People judge you in the green white green
Servent of the nation, on minimum wage lean
You are who you are and you remain unseen

It started as a small flame
and then it raged into a furnace
But soon you realize… the year’s so lame
and you are only part of a cyclic emergence

Thrown into a system of pent up frustration
You should be proud. You’re serving your nation
Your sweat meets empty promises of elevation

You had dreams of a better tomorrow
And forgot that you were the better tomorrow
In a few weeks you shed your uniform of sorrow
And begin the search for the pot at the end of the rainbow

Yesterday you judged a youth in the green white green
Servant of your selfish dreams, you tease him with wages lean
You’re a part of the system now, a big king pin
and yet you are who you are, you remain unseen
So sad how the cycle again begins

4 thoughts on “Otondo” by Kel (@KelWriter)

  1. …a non-surrealistic representation of the reality we see aptly captured in words of rhythmic significance… NIce!

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      I am so sorry @innoalifa that I am a whole year late in responding to this. But thanks for the comment. It was written at a time of realization, that our country is filled with dishonest hypocrites.

  2. It’s a vicious cycle indeed…
    The more we grow older, the more selfish we become…if not, why would those that was once the future of the country not change anything when they got to the future! If you know what I mean.
    There’s a huge chance that one or two of the Otondo’s today would become leaders tomorrow and would do nothing to change the status quo.

    God Help Us in this country.

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)


      God help those who genuinely want to help this country. That is my prayer.

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