The Devil’s Whiskey: Part 1

“Excuse me, are you blind?” I asked the man standing in front of me.

“Oh, I am so sorry.” He said, as he rushed down to the cashier desk to get some napkins. I didn’t know if I should start raising my voice at him or just remain calm because this was the new top Emeka had managed to buy for me after months of me begging him for the money.

“I am truly sorry about this.” he apologized, wiping the drink he had mistakenly spilled on me when he bumped into me.

“Don’t touch me.” I hissed. “Just give it to me.” I pointed to the napkins he held in his hands.

“Oh sorry.” He said again, handing the napkins to me. Couldn’t he just shut up with the sorry, sorry, sorry?

“Maybe I can get you another one. If you don’t mind, take it as a peace offering.” He said in a perfect British accent. I raised my head away from what I was doing to take a good look at this man. How could I have missed how well dressed the guy was? He had to be above 6 feet tall, he was well built and that suit; stuck onto him like glue.

“If I wanted another one, I would get it myself……..thank you.” Why did he only offer to get me a new drink? How about the shirt I was wearing that was now stained with the orange color of Fanta?

“And please next time, watch where you are going to.” I took what was left of my drink and walked out.

As if that event never happened, I went on with my business for the rest of the day. Later that night, as I got dressed for work, Emeka called.

“Babe, no common thank you from your mouth. Do you know how hard it was for me to get you that money? Well e good sha, I am very happy I got you the money. At least now if I say make you come over, you won’t complain.” He added.

“Emeka, are you serious? See this boy ooh, common 5k na you dey complain about. Do you know what other guys do for their babes?” I asked him. “Your mates are building houses for their girl, buying her cars not car ooh, cars! You are here complaining about common 5k….Chai!!”

“Look, don’t insult me this evening. I only called to check up on you.” He said.

“Well as you can see, I am very fine; good bye.” I hanged up. I finished dressing and set out to do my night hours at the resturant where I work.


“Jesus Christ! Are you blind?” a young lady around my age yelled. It was my 3rd day at this new job and I did not plan on this to ever happen even if it was a common mistake waiters and waitresses face.

“Madam, I am very sorry. Our restaurant will offer you a discount for the discomfort.” I said, in my usual  waiteress tone.

“Discount!” she barked. “Ooh, I see you must be very stupid! Do I look poor to you and in need of you nonsense discount? Or don’t you see how expensive these clothes are?” I knew from the moment she stepped into this resturant, she was trouble.

“Madam, I am very sorry but it’s just water.” I said, trying to keep my composure. I really didn’t see a reason for why she was barking like a dog!

“Why am I even talking to you, get me the manager!” she stood up. As soon as I heard her say “Manager” I quickly got on my knees and began to beg, not caring if people were starring. All shame and pride aside, this was my only source of income and frankly, my boyfriend was not a reliable source either so I knew calling Mr. Yemi meant losing my job.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, Sophie.” A man said, walking towards the scene.

“But Segun, the brat had the right to talk back at me.” She complained. As the man came close, I realized he looked familiar. My head started to search for an answer and then it hit me! This was the same man with the British accent who I met earlier this afternoon! When he saw me, he smiled.

“Please stand up.” he said to me, as he drew the Miss Sophie for a hug. Maybe he doesn’t remember me; I hoped.

“I have really missed you big brother.” She said sweetly, as she hugged him tighter. It was hard for me to believe that this was the same girl who was ranting before. She had this softness in her voice that came out so effortlessly in the presence of her supposed brother.

“Thank you sir.” I said, as I bowed and left them to their reunion.


“Jola, I thought she was seriously going to slap you next ooh with the way she was talking.” my best friend said, as I made my way back into the kitchen.

“Slap me ke? I for just prepare to lose my job ooh, you know me na.” I joked. The rest of my co-worked started to hail me, encouraging me not to mind all those rich brats that usually walkes in thinking they owned the place. Few minutes later, my friend came to call me that some man was looking for me. Who know me? I asked myself.

“Well, what a coincidence.” he said, as I walked to where he was seated.

“Sir, I am very sorry about the incident with your sister but I would really love to get back to the kitchen before my boss gets here.” I said anxiously.

“Oh, that’s fine……..Here is my business card.” He dogged into his pocket and handed a well printed card to me. “Call me if you need anything.” He winked. I stood there with my mouth wide open as I read the company name that was imprinted on the card. It was one of the biggest oil companies in whole of Naija and on the card it read “Mr. Segun Roberts- C.E.O.” I was confused. I bit on my finger, comtempleting if I should give him 5 mintues of my time. My body turned to run as fast as it could but my heart was still there, standing next to him.

“You know what?” I asked him, holding on tightly to his business card. He smiled and pulled out a chair for me, as if he knew what I was going to say next.

“Please go on.” He said with a big grin on his face.

