Beautiful Colors of Sin: 13

“Marvin is married with two kids. I got to know two days ago when I ran into them at a supermarket and I called Timmy and all she could say was that this was trouble,” Sandra said and held on tightly to my hands.

i stared at her for a while, it was as if I was in a trance. I heard the words but it felt like a strange language.

“What do you mean? How…” It instantly registered as I saw the sadness and honestu in Sandra’s eyes.

“Im sorry, my darling. No one knew,” Sandraa said.

I snatched my hand from her and screamed. I was muttering to myself as I paced the length of the sitting room. “No!!”

“Calm down,” Sandra cautioned, s she stood up.

“Calm down? I’m two months pregnant for this man,” I screamed and tears gathered in my eyes. “How am I supposed to be calm?”

“It will be okay. You can get rid of it.”

“No, I can’t. Marvin has to explain these things to me. He has to tell why he played me for a fool,” I cried and made for the door and Sandra followed me.

We drove to Marvin’s place and the I found out that the old gateman had been replaced, the new one refused to open the gate. He said he doesn’t open the gate for strangers and said I should let him call someone from the house. I was about to leave when Uncle Sam came out to meet me. He told me Marvin was not around, that he had gone to his parent’s house with the kids and the madam.

“He went with the Kids?” I asked, “And the madam?”

“Yes, they came back from abroad,” Uncle Sam replied. He said I should call Marvin again because he did not know his parent’s address. I thanked Sam and I turned aaway from the house.

The pain and feeling of disappointment was unbearable and each step I took from the gate brought tears to my eyes. By the time I got inside the car, the tears were flowing freely. I told Sandra to just drive somewhere so we could sit down, and she drove to a nearby restaurant. We got to the restaurant and Sandra ordered a small bowl of ice cream for me and a bottle of juice for herself. I was lost, I kept staring at the people around me but my mind not registering anything. And then Sandra called my attention.

“Alice, don’t look back. Marvin just walked in with that woman and the boys,” she said.

“It’s a lie,” I said and turned in time to see Marvin pulling out a chair for the lady to sit while the boys took the other chairs. I stood up, despite Sandra’s warning and walked up to their table.

“Good evening,” I greeted and smiled at the woman and I caught the surprise look on Marvin’s face. He dropped the handkerchief in his hand and didn’t even bother to pick it up.

“Hello,” the lady replied smiling and I smiled back. She was beautiful, but not as beautiful as I was. How could he do this to me? I thought as I fought down the tears threatening to find their way out of my eyes.

“Mr. Atolagbe. Good to see you again after a long while,” I continued as I turned to face Marvin.

“When did you get back? Why didn’t you call me?” asked Marvin, fondlin nervously with his watch.

“Oh, I just thought it wasn’t necessary. I came for lunch with Sandra and saw you with this lovely lady and kids and decided to come over and say hi,” I said smiling.

“Oh, thanks,” the lady said, “I’m Simisola and these are Marvin’s sons, Tomiwa and Tunmise.”

“Good evening,” the boys greeted and there were so cute and they looked just like Marvin.

“Oh, my world. I have heard so much about you from daddy here. Anyway, it is nice meeting you. Do have a good day,” I said and went out of the building.

Sandra came running out right behind me and I didn’t stop till i was beside the car. Thank God, Sandra didn’t say anything to me as we made our way out of the driveway. I saw Marvin exit the place in the rearview mirror but I told Sandra to keep driving.

We drove home without saying anything to each other. When we got home I went straight to my room. My phone started ringing and I saw that it was Marvin, but I just ignored it until it stopped ringing then I switched it off.

I woke up the following morning with my eyes swolllen from the crying of the previous night. I saw Sandra’s bedroom door open and I knew she would be in the kitchen. She had come knocking int the middle of the night but I had refused to open the locked door.

“Good morning. I am sorry I didnt’t open the door,” I said as I entered the kitchen. She turned and smiled, there was sadness in those beautiful eyes and I felt bad.

“Im sorry too. But we need to decide,” she said as she gave me some warm milk. She told me to sit down while she prepared breakfast. I dropped the cup on the kitchen table.

“Why am I so unlucky?” I asked.

“You are not unlucky, it is just not time. Get the issue out of your mind,” Sandra replied as she diced carrots.

“I should get it out of my mind? What about this one in my womb?” I asked, “Who will date a mother of one?”

“We’ll take care of the baby with or without Marvin. Timmy called to apologize for not saying anything and I just hung up on her.” Sandra said.

“Good, she knew and said nothing. How could she have done that to me?” I said and sat on the table.

“All will be alright,” Sandra said.

“Please, I don’t want Sean to hear this until I’m ready to tell him,” I said and took the cup of milk and went out of the kitchen with Sandra staring after me.


Sandra called Bimbo and Cindy to tell them the situation of things. Cindy said it served me right, that I should have known better than to get pregnant for Marvin. She said that I should just have collected what I needed from him or allowed her to do it. She claimed that love was just an invention by the Europeans to confuse us to act foolishly, and I was reaping the dividend of my folly.

I was furious when I was told; I called Cindy and she actually laughed and called me foolish. I hung up and swore never to call her again. My friendship with her was over, not even Sandra could convince me otherwise. Well, so I thought.

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  1. This is nice but it’s very obvious that you posted it in a hurry so as not to keep your readers waiting for too long. As such, there are punctuation issues:
    Line 4: “i stared at her for a…” – “I stared at her for a…”
    Line 7: “and honestu in …” – “and HONESTY in Sandra’s eyes.”
    Line 11: “Sandra cautioned, s she…” – ““Calm down,” Sandra cautioned,
    AS she stood up.”

    1. Thanks. Future ones won’t be like that.

      1. @Tai, I trust your competence, waiting for the next episode……………..

  2. This is nice but it’s very obvious that you posted it in a hurry so as not to keep your readers waiting for too long. As such, there are punctuation issues:
    Line 4: “i stared at her for a…” – “I stared at her for a…”
    Line 7: “and honestu in …” – “and HONESTY in Sandra’s eyes.”
    Line 11: “Sandra cautioned, s she…” – ““Calm down,” Sandra cautioned,
    AS she stood up.”
    Line 49: “asked Marvin, fondlin…” – “asked Marvin, FONDLING…”
    Line 61: ” I didn’t stop till i was beside …” – ” I didn’t stop till I was beside …”

    In spite of the aforementioned structural mishaps, BEAUTIFUL COLORS OF SIN has been an interesting read………… waiting for episode 14………………..

      1. Thanks for reading.

  3. What a bastard..and that cindy of a whore should rot in hell..and take timmy with her..mchewww

    1. Why are some men so deceptive??you know you are married and u run after a young gurl..dont even tell her you r married…mehn am pissed

    2. Easy miss. *smiles** never say never

      Thanks for reading.

  4. wheeewwww!!!!!!
    well done

    1. Thanks dear. I appreciate the time spent reading.

  5. Waiting for 14 o… hmmmmn,

    1. Have your read previous ones?

      Thanks for reading oo.

  6. wow really nice, I like the way she appraoched marvin at the resturant.
    very maturdely

  7. I knew something like this will happen. Please be careful when writing to avoid typos and punctuation issues.

  8. Is episode 14 out?

    1. Yes. All lined up to 20

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