The Interview

The Interview

“Until now, getting you was difficult
It was like seeing an eagle strolling on the street
Despite the hundreds of letters we sent to your desk
Are you really the people’s choice?”

” Definitely yes, I must say
I’m very easy to come by and I know their needs
For that, they voted me into power
They see me on their TV sets daily
And my voice They hear on their radio”

” But your impact they say, isn’t felt
They regret listening to your flattery
Majority are of the opinion
That you weren’t their choice.”
” But how come you came into power?”

” It is the Lord’s doing that I won
And as for my home work, I did.”
“Posted my Posters all over villages and cities
And mobilized millions during my campaigns.”

” If I may ask sir
And moreover the people want to know
For the past for years or so
Have any project been completed?”

” Numerous and uncountable
Even the blind can see for themselves
And the deaf have heard of my good works.”
” My opponents are just at their best
Tarnishing my image and reputation.”

” You go about with heavily armed body guards
And series of exotic armoured cars as escorts
While the life of the ordinary man is at risk
Like strayed chicks, their lives have become
Vulnerable to preys.”

” There’s something you journalists don’t know
If my enemies succeed in claiming my life
Who will rule over my people and protect my family?”
” I’m a property of the government
And shouldn’t be treated with contempt.”

” I think the people are fed up with your regime
Since there’s nothing worth showing for
The roads have eroded like top soil
Schools constantly on strike
Hospitals are dilapidated
Flood everywhere and people are dying of hunger
Your cabinet have been infiltrated
Justice have been kidnapped
Truth paralysed
Corruption flourishing and blooming.”
” Your promises have not been kept.”
” Do you still see yourself as the man for the job?”

” Whether they like it or not
My good works will speak for me
It wasn’t a fault of mine that God sent rain to wash away those solid roads
Or, that those facilities have been misused.”
” But as for me, everything and anything will be done
For me to retain this post.”

5 thoughts on “The Interview” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. I love these words
    forming streams of thoughts
    showing forth polithiefianism
    and high-headed polirascalism…………

  2. GEJ…
    Nice composition

    1. @okemejames you’re forever welcome

  3. “…everything and anything will be done For me to retain this post.” Typical Naija political mentality.
    Nicely done.

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