Will I See Her Again?

Will I See Her Again?


Written in my heart are the stories that I can’t explain. I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for years…I admit, some people walk into our lives and leave foot prints in our hearts when they’re gone.

How can I ever forget someone who gave me so much to remember. Years go by still, I remember how I froze the first time we met…short of words. Maybe the courage I thought I had evaporated, maybe the words in my vocabulary were not up to the task, maybe you just left me speechless and my heart full of thoughts… thoughts that words will never comprehend.

I’m not trying to be eloquent or intellectual, mixing up metaphors and figures of speech like ingredients used to bake cake. No, it’s not why i’m here nor what I plan to do. What I’m here to say is very simple; side by side or miles apart you remain unforgettable.

I still don’t understand…I still don’t understand how we parted ways still you held me down for years. It only hurts that I ran away…ran way from the battle I’m presently fighting; the battle field of expression…expression of my heart from the in depth. You were so near yet my lips remained speechless. Agape my heart was, whispering in silence wishing you would hear the echoes…echoes of the three powerful words I refuse to write. Afraid I lost the battle and I’ve lost the war.

I’m just trying to be honest. Translating my broken heartbeat into a genre of literature. I saw in you what no looking glass could ever show, but I must admit, you hid it well. You hid the beauty of your nature under the umbrella of pain…pain from thorns in your heart, a broken heart beat I suppose or just pistanthrophobia; fear to trust.

Crushes here and there, feelings creeping in, relationships on and off but already taken is my status. The lyrics of Chris Brown’s song keeps ringing in my ear because they just ain’t you! How can I forget the one person I fell for out of many and couldn’t rise up again…? I still don’t understand the enigma behind your gem, I try very hard to let go and let gone but I find myself in a maze. The more I try the less it’s working. The more I let go, the more I hold on tight to your invisible shadow with nothing in between.

In just a short while, did I get too close…? It’s been a long time now, yes, I got too close. Days, months and years are going by, will I see her again…?

I stammered in words when I had my chance, I hope you hear the echoes of my heart beat from far away. Just so you know, without you, tomorrow is worth the want and yesterday is worth the remembering.

If I had to write my last slips down, there’d be no last page.
So I’ve penned a little down in an attempt to find a full stop…
But I honestly love you more than is depicted in these words I’ve put up.

Will I ever see you again Princess…?

By Aminu Lekan

10 thoughts on “Will I See Her Again?” by Lekan (@Aminu)

  1. Awwww yes you will

  2. @AMINU, maybe @ufuomaotebele has a point…
    it was an interesting read…

    1. @innoalifa pray 4 me too let me see him again.

      1. @ufuomaotebele, it seems we’re rocking the same boat… pray 4 me as well…

        1. @innoalifa Oh 4real……….Awesome. I will add you to my prayer list.

          1. @ufuomaotebele, I trust you… take care!

  3. Eyaaa, we’ve all been there before abi no be so? a lost love, an unrequited affection, a stuttering, naive, double minded moment that changed everything. Oh how i remember that very first love that i go to visit in Dolphin Phase 2 Ikoyi, amidst uncertainty and muted language of affection. How i defied heavy rain, nightfall, the treacherous Obalende and the hostility of her unwelcoming elder brother. How i wish she could hear me amidst the silence of my dropped calls. How i wish… Cha-ay… there was god o…
    But it all forms part of our evolution and existential experience. Don’t dwell on the past, proceed sharply if its gone, its gone… that’s my advice

  4. If I will be permitted to change the title to “Will I see Him again?” My reply will be hell no! I’m not going through that again!
    It hurts so bad but I’ve learnt to dwell less on memories. My dear, unless God wants you to be together then you will surely see her again.
    For me thrice bitten hundred fold shy. Wish you happiness; I wish myself same too.

  5. kay (@kaymillion)

    i wish i will see him again most girls, i wish i could see her again some males scream……………..but we all have stories……………but forward we must march

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