Lethal Pains


Lethal Pains 20
war, fraternity, oppression, lamentation, gayism








In the belly of struggle,
Integrity is thing of the humble
Compromise runs through heart’s hurdle.
With little or nothing to rekindle…

Hustle is the order of the day,
Be it legal, illegal, doesn’t matter the way
So far it pays
And puts Boss the happy way

The street is cold
The city now bold and its hold
Intriguingly feasting on several working souls,
Even after the day’s scold.

When it rains, it pours.
Young lives have their visions blurred.
Souls wasted to counted scores
Resulting from Foes’ counter of scars’ score in retaliation galore.

Mother growled in anger of distance
When pain unbearably pounce
Holding firm with memory thorns
As it imprints wounds deeply, on her heart burnt!

Mates grow cold
Ready to confront the Odds
Against the saying “Revenge is best served cold”
Frat’ war is about to unfold.

Smiting, with the prowess of powder
Sniffing the nostrils, for the crave of power
To attain the impossible.
Maim, kill, spill blood, yet with chuckles.

What a Bush of ills!
A center of shaky gravity
To arrive a “revered” status.
For an unprecedented nucleus?

Sins in filthy scenes
Spills of Reddish substances
As they, in turn sip the ‘calabash-ic’ liquid
Gbosa! They share the spoils in minutes.

And when gravity parboils…
The center goes sour
The jargon they spake in turns
Swimming down their loins…

The out-casted fallen one with horn
Has successfully, to the youth, done
And convince their consciousness, dead to the core,
Caging their hearts with his lures.

In his lures, victims bled.
Engrossed in the passions of Lust, their love fled.
Their Souls shed tears of life held
They’ve lost their way to divine Shed.

Ah! Lad turned Lass, Lass to Lad
She, she, He-he, what’s good now turned bad
The sun has grown cold; the moon now bald
The world has grown sad.

Ghandi’s “eye for an eye
Will only make the world go blind”;
Is not believed by some. Revenge, missiles,
Violence, only makes the world go round.

‘Getting high only makes you see clearer
Being a mob will not get you robbed,
Initiated into a fraternal brotherhood is even better’
Are inspirations from the fallen ones with horn.

It was said, it has been prophesied
It was heard, recorded in the Holy Book.
We’ve read, the thought had us terrified,
But yet, in his lures, Men are still getting hooked.

Ears are blind, Eyes are deaf,
Confusion is root-solid in our planet Earth
Man has self destruct
We need a divine saviour that will come, re-construct.

The land, pregnant with destructive sorrow
Raped by the outcasted fallen with horn and foes.
Is in labour and will born soon of tomorrow.
Divine Saviour, come! come rescue us from this Soon of tomorrow.

Come, be our shield and fortress
When this tribulation is finally born to oppress
Oh, Divine Saviour take us to your rest
When your trumpet sounds and souls are ushered to your nest.


PS: I must give credit to @BamsAde for his wonderful touch on this piece.

7 thoughts on “Lethal Pains” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Finally @innoalifa, the food is ready!

  2. @bamslib D panadol dey open the skull oo!!

  3. lines sweeter than vines
    milk whiter than silk
    poetry better than lottery
    a world moving my world

    oh hail @whizpoet
    for thoughts from a poet
    sense calling my presence
    truth told not even by Ruth

    these lines like grease
    I consume better than spreading perfume
    making me go thinking
    with a mood of one in the hood

    great and never late
    signs poured forth like vines
    making me singing
    like @ufuomaotebele singing

    is @kaycee around
    come let your word abound
    and @afronuts are you close
    come and squeeze poetry’s nose

    see what I see
    @Nalongo come and see
    words beyond telling
    making a heart taling

    I bow my head
    as my back is laid
    words dropping from my tongue
    embracing me beyond all wrong

    I’m caught in a trance
    beyond chance happenstance
    as @uzywhyte I call
    beckoning @Rachel_Williams across the wall

    this is great
    results beyond a mate
    words commingling
    as @mcsnol I’m inviting

    words are my world
    hyping beyond a cord
    can @Seun-Odukoya hear me
    words are hijacking me

    I’ve been arrested beyond telling
    by words as @Hullerj drooling
    and @DEES-HIVE I’m sighting
    like @namdi writing

    I’m sick like a squirrel
    calling @bunmiril for help
    lest words choke me to death
    not like @kaymillion in health

    everything’s going haywire
    when without words my spirit is fired
    come but don’t heal me from words’ trap
    I’m fine as I am, like @Myne who created Nsian’s tap

    my mouth is drinking words like milk
    every minute and second as nouns I lick
    conjoining with verbs like @Bandana hinted
    and @funpen highly supported

    It seems I’m getting mad
    but like @Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo I need just a tap
    with words to calm me @oxymoron93 would
    @samenyuch can’t but should

    before I forget @olajumoke, super wordsmith
    I dare call on @schatzilein standing strongly on his feet
    and @jefsaraurmax calling for the return of Chibok girls
    precious, great and gentle like @Wright08 writing for sale

    sorry if I interrrupted you from the day’s flow
    but attacked was I by words I can’t but show
    save me like @aihuoma I know would
    and @folayan wouldn’t hesitate as should

    Hey wonderful @Mimiadebayo dearly come
    come with @Fadehan as Nsian is your home
    join like @dkny111, the Nsian crew
    and with @praize lick words stew

    @topazo and @Bibbie, I’m calling
    join us with @LEROY & @lamite433 hiking
    It’s time for @jayrume to speak up
    let’s know @ure is not on the way to flop

    It’s an appeal gentle @ameenaedrees over there
    come, shaking @ayobare who, with @Musemussang is here
    come o @sarah, an Nsian princess and writer
    come with @newreign and @sarahchristy21, fellow writer

    Hola to all GREAT Nsians
    remain great Nsians
    as even @GabrielNwogu comes
    and @josephoguche with @laworemike sums

    Never meant to call out
    but with words I was stuck
    dumbstruck and awestruck
    that words alone saved me from being gobsmacked

    Love y’all with one mind
    as Nsian we remain bind
    effecting a change in a world turned by strife
    but moving on and on as precious life continues to ever thrive

    1. Wow!!!!! this explodes beyond the widest of my imagination……thanks a million @innoalifa

      1. @whizpoet
        welcome a trillion times fellow word-carver……….

  4. Sir @whizpoet ..
    We need to pray d@ God save us frm this “soon of tomorrow”.

    Thanks for posting this piece. May the gods of poetry neva defile ur inspiration.

    Frm the desk of Bams

  5. gods??? well thanks Bro!

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