Dear Naija readers

If you would permit me, I would love to tell you a story about a man. A good man called Bola Makinde. A good man who loves his wife, who loves his two children and would never do anything to destroy that. Not willingly anyway.  But Bola, like all of us, is fallible, flawed and weak. And because he is fallible, flawed and weak he is prone to making terrible mistakes. Mistakes such as these lead to terrible situations that can never be undone.

But unlike most stories where each scene is birthed in the mind of the writer, where each turn of events is defined by his or her choices, this would be different.  You, the Naija reader, will decide Bola Makinde’s fate by making his choices for him.

You can save him.

How do we do this , you ask?

At the end of each chapter, there would be two possible options for Bola Makinde to choose from. You, the Naija reader, will state which option you prefer in your comments. Either option A or option B.  At the end of the required period, depending on your collective answers, Bola Makinde will take the next step.

But be warned, as what you think is the right choice for this poor soul which could lead to his happily ever after, may be the wrong choice and lead him down the path to madness and murder.  A possible future for dear Bola. One of many.

His life is in your hands, fellow Naija readers.

Please choose wisely.

For his sake.





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  1. This could be interesting.

  2. Let’s have it.

  3. this may be a nice anyways………………

  4. lets roll!!!!

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