and he is based in the united states. Just want to stay a couple of days with us before leaving.

‘yo hommies nd honnies, its your boy mike’ he shouted from afar and remi ran over to hug him. Mum was smiling, I was smiling until he came to spoil the smile fest. ‘wadup penny and oh..if it aint my lil bro.. gimee a hug dude’ he said while putting his arms around me. I know from this statement you know why my mum and I quenched our smile fest. He called my mum by her name and he called me lil bro. I mean he’s just a year older than me oh. Foolish boy, adiye funfun ko mora eh lagba i thought to myself while hugging him

To add insult to the injury, as we were about going he said ‘ya’ll shouldn’t tell me im going in this box’(dats our car oh.. car that is shacking me)’ I was expecting a limo mehn and not a raggedy ass SUV’

Mum and I looked at each other…….. and three options were going through my mind

1. Leave him there at the airport and make him find his way home

2. Drive him to one bush path along mowe –ibafo road and dump him there

3.Organise boys to treat his fuck up right there.

See you next week…………!

27 thoughts on “Life At The Georges’ Chapter 1” by adeniyi (@neyosaxy)

  1. Ok…. Not bad but there are typos and punctuation errors.
    Waiting to see where this goes.

  2. options 1 & 3 are very tempting o. Nice one though. Expecting next installment.

  3. hmmm, quite interesting…

  4. Option 4: Insult him in yoruba. Nice one dude.

  5. tanx a lot for all your comments.. @efe, tanx, I ll watch it. @thaniels.. yes oh..very tempting.. @inno tanx for reading.. @uzywyhte LOL..tanx oooo.. how come I didn’t tink of dat..winks*

  6. Definitely option two for me…hilarious write-up though…nice one.

  7. @ayobare..LOL I guess dats wat suits him most.. tanx for reading. stick arnd for d next upload

  8. kay (@kaymillion)

    Nice begining……… Option 5- give him mannual reset (slap).

  9. LOL…. hmmm, d slap would have done wondrous tinz in his life oh.. tanx for reading @kay. stick arnd for d nxt upload aii

  10. hmm #fryingpawpaw Hey! this is gettin interesting. your use of “u, wats” i understand those typos just smooth them out. Also you used some yoruba dialect abeg (translation).

    this your cousin wants to be backslapped shey?? what part of US has he been hiding in. you see someone wey pick you up with SUV you no happy una 4 shatter bike come #nonsense

    1. Lmao…! Abi oo

      1. Lol……..yes na

  11. This is a Good one……expecting the next episode

  12. Comedy on Naija story keep it up “lil bro” opps! sorry I mean bro…lolz

  13. LOL..@yetunde, its bro ooo nt lil bro.. @ufuoma..he rily needs dat slap, okada suits him well.. tanx dearest@ JASMINE.. tanx to ya’ll for reading.. pls do stick arnd for d nxt episode

  14. Nice. Still, you need to watch these:
    *’i’ ought to be typed as ‘I’.
    *sometimes it was hard for me to separate the narrative from the dialogue.
    *abbreviations wont help your writing e.g u
    *names and places ought to start with a capital letter. When the Yankee guy mentioned ‘penny’, I thought he meant something else. I had to read the line again to understand.

    1. This is good advice. Please adhere to it.

  15. @Adeniyi, nice story, please watch out for spellings. I wonder where this cousin grew up in the USA. I believe the guy na just empty vessel wey dey make too noise. Which one him get for yankee? Waiting on the continuation.

  16. This looks promising. Just try to avoid typing like its just for your homies and ur eyes only.

    the short forms almost ruined it for me.

    it is an hilarious read. Teen novella kinda thinz.

  17. Was this meant to be a story or was it a diary copied off a blog post to be uploaded here? I say that because of the ‘See you next week’ at the end of the story.

    Then your arrangement is not helping when it comes to reading. You need to separate your dialogues from the body. You mixed them all together such that it gets confusing reading it at times.

    Also, be clear in your references…the narrator referred to his sister as ‘Remi’ while the mother referred to her as ‘Isabella’. Unless she also bears that name, that would have been confusing. You could have also added a brief backstory explaining why the Mum called her by such.

    And the latino accent you mentioned….that confused the scenario a bit more. Is the mother a latino? I think you need to do a bit of descriptive narration for us to get a grasp on why things are the way they are in this story.

    Watch the typos….the less they are, the better it is to read the story.

    I like how the story picked up its hilarity towards the end though….

  18. Thanx a lot for your comments and constructive criticisms.. I ll make sure I adhere to all your advice.. @Afronuts, I really appreciate ur comments nd advices but before u give some comments, u need to get some facts right
    There’s a prologue before d chapteer one, dat was where I explained all abt d family..its a series so if u dnt read frm d beginning, u might get confused so I implore u to read the prologue… D title is just life at the georges, den u ll knw why she was called issabella. Tanx again

    1. There is a prologue?


  19. Yes, you should check it out… Thanks much

  20. I almost did a lmao at every line. Very funny mehn…

  21. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    he should be placed inside the booth of the car at least there it feels more like a box……

  22. I would prefer options 4 and 5 combined.
    He might not recover.

  23. Nice! I like …Yes, I read the prologue …LOL

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