Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! – Episode 5:

Running a relationship without the full acceptance of your friends is very very dangerous. When your friends start telling you your relationship with your partner won’t work out well… need to watch out. I really don’t know why my friends didn’t support my relationship with Darasimi. They really liked her but they just never felt … Continue reading Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! – Episode 5:

The Girl.

She was every man’s dream,a sultry nightmare that you knew the very moment you met her would never come true. I saw her that beautiful sunday morning in church,as she walked in with her three sisters,she stood out,shone infact. My eyes traced every step as she stealthily searched for a pew to sit. I could … Continue reading The Girl.

On The Non-certification Of Half Of A Yellow Sun In Nigeria

I am disgusted,angry but not surprised by the song and dance being played by the Nigerian Films Censors Board over the movie ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun.’ So the scenes are too sexual? Are they worse than the dozens of pornographic movies okayed by the Board that flood our markets? So they are too political? … Continue reading On The Non-certification Of Half Of A Yellow Sun In Nigeria


Though undead I am, mythless I miss the stars at night, speechless The aura of the sun, endless Nature I appreciate Its beauty you can’t negotiate   By and by it’s perfect You can never slow it down, respect What it’s made of, do continue to inspect For we knoweth not how the mighty one … Continue reading Nature…

The Vengeance Of Omoge Omi (part 2)

She tries to turn her head to ascertain the source of the voice, but not successful. Besides, how would she see the person in this brilliant darkness? She wonders forlornly. The hailstones withdraw and the noise in the sky die down. Surprisingly, her feet unlock from the earth and she turns around. The question repeats … Continue reading The Vengeance Of Omoge Omi (part 2)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 8)

Hello guys, last time, Shade announced she was pregnant, but who is responsible? I hope this episode will provide us some answers or lead us in the direction at least. Shade stood in one spot unmoved, with arms folded across her heaving bosom; her hazel eyes pleadingly fixated on nothing in particular as she stared … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 8)