forgive me SHIRLEY



“Reverend, this has gotten out of normal’’ I said speaking via my mobile phone.

“ May the peace of mother Mary be upon you, Ronke, Please carry on in good faith and continue to pray as usual”.

“Father, my neighbor is now haunting me” I said still breathing hard and relayed the story to the man of God.

“This is serious! But remember   that there is nothing hidden in the sight of the most high, please try as much to avoid your neighbor, one could never say, maybe someone or something has taken a liken of her to haunt and hunt you.  May the peace of our blessed mother Mary and the blessings of her son be upon you this day and forever. Just try to avoid your neighbor,.”

“Thanks a lot father”. I said terminating the call.

Thoughts about what my neighbor said surprised me, she even knows my middle name! ; the last time I was called Iwalewa  was during my senior school days. Only Shirley called me Iwalewa with an Igbo twist to it, my parents would only call my ewa , even Kunle doesn’t .

“Shirley, Oh dear Shirley” I said soliloquizing.

I continued with my SHIRLEYIke state of life throughout that week. Early saturday morning Kunle and a female friend of his paid a visit to my house.

“Ronke, I explained all you’ve been experiencing to Ifasola and she has  promised to help you” Kunle said  introducing her.

“hi” I greeted.

“Madam, mo sorry gan ni o,omo Ifa la’ wa, omo ka’aro o ji re bi, we don’t really reply to hi ,good morning” she said while I smiled in wonder.

“Ok o, eku owuro, I guess that is better, nevertheless, as Kunle stated he’d like to get a solution for me but as for me ,dearie I do not…I repeat, I  do not believe in fetish means”

“Ronke!, you don come o, you dey fall my hand , this babe be want help, you come dey meskafor abi?!. Na for the love I get for you o…I swear I just want make you turn stable…”

“Kunle, last time I remember, the only help you rendered was to give this situation a name, I never asked for your help..speaking of help…This is what  you call help ?” . I said pointing at Ifasola.

‘Mode re o m’ogun  o pe l’efo…he!, taste vegetable and try a  charm …orun la’ala..mtchew , yeye!” Ifasola answered in mockery and retaliation.

“shirl..Ronke , I believe you had a lot to do in the death of Shirley, I swear..hmn..u go smell wen!  When judgment comes!!!”  he said biting his finger in a curse mode.

“Now, please get out of my apartment before I lose my temper, get out please”

“Ronke ro o, think deeply o” Ifasola said and left.

“This would be the last time she’d be coming here..note  that murderer!” Kunle  shouted and left my apartment.

“What is it with Kunle and my issue sef, abeg na who get gbeke, na who dey run waka?!, or is it that he’s haunted too, could he be involved?” . “ stable.., am I really out of state Oh!, I don’t even know what to think, I’m actually psycho!”

I walked into my bedroom and looked in the mirror “ I do look pale!”

“Yes! Murderer, why won’t you look pale?, you are yet to understand” the mirror answered me.

“What!”, I ran out of my room as fast as I could. It took a lot of courage to go back into my room; I got my car keys and left for the Parish.

I relayed the ordeal I had earlier in the day to father Peter. “Father, I can’t even sleep peacefully at night, do I go fetish and regret my actions later, dad dare not know I did such. I do not know what to do, not that I’m skeptical but prayer is just not helping this whole situation”

“Ronke, it’s well with your soul, just continue to pray as much and hard as you can, at this state of matters, I can’t promise you anything, Mother Mary is in charge…if you wish and believe it would give you peace of mind, please do ” Father Peter said.

“Reverend!!! , you are implying that I should go fetish! If it would give me peace of mind?!…What?!..” I asked dumbfounded.

“I have to go now, I have a lot of work to do…do try to get in touch when everything is sorted, may mother Mary and the blessings of the fruit of her womb be with you”. He said and left me astounded.

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  1. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    That girl needs serious deliverance or rather some good spanking with a broom……………………………………………………
    “Reverend,this has gotten out of normal” kinda sounded weird something like “Reverend,things have gone out of hand”or something else other than that would have been better……………………………………
    keep them coming!!!!!

    1. spanking hey!, if you say so ma’am
      thanks for reading.
      { “Reverend,this has gotten out of normal” kinda sounded weird something like “Reverend,things have gone out of hand”or something else other than that would have been better…}
      ok,would adjust default settings

    1. Thanks boss…

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