It Wasn’t Me (part 1)

I took it out of his heart, it wasn’t by intention but at the end I was the only one left.  My father always warned me not to get myself into things like this, but being the crazy disobedient teen that I am I didn’t listen. Now am standing here with a hand full of blood and a dead body next to me. Now someone please tell me how will I explain this to my family, how will I tell my friends, how. I can forget my scholarship to college because we all know that you can’t go to school from prison, but this wasn’t even my fault I was just being dumb I just wanted to fit in, but now the only place I will fit into is prison. I can feel myself about to cry but I know that crying wouldn’t solve this big problem I but myself in.  I can already hear all the people in my village saying, look at him city boy he left the village to make it big now look at him behind bars let his parents talk about their son now, but as much as i cry and tell my parents that it wasn’t my fault they will never believe me. I took the knife out of his heart but please believe me when I say that I was not the one that put it in.

10 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Me (part 1)” by nigerianteen (@mimi)

  1. I was surprised the first part ended there.
    Edit better….a wrongly spelt word. You typed ‘but’ instead of ‘put’.
    – … crying wouldn’t solve this big problem I ‘but’ myself in.

    Nice still. Welcome to NS.

  2. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    sometimes its good to not be good……..

  3. Not bad. Your punctuation needs work though.

  4. See Gobe

    Who do am?

  5. It wasn’t me either oo…………This was a good start……..Lets see how he gets out of this in a city that is still very new to him. If i was him ehn I will just go back to the village after everything is solved.

  6. sad that the bad seems the better option most times…………….. a good beginning…………… the brevity, precision and concision………….can just read it within few seconds……….. keep on……………

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