“Umm, I don’t think 10 minutes away from the kitchen would do any harm.” I said, as I took a seat.

10 minutes into our conversation, I was begging him for more. I knew if my boss caught me not on duty, I was going to lose my job but chai! I just couldn’t let go. He excited me in every way you could think of. He made me smile; I was so embarrassed at times when my laughter sounded like I was roaring.

As the night drew to an end, he reminded me of my kitchen duties which I was now reluctant on getting back to. He stood up; ready to leave and I did the same. What happened next had to be one of the greatest shocks of my life. As in, the guy didn’t even give me a sign or something that he was going to kiss me but he did; on my cheeks!

“Can I see you tomorrow?” he asked. Could he see me tomorrow? I asked myself. I pondered and pondered, repeating his question in my head so many times, I lost count.

“Oh sure……..Why not? I am usually here on weekends, Mondays and even Sunday’s sef, just ask for Jola.” I couldn’t shut up.

“Alright, see you at 9.” Then he did it again! Kissed me! I waved at him as he walked away.

“Jola, I see you ooh.” my best friend called out. I was still me mesmerized from the kisses.

“Jola!” she shouted. “Snap out of it joor.” She said.

“Abeg, no mind me jare.” I said, turning towards her. There were about 5 of my other co-workers behind her.

“Who was that?” she asked curiously. They all looked at me, waiting for an answer. I simply handed his card to her and walked away. I could hear her and the others screaming from behind me.

“Jola, come back here ooh……….Do you know who that was?………Wow!” she kept shouting excitedly. I kept walking, with a huge smile on my face.

48 thoughts on “The Devil’s Whiskey: Part 1” by Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

  1. s'am (@samenyuch)

    hmmmmm. interesting !!

    1. @samenyuch why the long hmmm na……anyways thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. s'am (@samenyuch)

        yea. cos i was into it. nice work. waiting for the rest ;)

        1. Ok okayy o…….*smiles*

  2. a great start to an interesting story
    it got me imagining the story’s history
    seeking to know more about Emeka and Yemi
    and the future lives of Segun, Jola and Sophie

    keep working on your spellings
    perfecting your story as well as your punctuation
    you’re a story-teller with great mettle
    Keep pushing on and break mediocrity’s kettle

    1. @innoalifa Thanks so much for reading will keep what you said in mind.

      1. @ufuomaotebele I trust your pen……… :) :) :)

        1. @ufuomaotebele
          just reading and rereading this……..
          Jola has fallen for Segun abi?
          waiting to see the unfolding instalments…..

  3. Always good to be polite to people you meet on ya way..cos you dont know where you might meet those people again…

    Nice one Ufuoma…cant wait to read more of these story

    1. @schatzilein Was waiting to see your response to this. Truly politeness saves us on the day least expected. Thanks for reading jare.

      1. You r welcome mi amore..

  4. hmmmm.. wonderful. nice beginning..
    cant wait for the rest.. be careful of typos tho
    also, I wonder if dey say abeg in Tennessee

    1. @neyosaxy Lol……we say “Jare, dooh, joor, abeg!” Thanks 4 stopping by.

  5. Nice start. I’m sure I’ll read more episodes of the story.

    1. @namdi I hope you do. Thank you for reading!

  6. A nice beginning that will pave way for a great story but you have to work on your spellings, tenses and story structure, just like innolifa pointed out. Keep improving your art.

    1. @uzywhyte Thanks for stopping by will definietly work on those issues you mentioned.

  7. surprising turn of events… I guess Segun and Jola are meant to be together, this one that destiny is busy pouring drinks in their way. she should just forget that yeye Emeka jare. love the story!

    1. @olutossen Ah-ha don’t be quick to wipe off Emeka ooo the guy is trying.

  8. @ufuomaotebele if that’s the case, i hope she will be able to resist this six feet tall temptation of a guy, fingers crossed.

    1. @olutossen Abeg pray for her ooo

  9. Interesting story. Please make the needed corrections so the story will flow better.

    1. @Nalongo Yes, will do just that. Thank you for beginning the series.

      1. @ufuomaotebele, the title got me even before delving into the story. Nice work

        1. @embljay Woah… glad to hear that …………All thanks to my 13 year old sister who came up with the title………I know she will be excited to hear she made an impact on this series with the title she gave.

          Thank you for beginning this series pleass do read more.

  10. awesome beginning…may the drama last till the very end *Amen @ufuomaotebele you’ll be writing stories that will be making us feel like we can randomly meet and marry Arab princes *lol

    1. @ayobare LOL………..Arab Prince too small………..Really, thank you for reading this ………..more to come i hope ooh.

  11. hope she will not push Emeka away ooo!
    Nice start.

    1. @jayrume Ahhhh, you already get the gist of the story. Lets hope she knows what she is doing sha. Hey! thanks for reading jare.

