It Wasn’t Me (part 2)

I know that I have said many times that I didn’t stab the man, but I wouldn’t believe me either if I didn’t know the story from the beginning. It all started a few months ago when my uncle came to the village to take me back to the city with him.

At the time I was young and dumb I wasn’t thinking about anything other living the big city life. My uncle left the village when I was 5 and before he left he promised he would come back to take me with him when I turned 16, now 11 years later that day was finally here I was going to live in the city and I was determined to make the best out of it. While my parents were worried about my education and safety, I was thinking about the fun I could have in a whole new place.

The morning I before I left my parents sat me down for a talk about living in the city, and off course I didn’t listen I taught what could two people born and raised in the village know about living in the city. They talked about me keeping to myself, and that know your way is not a curse, but all I heard was have fun and don’t worry about anything your uncle is rich, and just like they said I wasn’t worried at all and I planed to have the time with my rich uncle.

The morning my uncle came to get me was the happiest day of my life, I couldn’t wait I was ready to live this boring, same old, native doctor,and juju filled village for the clean fun city. At least I taught I was, now I would give anything to go back to the village, anything to go back to my family, or just to go back to when my parents were talking to me and listen closely, because maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be in the mess that am in right now.

If you still don’t believe that I didn’t stab that man, just wait if the ambulance comes fast enough he will be able to tell you himself, but this is Nigeria we’re talking about so you will just have to take my word for it.

6 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Me (part 2)” by nigerianteen (@mimi)

  1. Some spelling corrections;

    Off course -of course
    Taught – thought
    Live- leave

  2. precise and nice but note the typos…

  3. Hmmm Let me go to part 1…………..I missed that.

  4. This your post is not easy on the eyes ooo. Do brush up and get better.
    It’s about time you fill us in on what really happening to/around the MC.

  5. okay, it wasn’t me either, so tell us who.


  6. This story seems predictable but let me not assume yet.

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