Worth Of A Nigerian Life

Black skin, mixed skin, Nigerian skin…
Engendered, encumbered, endangered.
Before cognition, already in recognition
By International bodies
Used to counting dead bodies, nobodies.
The first nutrition is malnutrition
Subsequent, by United Nations.
At Five, deemed old enough
To work on schooldays, on weekdays, on highways.
At Ten, you stop to grow and start to know
Why father is poor, mother is jagged
Why the good things still is in the pipelines.
Common ailment; double amnesia
You don’t remember, government too glad to forget.
Promises, littering every premises
Welfare; another policy for the well fed.
Schools; still on drawing boards
Housing; in speeches
Good roads, electricity, safe water…
Wishful thinking.
Hurray! Healthcare is free
For a token, death.
Food plenty yanfu yanfu
They export brains and beg for grains.
At Twenty, you are mistaken for Thirteen
Bones define you
More diffident than confident.
Mind you, schools are still open
But classrooms are shut.
At Thirty, too risky for employment
Too old for charity
Too good for thuggery, mischief
Too drained, too used
Too disappointed, too deprived.
By fate you scurry away
Anywhere, everywhere
Alas! Siberia…
Smiles return, things upturn,
For a moment, relief return.
Hope alive, life arrive…
In a sudden twist, hope nose dive.
Watched in every county, guilty in every country
Hounded, rounded, banded, dumbfounded.
The hard work goes unnoticed
The handiwork put on notice,
In news headlines… state police, home office
Guilty before sin, guilty by birth, guilty by perception
Yet foreigners are revered on homeland
With state escort, pampered all the way
Natives horse-whipped off the way
To make for them a way,
The cream of the land they take away.
They, the ones to cherish
You, the ones to perish
And every four years
They smile on posters
They count on you
And afterwards, you never count.
So much for the worth of a Nigerian life.

5 thoughts on “Worth Of A Nigerian Life” by Kingsley A (@KingsleyA)

  1. kay (@kaymillion)


    1. shebi? innit?

  2. Just wow! Wow! Wow! I am lost ofords. This was sincerely touching. even with all the ups and downs of a nigerian life, life is still worth living.

    1. True, life is still worth living but our humanity should not diminish it.

  3. @KingsleyA, everything true of our fatherland…………… God help us!

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