  12. Hmmmmm. Nice start. I would love to see how it all unfolds. If @nnamdi says its good, then its great. But wait o @ufuomaotebele how come the guy kiss you, first day? U don fall be dat. E be like say me go begin wear suit and use british accent o. Nice story none d less. Hope we wont wait too long for the next part

    1. @oxymoron93 Is the guy mad?? how can he kiss me…… not Jola ooo if you use british accent on me, i go use my russian accent! lets see who go fool each other den………Funny comment jare. Abeg more is coming, wait small.

      Thanks for reading.

  13. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    this was really interesting and no need to point out mistakes cause all has been said and you’ve noted them……….We girls we like flashy things because his 6 feet tall and well built like johnny bravo,looks nice in a suit and all,we just melt we don’t even know if he’s a player and someone else who has been there for us.we just bullshit them…..all that glitters is not gold…..God will hep us.

    1. ahaahha “Johnny” God help us ooh. Thank you for reading.

  14. Nigerian Mills and Boons!!! I’m loving this!!!! Please don’t keep me waiting abeg o, there is God oooo!!

    1. @ibisonwachukwu LOL……….wow part is already waiting 4 you ooh

  15. Chai. People no get shame again oh. No be small ‘excitement’, ontop ordinary conversation again oh. Nah men, the babe sounds terribly thirsty. -_-
    Opinion of characters – Sophie should be slapped or flogged – too noisy, Emeka’s a funny guy sha; so 5thousand naira shirt na im go make pesin run when im call am? I was liking Segun till he started kissing a random girl up and down. I don’t mind some P.D.As every now and then oh but abeg abeg abeg, which kind thing be that? His mouth’s too itchy and as for Jola…shameless extraordinaire! I mean come on, she didn’t even try to hide the fact that it was C.E.O that pushed her to let him go beyond ‘hello’. #smh…no shame. And 5k worth or not, a guy deserves some loyalty from his girl.
    Interesting start, would definitely push me to read the next part(s). :)

    Do permit me to point out some things though. They’re mainly suggestions but perhaps they might help things flow a little better(?)

    *I raised my head away from what I was doing to take a good look at this man* = The ‘away’ there could be scrapped, or “I looked up from what i was doing…”
    *He dogged into his pocket and handed a well printed card to me.* = He ‘dug’ into his pocket.
    * “Well as you can see, I am very fine; good bye.” I hanged up. I finished dressing and set out to do my night hours at the resturant where I work.* = ‘Hung’ instead of ‘Hanged’ and this part could read: “I hung up, finished dressing and set out for work. It would soon be time for my night shift at the restaurant.”
    *The rest of my co-worked started to hail me, encouraging me not to mind all those rich brats that usually walkes in thinking they owned the place. Few minutes later, my friend came to call me that some man was looking for me. Who know me? I asked myself.* = “My other co-workers started to hail me, encouraging me to ignore all the rich brats who often walked into the resturant parading themselves like they owned the place. Some minutes later, my friend came to inform me that some man was looking for me. Who knows me? I wondered.”

    A few thoughts of mine but a most enjoyable read. I’m sorry my comment’s so long though. :( @ufuomaotebele

    1. LMAO………funny comment ……yabness of life. Truthfully babe suppose to dey loyal…….

      I agree with the correct ions you suggested. Read part 2 pls

  16. I enjoyed the story that I didn’t notice the typos…rushing off to part 2 @ufuomaotebele

    1. @imaniking YaY! quick land 4 part 2….i see ur comment your comments there sef.

  17. Predictable.

    So far sha….

    But let me not conclude….maybe you have some surprises in further installments

  18. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @ufuomaotebele, nice beginning. Going on to part 2

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, YAY! Thanks for beginning the series.

  19. @ufuomaotebele this story is nice but the typos are plenty. many corrections have been stated by other readers so no need to repeat the obvious. but i will suggest that you double your editing time, i think in your rush to publish you have missed all of these, if you double your editing time, you will greatly enhance the quality of your story. nice piece. going to see the rest

  20. @ufuomaotebele, I enjoyed reading this. The story is a familiar one, but I like the realness that you brought to it.

    Yes, there were typos, but this is much improved from the first stories of yours on NS… or maybe it’s so enjoyable that I’m just ignoring the other typos :)

    Off to read the other parts.

    1. *shy face* @TolaO my first hmmmm this one had to much beter ooh The first one I wrote chair!!! Let’s not go there ooh.

      Anyway am glad you find this interesting just keep reading!

  21. no context really, jumping from one scene to another and it is an over used concept really

    1. Its an over used context and am writing mine.
      Thank you for stopping by @damilareoso

  22. @ufuomaotebele nice story!
    I liked the beginning….but wait oh! @ufuomaotebele why did you allow sophie just fell yakata like that? Let her make him work a little.
    Everyone has pointed out the typo ish (didnt notice so much) so let me move on to part 2.

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