FORGIVE ME SHIRLEY. (continuation)

FORGIVE ME SHIRLEY. (continuation)

forgive me SHIRLEY

“Dear, dear this is more than I can chew…Olodumare o!…mother Mary is in Sharge.. Mother Mary ko, father Martha ni !…shirley…I’m no longer avenging your death o..let me live in peace abege”  I spoke out loud.

My phone rang just at the right time.

“ hi hi beauty, guess who’s speaking?!” the caller asked.

“Kunle!, if this is another one of your many tactics, it’s not working, can’t you just let me be?” I answered.

“Oh, you don’t answer a phone call like that…I’m not Kunle but I am someone you know and I am here to take you out of your mystery!”

Maybe not the right time!

“What?!”  This is the death of me!… I thought to myself.

“Hey! Ronke, it’s Michael on the line ok, your mum related your ordeal to your cousin who happens to tell me all” he explained.

Family ties, especially cousins and their slippery tongues!

Ozioma and I are in for another family debate? …not when I have to face all these.

“Oh so you too believe I’m mad right? …well thanks for sharing this crucial info. Why exactly are you calling and besides, how did you get my contact number?”

“whoa..easy princess…forget about the why and how quiz’ and face the where and when we got to see ok”.

“Babe we got history together you know, family ish…you now a big gal so you should understand better” he continued.

Arrogance, arrogance! Over boost of masculine ego! The gentle but not so humble HIM!

“Michael, there’s really nothing to see about…family ish or fish…I don’t want to see you around me and knowing you for what and who you are, if you dare I’d make sure you are arrested for personal disturbance and  public harassment!”  I threatened.

“You are truly out of state!, O my jeez, you really need me around!, the Ronke I know would never say this!…got to go but I’d call again, take care” he said and  hung up.

With that I left for home and chatted with Kunle sometime in the day.

“Kunle, my mind is made up…but I still have to contact my mum” I told him.

“Now that’s my gal, oh! Do you really think she’d support it? , I’d advice you shouldn’t”

“Why not, it’d be so bad of me if I don’t but waitio, na which one be your own for this matter sef ? I asked jokingly

“Well, the top of the matter be say I want you to be the  “you” I know…vibrant and lively”

“Abi…abi  she dey haunt you too…abi you dey hide something?” I scrutinized.

“I won’t get mad if that’s what you’re trying to achieve…you don fail totally, anyhow, when would you like to consult the elders?”

“Consult elders ke? What elders, I thought you’d be the one to sort everything out!, do I really have to be involved, you know everything there’s now”

“No oh!, you have to be there in person to sort the whole thing out, mi o le fa t’emi sowo, ru te’lo miran s’ori o!”

“Now I’m another person shei, great…maybe next week Saturday if it’s okay by you… what with these mini- projects of ours”  I agreed.

“Next Saturday? …hmn… I ought to travel but I’d re-schedule anything for my Ronkky!”

“If I hear abege! Thanks for everything though” I appreciated and ended the call.

“Whew! …me!, ki ni ka’ ti gbo o?, fetish! A Catholic before, by and after birth, hee!

Totally done for!, done, done, done for! … Should I even pretend I want to confess and see if everyone would believe…who am I deceiving? Me! ” . I said talking to myself and scratching my elbows.

I lived through Monday to Thursday and my ShirleyIke Saga started again on Friday.

I, Kunle and a friend of his attended a friend’s birthday celebration where I caught a glimpse of someone who looked like Shirley. Oh not again!, I thought to myself.

I was left with no alternative but to excuse myself and took leave for home before I caused an embarrassing scene.


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  1. I don’t think a question mark can or should immediately precede an exclamation point only if… you’re using it as a kind of style. There are other punctuation issues but the story isn’t generally bad. Nice!!!!!!!1

    1. I do believe on my side that it is not stylish to be sincere but most times it gets underlined I recall my mistake by doing this (?!) and it doesn’t get underlined.
      Thanks for reading and explaining .
      I’m but your student Sir…

      1. If it would be accepted in Linguistics and G.N.S ; I might consider it as a style…Thanks

  2. I am following this story but can you please reduce the usage of vernacular even though you interpreted when used.

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