Who Am I Without You: Part 13

mWhen I woke up that morning, my head was spinning. I had the worse headache from all the wine. The first thing I noticed was that I was on a bed. The room I found myself in was so big and carefully decorated for a guy which made me realize I was in Bolu’s room! I didn’t even remember how I got there. “No!” I was in shock when I recalled the event of the night. “I kiss him or he kissed me?” I asked myself. Just how much did I drink? One thing was for sure, the wine had nothing to do with whatever happened. I realized my clothes were still on so I was reassured nothing crazy happened. “Thank God.” I whispered to myself. A knock came, I quickly jerked myself from the bed just in case it was Bolu, I had to fix myself. “Come in.” I said. “Madam, your food is ready.” A young girl who I presumed to not more than the age of 17 came in.

“What’s your name?” I asked her as I walked with her down to the dinning room. “My name is Ada. She said. “Ada.” I smiled. “So you are the one who has been keeping your oga lazy?” she became shy. “Speaking of your oga, where is he?” For some odd reason, I was so excited to see him. “Madam oga don go work since….” she said. I was surprised so I asked her what the time was. “8:30 a.m ma.” As soon as I heard that, I screamed so loud I think I scared the young girl “No! No! No!” I ran back to Bolu’s room. I grabbed my phone from where it was carefully laid, and every other thing that was mine and ran back out. The girl just stood there confused. When I came back out she asked, “Madam you are not going to eat?” I guess she didn’t notice I was rushing to put on my shoes. “God! What is wrong with me?” I kept asked myself as I forced my foot into a pair of shoe. “See ehn, when your oga comes tell him we will talk later, he will understand okay?” I said to her as I rushed out the door. I looked for the quickest bus I could find that was going to my direction, and I was fast home as I possibly could.

Upon getting home, my mom was standing outside waiting for me. “Where have you been? And who were you with all night?” she asked. I managed to greet her “Mama Good Morning.”

“Just keep your greetings to yourself ooh. I don’t know of any mother or married woman who would go out and come back at this time.” She said pointing at her wrist. “Who did you expect to look after your son?”

As lovely as my night had been, my mother was doing a good job of making me regret everything. “I am sorry naa, has he gone to school now?” I rushed into the house to see for myself. “You better thank Kate when she comes back, she dropped him off.” She hissed and walked pass me. And just when I thought we were done, she turns around and say’s “You better keep yourself for Bolu because I will not give my daughter to just any idiotic fellow out there.” Was Mr. Obafemi right when he said I have let my mother become a dictator over my life?

“Which Bolu? Bolu and I are done mama the earlier you realize that, the better it will be for us ooh.”

“You see Lola, I always knew you would turn out to be a disappointment to this family but your father he would never allow himself see the truth.” She said.

I became angry at the mention of my father. I still remembered how I almost felt like dying with him the day I realized I had lost everything I loved. “Mama I have seriously heard enough of this! Do you want me to force myself on a man who does not want me anymore! I refuse to be like you who stayed with papa because of the little money he had!” I was so tired of keeping quite and being the good daughter. “If you want Bolu so much, how about you marry him for yourself!” She slapped me. Yes, maybe I had said too much again but I really didn’t care! “How dare you talk to your mother like that? I managed your father and I will not see my daughter’s do the same with any man! Don’t you see your younger sister Kate? She has done well for herself unlike you.” As much as I really wanted to knock her out of her misery, I had to keep the promise I made to my sister so I just quietly walked away, no tears this time.

Later in the evening a call came. It was from Bolu, I didn’t know if I should answer it or not. I knew if I should speak to him now, I would say too much and make a complete fool out of myself; my mood was sour!

“Hello?” his voice, why did it have to calm the raging sea inside of me?

“Hello.” I answered back.
“Oh God! Your voice says it all, you are angry with me.” If only he could see that this was the first time I have smiled since waking up on his bed.

“No joor I am fine.”

“You were sleeping so peacefully this morning, so I couldn’t wake you up when I was leaving for work.” He said. How did he even do it? We barely had about 3 hours of sleep and he still got up to go to work.

“I am sorry for keeping you up late with my questions last night. I hope you weren’t sleepy at work?”

“Lola what’s wrong, why is your voice like this?” he asked.  For once, someone was worried about me! I wonder just how closed we both got last night. I was still trying to remember the whole gist. As I spoke to him now, it felt like I had known him since forever?

“Was it your mother again this time?” he asked. I was so shocked. “Just how much did I tell you last night? I asked him.

“I asked myself the same question this morning so you answer me first.” He said. “I can leave work right now and come get you, if that would make you feel better.” He offered.

