My life in a bucket

Future glory yet I forget

A diary I keep not

Yet I worry it’d rip my pocket

Norms follow I ought

Yet my innocent self afield

Against all evens I heed

Face high towards the unknown

To the heavens my spirit flown

Spiraling in my own laissez-faire

My thought est môn pere

Gibberish but to me it makes sense

That‘s my world called limIT

Through continuous vigour

I flash forward my imminent figure

Cycle of NOs and an Or

Ti’s my type of rigor

Where I seek solace in future tense

Constrict, yes; yet I do not deem fit

Argue against “my cloth’’, slim-fit

Stuck with this , just my luck

But still I let them talk

Run insults, add more salt

Making it sultry

Nonetheless, it my name exalt

In my own dimwit mind all I see is Glory



3 thoughts on “éclat…” by Elizabeth (@ElizabethII)

  1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Well done

    beautifully rendered
    I couldn’t but followed
    enjoying the great words
    that make your poetic world…………

    1. you’re welcome to my world
      my words and alphabets are my sword…
      Thanks for reading :)

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