The Confessions of Brother Jeremiah

I am no saint, neither are they, but they think I am holier. I laugh in Spanish. It is cliché that looks could be deceptive, thus you should know better by now.

I am Jeremiah, the innocent looking guy who can pass for a clergy. Tall, dark and handsome, I am the kind of guy that knows he is fine, topping it with an unassuming nature. People say I am “gentle”, “very kind” and loving. I hear these compliments many times. I look churchy, the kind of guy people call “brother”. Therefore on first encounter with people, they start calling me “brother”. Some even go to the very length of asking if I am a pastor. I have wondered several times, what makes people think I look like one?

I hear a lot of things about myself and I doubt if people talking about me have a clue of who I am. I hear that; I have this calm and reassuring look like someone who can’t hurt a fly. They say I look like someone who doesn’t like talking much and is very picky with words. They say I would have been an obedient, peaceful child. The female folks especially say, I look too serious to be interested in love while the guys say, I look like that perfect guy, they would have loved to be; I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t have a girlfriend not to talk of many girl friends like they do.

All these have been the misconceptions people have had about me.

Truly, I really don’t talk so much which is expected of an introvert like me, but what goes on in my mind…you wouldn’t want to know. I can’t hurt a fly but I know I am a bad guy. If not for my looks, I am sure I would have been a “smooth player” by now. I am that “cute innocent guy” and I live by that. I always have girls around me. They always come flocking around me because my looks tell them I am just a harmless friend. I empathise with them anytime they share tales of how guys have cheated on them. Although deep down in me, I think, I would have covered my track better if I were the one that had the opportunity to play any of them.

I love to party but I don’t know how to dance, so they assume, I am a loner. Even as bad as I am at dancing, I sometimes lock myself up in my room to try the latest dance moves. No one bothers to ask about my taste for music, they assume I am just another boring guy. However, I shock some of them by suggesting new songs for download. Some of them look at me surprised with the kind of: “but we thought you were a brother”.

They just ascribe a lot of boredom to me which my friends haven’t even helped with either. The kind of friends that I have are those “Let’s be good people” individuals.

What do my friends talk about? They talk about academics, faith and life generally. Very boring! Those are not the typical topics I love to discuss but what choice do I have, Brother Jeremiah of God.

They think I am a teetotallewr, very true I am still one trying to resist temptations from chilled bottle of beer. Sometimes, I just wish I could get drunk, feel high and experience that peak of excitement….

Enough said, I am no saint. I am neither as good as they think nor as bad as my mind could have made me. I think my thoughts are better bottled so that there will be one less bad boy on earth or what do you think?

6 thoughts on “The Confessions of Brother Jeremiah” by Real Tee (@Anifat)

  1. When i first saw the title, it immediately reminded me of “The Trials of Brother Jero” as in “brother” “brother.” Reading through it gladdened my heart as this beautifully tell the tale of an innermost ‘besttest baddest’ guy. Really really nice!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Nalongo (@Nalongo)


  3. kay (@kaymillion)

    wow…………… Jeremiah

    nice one

  4. nawtyivy (@Iamivy)

    what do I think? hmmmm…I think I love this and I want more “confessions”.lol.nice.

  5. I can really relate to this. This reminds me of me. Thumbs up Real Tee.

  6. @anifat, I was enjoying how you were setting out the character of ‘Brother’ Jeremiah, and I thought that it was the prologue to an interesting story, but then you truncated and aborted the story.

    Why now?

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