Why Do We Find It A Difficult Task To Question The Morals Of Our Pastors?

Why Do We Find It A Difficult Task To Question The Morals Of Our Pastors?

Even when it is obvious that pastors are mortals like the rest of us, we have discovered that they are beyond queries. Why do we find it a difficult task to question the morals of our pastors?

Are pastors infallible? If we agree they are not, then why do we make excuses for their inadequacies? If they are fallible, why then do we treat them like demigods that are beyond questioning?

We are inundated with all kinds of shocking stories about pastors committing sodomy and doing the unthinkable every day, but the society shivers when it comes to asking for answers?

Could it  also not be uncommon for such a pastor to operate in massive narcissistic self-importance and incorrectly thinking of himself as a “Moses” who is receiving instruction directly from God and therefore is not to be questioned or disobeyed.

I had discussions with fellow Christians sometime ago and it amazed me how they also preferred not to talk or discuss about their pastor actions at times. Even as I write this article, I find myself asking for forgiveness and also saying a quick prayer just in case I am over stepping my boundaries. But is it really wrong for us to question the morals of our pastors?

So don’t  you think a pastor like this will almost invariably be closed off to what you have to say or might not even have the opportunity to get to meet him or speak to him one on one.

Well,I guess  the big question is not if we should question the pastor but how and why we do so. There are questions that should be asked for clarification.  There are questions that should be asked for correction.  There are questions that should be asked for our own personal growth. But, the key might be to ask these questions  with positive intentions in mind.

What is your take on this?

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  1. The “so called” pastors claim to be doing the work of He who called them………….they are representing the person whom they claim they are serving……………..the question is it the case that their actions tell us whom they are serving? The god of sodomy, and sorts of atrocities? I don’t know, only the one true God knows………………….

  2. Pastors are by their very calling God’s anointed. Given the unction and mandate to Shepard God’s flock (Here i refer to the truly called ones not the opportunists amongst them). They are not morally impeccable and no man is. If they ‘err’ in the process it is not in the place of human beings lacking in guidance, spiritual depth and understanding and using optical reasoning to judge them. No. God is capable of handling his business no matter how we feel about it and his ways are not our ways. So anyone that feels strongly about a pastor should pray for the pastor, or privately table his or her observation to the relevant pastoral hierarchy not try to hold a referendum on them (which can only achieve more prejudice). By the way who is the one without sin, fit amongst us to reprimand them duly?

    1. I am sorry, folks, but the truth is that in this part of the world, our mentality on issues, especially religious, is shallow. Pastors, priests, imams, etc are by their calling supposed to be above board and eloquent examples of all that is good to their followers. Are we supposed to follow them if they lead us to the abyss? I have heard the justifications that they are the Lord’s anointed and we should do them no harm. True, but the Bible records in First Samuel that the people who came to worship at Shiloh were complaining against the ugly behavior of Eli’s sons. God dealt with them but the people spoke up. We often turn them into superfolks forgetting they are mortal. They need our prayers, love and support; not sheepish followership. If my leader rejects private remonstration the church or other faiths have their hierarchies. We must develop questioning attitudes to what we learn every Sunday and Friday.

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