Sambisa forest

The approaching footsteps thumps,
Drawing dust to disturb the peace of nature
Like enraged men in turmoil, warring against tranquility
Bearing the wombs of the future on the guillotine of lush plains
Sambisa forest,welcomes unwanted visitors into her serene ambiance
In slavery procession under the watchful eyes of mother moon

Tears trail the young wombs in queue on the prairie
As jubilations sears the air and victorious ululating gunshots tears the night apart
Celebrating the ultimate trophy of the battle of a wield anti-knowledge ideology.
But Sambisa eases, allowing the warm tears of
Our fearful virgins cultivate her damp grounds…
As they thought of the possibility of seeing mama’s face again after this cold night…

And as morning dawns, the first blood is shed
O Sambisa your grounds tasted the
Innocent blood of our young generation
Disvirgined by the blood of our virgin daughters
O Sambisa, reject every evil that tries to grow in you,
For you are only fertile for nature, not for evil.
Purge yourself from this rape of the future.

Fight, fight for the same virgins that drank from your waters
That fetched fire wood freely and
Read Agricultural science to keep your fertility.
O Sambisa withhold water from your spring, dry the leaves on your trees
Withdraw the potency of your humidity,
Become arid and fight with lightning!
Let your mountains become valleys and swallow evil!

Let your trees become foot soldiers and their branches killer darts
Piercing through those demons in human clothes
And let our girls return with war booties
Bring back our girls and refuse the rituals by these Bokos
Sambisa! Sambisa! Sambisa!
Fight for your own, that peace may once again breeze through
the forest of our young girls many dreams.

4 thoughts on “Sambisa forest” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. touching and powerful poem @sambrightomo.I like the way you spoke about the forest to address what happened.The last line is my favorite.

    1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      Thanks for reading @jefsaraumax. let them bring back our girls that is what we ask.

  2. Your anger showed in this poem Sam.
    I hope the same fear and anger that drove you, drives our leaders to act.
    Well done.

    1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      I hope the necessary action is taking by our government. i just hope.

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