“You know what? That’s the thing Bolu; you need to just stay where you are. My family is not the right place for someone like you okay?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked anxiously.
“You deal with your step-sister and try as much as possible to not involve me. Am sorry Bolu but I would love if you didn’t call me back or anything please.” I washed my hands off everything that concerned him.

“Hello?” “Lola please answers me.”

I kept the phone to my ears, promised to keep calm. I didn’t want to say any more words that would hurt him but I couldn’t find the strength to hang up on him. “Hello? Lola, are you still there? Let’s talk about this like adults. Lola I am going crazy here please just answer me!” he yelled on the phone.

I listened to him voice out all of his frustrations. One minute his telling me to go that he was also done with me and the next minute his pleading for me to come back. “I know you can hear me so listen. I have never felt about this way towards a woman before. All this begging is new to me. I will do much more than that if that’s what it will take for you to realize that even though I share the same name with your ex-husband, I am not Bolu! I will love you and make every moment with you count. I don’t care about what the society or even what your mother has to say, It’s our life and we can do what we want Babe.” I couldn’t’ hold the tear’s in anymore. This time, I cried and then laughed. Cried some more as I listen to him talk and laughed because it all felt as if I was in some kind of old movie where Ramsey Noah was begging for Genevieve’s love.

“I love you Lola.” He finally said. Oh yes! This was how its suppose to feel like. Like I was the main character in those romance novels I dared myself to never read in fear of realizing what I was missing out on  in life. That feeling you get when your heart is burning so much its so close to exploding from excitement. No! It asn’t like this with Dare’s father even with all the teenage energy we had back then. But you would never understand if your have never felt it! Yes! I finally convinced myself that what I was feeling was pure love. These voices started ringing in my head “What are you waiting from ehn this girl? He is not going to stay on the phone forever!”

Yes he is not going to stay on the phone forever. “Bolu, are you still here?” I was scared he might have grown tired of my silence.

Then the voice came “I am still with you. I promise you Lola I am not going anywhere.”

“You better not because I Love you!”

52 thoughts on “Who Am I Without You: Part 13” by Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

  1. I wish it could b a full novel So I Wud read all together and Not die of suspense…..

  2. You. HAd to end it there abi??of all places you had to end it there…na wa oh…i wont even vex cos Lola is about to make me proud

    1. @schatilein Lol……your either fighting me in Ur comments or making me laugh……Thanks so so much 4 coming along with me till part 13……..lets hope for more as we progress!

  3. @justmoi full novel??? Your encouraging me here to make this series longer oo………..honestly don’t know how many parts are left till it ends…….Just stick around suspense and all. Thanks ooo

  4. Is it just me but I just feel like I am reading Mills and Boon?!

    1. @Nalongo Who or what are Millsand Boon??? Dont get it.

      1. Lola reminds me of the heroines of Mills & Boon published in the 80’s

        1. @Nalongo Ooh LOl………I hope thats a good thing o……..Thanks for reading!

  5. As long as it’s as interestn as Eva….Mk it long Pls…kips me coming coming back…..I wouldn’t mind a list of ur previous stories or recommendations….I get rly bored waitn for pending parts of d 1s m reading…. kudos; )

  6. @ufuomaotebele, I’m kind of speechless. @justmoi, @schatzilein & @Nalongo seemed to not have said it all. I think I will join in the marketing of the novel. I’m watching out – just turn it into a novel, something thrilling, something romantic, something … in short a page-turner….

    1. @justmoi Aw i get bored waiting too…..read “Forgiving you” and “A second chance” Those 2 were the one’s i started with….was still trying to get the gist of writing. Hope you enjoy it! THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!

    2. @innoalifa No your comments leave me speechless Lol……………Novel???? you got it!

      1. @ufuomaotebele, now you’re talking…LOL!!!

  7. @nalongo me too
    @ufuomaotebele Dey r foreign romance novels dat Shud Smtyms b sold wif Id cards or rated strictly 18+

    1. @Justmoi ahahahha you guys are scaring me ooo…….I thought this was very innocent ooo

  8. really you leave me at that now i have to wait which kind thing be this now please oooo i dey wait for the rest

    1. @mimi Ah will vex send part 14 in today!! LOL…….

  9. @ufuomaotebele read dem both…..m practically stalking your stories *covers eyes* Dats Co’s Dey r dat gud

    1. @justmoi, they’re not just that good, they good, I mean really good…

      1. @innoalifa Wow this boy!!!! Lol……..Yay!!!!

        1. @ufuomaotebele, doing as if she’s not really gifted*smiling*

          1. @innoalifa telling story na gift again??

            1. @ufuomaotebele, nooo!!! telling story na talent… I forget sei na flair or abi na endowment…LOL!!!!!

