Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told. [2nd Edition – 1st Episode]


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When I was 17, I made a vow to leave my parents’ harsh canopy. I decided that I would gain my total freedom before my 20th birthday. I had my primary and secondary school education in Ifo Local Government, Ogun State (same town where my parents lived). I also attended a Polytechnic in this same state but in a different Local Government. By the time I was 20, I had virtually spent 20 good solid years living with my parents in the same state.

When it was time for me to go observe my Industrial Training (I.T.), I frankly told my family that I wanted to go continue my life in another state. My father agreed but you know mothers, she didn’t agree. I never cared about that though. I had already made up my mind. I didn’t ask them for any money or any help whatsoever. I just wanted to inform them that I would be leaving their house anytime from that moment. I had already been to an ICT company in Ibadan to enquire if I could be placed for a 1-Year I.T in their company. I was lucky I got a placement and was even placed on a monthly salary of N10,000 which was unusual as said by the boss of the company. I got free accommodation as well….I was indeed very lucky and blessed. I never wanted to be a tutor or work as a teacher, but after the interview I had with the boss of the ICT company, he made it known to me that I would be good as a tutor in their training school which have been on a recess for a short period of time. So, my job was to bring the school back to life and also maintain it as a tutor throughout my 1-year IT period.

I resumed work at Barachel Computer Systems Limited, Ibadan on the 1st day of July, 2011. Hmmmm….a new beginning in a new state…..coupled with the fact that I had total freedom. I was sooohappy and fulfilled. My family didn’teven know where I worked and lived, but we always kept in touch.

I declared the training school opened after 2 weeks of preparation. My first student was a girl who just passed out from a ‘girls ONLY’ secondary school. She was brought by her Dad in a Peugeot salon car. Demilade, a humble, pretty, always smiling tall girl who had ‘a bright future’ – *what my gang in Polytechnic use for small pretty girls who with all indications will be more fashionable and pretty as she grows.* I registered her in that very day and told her to begin lectures the next day. Make I no lie for you….Demilade na one babe wey set diiiieeee. She get all the features I wan make my babe get. But, I never dey sure of her age and character. Demilade became the first girl I had as friend in Ibadan because apart from being my favorite student in the training school, we became very close and sometimes shared great moments together after class. She knew my girlfriend cuz I had one. She didn’t have a boyfriend, she was just 16. Damn! This one na child abuse if I toast this babe ooo. 16 years? And me ayam 20, 4 years difference? Haba! E too much.

Demilade was friendly and proved to be a girl a responsible guy would love to have and be very proud of. I got to know some in-depth things about Demilade….she looked like someone who will never have time for boys. You know all these kinda girls who always prove to be very difficult to get by guys. I guess this was as a result of the girls ONLY school she attended. However, I’m also this kinda guy who hates to be turned down by a girl, a small girl for that matter. So, I just had to maintain the teacher-student relationship going on between Demilade and I.

OK! Shey you wan hear? I fell in love with Demilade the day she resumed lectures, but not so deeply. I get babe wey I dey date wey I leave for Ogun State and Demilade sabi her. So, Demilade was a NO-GO area. Though, I really love slim-statured portable babe and oh yeah, with a straight face. And the babe must be loving and caring. Demilade gat it all. She kan sexy join.

Imagine! You guyz didn’t even ask for my name. Well, my name is Opemipo. I’m a very funny dude and a jovial individual who’s very ambitious but very very playful. People seem to look at me as an “UNSERIOUS, NO AMBITION & CAREFREE” individual. Hehe….I always disappoint them when they see my works and progress. Me no too dey shout.

Emmanuel was a friend who lived close to where I was living, though younger than I am. Emmanuel was only a year older than Demilade. I told him about Demilade and with the way I sounded about her, Emmanuel developed interest in Demilade. Emmanuel asked if she was beautiful, me kan go spoil matter by using my sweet mouth to describe how glorious, adorable and very pretty Demilade was. Then, I showed Emmanuel a picture of Demilade I secretly took at the training school. Before I could retrieve back my words….Emmanuel had fallen in love with Demilade. I had earlier told Emmanuel that I would never have anything to do with any of my female students. And for the fact that I am way older than Demilade, Emmanuel would never think I had feelings for Demilade.

Emmanuel was unaware of my feeling for Demilade. He has never seen Demilade except from the picture I showed him which was not even very clear. He began asking me if he could come visit me at work so he would meet Demilade for the first time and probably have a chat with her.

I invited him over one day. I told Demilade someone would be coming to visit me and at the same time this person would love to see her….she was somehow surprised and curious cuz she just kept asking me who the person was. I calmed her spirit down by narrating everything to her before Emmanuel arrived.

Emmanuel asked her out that very day. After some weeks she said YES to Emmanuel’s proposal. I was a lil bit disappointed. According to what I gathered later on, Demilade accepted to be Emmanuel’s girlfriend because I put mouth for the matter. So, she respected me that much to become my friend’s girlfriend? When me ayam dying to become her guy? How will I cope seeing these two together?

My mind became very heavy and troubled as a result of this issue.

…to be continued!

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  1. the story use style long small but i like the way e dey go. the way u end am make brain but me for like am if you reduce the lenght small. some of the things wey you yan no as much necessary. you also must mind the way you dey use the tenses, sometimes i lost for there. but no shaking, me dey like am. but u know say your feeling na child abuse sha

  2. still reading, waiting for the next episode…………

  3. “She kan sexy join” I really like the humor there o, any way I hope this second edition is as interesting as Darasimi’s own o!, because dah one kill me with laff,
    Looking forward to the next one.

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