Stuck between his past and future
Need pulls him from his thoughts
Need pull him from this nightmare?
Scream out does he dare
Shout out but got no guts
The pains sinking, deep in his suture
A perfect scenario it seems
A garment of tears, his seams
it tears
To a generation unknown he sees the best
to that, no work known but rest
The best of everything’s DOPE
Mess they see n call vogue
He lays all down, foundation
All for a “nation”, so called generation
Who’d be his past-future’s cornerstone?
Dip he his unborn’s hands into water
to eat with adults?, I wonder
To all unknown
All around but them adults forlorn
For self gratification norms forgone

4 thoughts on “Inference…” by Elizabeth (@ElizabethII)

  1. A good piece…

  2. Thanks for reading… :)

      If truth be told
      with no lie sold
      your words make sense
      depriving me of mind’s nonsense…………

      1. Thanks a lot ence :)
        with everyone of you I make sense
        with your words of encouragement I dare not tense
        E se gan…

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