        2. @innoalifa Aw ok sweet dreams nw

          1. @ufuomaotebele, sleep like a baby and wake up like a GIANT writer… see you tomorrow…

      2. @innoalifa hahah add singing too!!

        1. @ufuomaotebele, in addition to reading what you will be posting next…winking and smiling…

          1. @innoalifa a post will b out tonight just a 3 paragraph tin…….hope u lik it am kind of nervous

            1. @ufuomaotebele, you don’t need to panick, you’ve never disappointed before, my sleepy eyes are waiting to consume it… just carry on…

    2. @justmoi abeg stalk am well well am really honored!!”

  10. @innoalifa do u also write? Wudnt mind if u give me title of stories to read

    1. @justmoi, you could read through some of my writings by following this link: http://www.naijastories.com/author/innoalifa/ Do mind to drop some critical comments as you read along. Cheers!

  11. Some kinda flirting going on here….wont name names hmmmmmm…diaris God oh

    1. @schatzilein hahahahah flirting ke……… you don turn into patience daris Jesus oooh

      1. Hahahaha i be think say na only me si am…

  12. @schatzilein, I noticed too jare. I read all the comments, thinking…….something dey happen. Lol.

    On your series Ufuoma, I’m glad to see a better future for Lola taking shape. She is a lucky girl despite her flaws.
    This episode needed more work. I’m sure when you are not busy with uni and churning out double episodes a week, you will be able to go through the series.
    Try to start your dialogue on a new line/paragraph. It will make your work read better.
    I look forward to read what Lola does next. Knowing her, it will make our jaws drop.
    Well done for keeping the series interesting.

    1. @olajumoke Lmao…………I am innocent ooooo

      Thank you for reading…………..I will take all your corrections into consideration with the upcoming parts.

    2. I be think say an only me see am oh…

      Aunty Jummy how far na…are you staring anything exciting soonest??

  13. You flowed beautifully all through the story till you got to that last line where she responded that she loved him.


    Na that one no work oh! Does a woman just confess that easily? On a phone? I would have thought she would have held on, letting the guy still hang as she responded to him to give her time to think about it. Then she would reflect and reflect and all that Ramsey and genevieve thoughts would ensue again and she’d meet with him on a final date where he’d talk again till she broke down and confessed or something like that…

    To just declare ”Í love you” sounds like wayo romance nah….

    But hey….mind me not, keep it coming.

    1. @Afronuts, i get you oh, my brother but then i’m not so sure. Me sef i think her telling him to back of permanently all of a sudden, was the slightly un-buyable bit. I mean come on, they both walked on cloud nine just the night before, he’s being sweet as she’s been upset by momsi and she just told her mother off pretty soundly so her yarns about the family and him staying away made me go; “‘Scuse me?!”
      If i was the guy i might do what Bolu did but i doubt i’d keep begging her like that for too long, plus babes are beginning to wisen up – aint nobody got time for all your unnecessary shakara sister. Last last he’ll hook with someone he may never grow to love as much as her and might regret it..but it’s the chic who’ll be most aware of the good one she let get away.

      And i’m sitting here now wondering why i talk so much. 0_0

      1. @kwiksie Hahahahahahaahah omg you are such a blessing. This has to be my favourite comment oooo…………..”babes are wisen up” LOl just too funny!! Thank you so so much…………and i love that you talk so much.

  14. @Afronuts ahaha……..she waited na…..thought about it wwhile he was saying his own………..also she must have already known she had something for him till then. Anyway thanks 4reading

  15. @schatzilein, been busy. My work has just appeared on AfricanWriter magazine and scheduled to appear in Kalahari Review but you know what, I miss the buzz you get from NS writers and readers esp the instant feedback.
    So, yes… I’m writing a new series. I can’t wait to share it on here.
    @namdi, Ufuoma and @ dees-hive et al are all keeping us entertained at the moment, hope I can thrill as much as they do.
    I will let you know @schatzilein. Happy Sunday.

    1. Mehn i cant wait for that…you are one of my fav writers and i always look forward to every episode….

  16. @ufuomaotbele…you’re finishing this thing my darling! I like Bolu #2 more and more…:D

  17. P.s: i’m too flattered that you used my pic up there. #wink #betYouDidntKnow :p

    1. @kwiksie Yes jare i didn’t even know it was your picture ooo. I loved it had to use it again.

    2. @kwiksie

      Really? That silhouette is a picture of you?

      1. Yeah…picasa does wonders ba? ;)

        1. @kwiksie

          Yeah it does…it makes your silhouette look like Rihanna’s

          1. Ah! Rihanna ke? If i hear oh, lol.
            Thanks all the same.

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