Daybreak in Sambisa

Under the charred logs lay an embracing splendour…
Powers matched powers
Our damsels are the ultimate
Nature defends self
Her allies descend from above
There is Haram against Boko
Many are slained…
The carcasses, a testimony of
Earth’s battle.
Corpses on branches with Eyes
Wide open
Even death is scared too
This is victory…
Shekau and his men smelt Haram
Rescue,rescue our girls are healthy
Nature’s victory is a wonder…
Under the log below lies
A warmth tale:
The mother snake shielding a lost bunch
of Scorpion and Rabbits.

5 thoughts on “Daybreak in Sambisa” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. with a face bent and twisted
    I lay in misery and melancholia
    rolling like a child melting
    gripped by the spirit of glossolalia
    causing my nerves seeking and praying
    ’cause of our beloved
    our girls and queens so loved
    our black beautiful damsels of the morrow
    our nature, that need nurturing for the future


  2. @ innoalifa you are the real poet, shine on
    @sambrightomo you piece is quite uncommon that’s a desirable asset for any artist

    1. @benchmark,
      I was only inspired
      but not really fired
      by @SAMBRIGHTOMO‘s lines
      which like sweet grape vines
      can be plucked by intelligence
      and chewed with wisdom………………..

      1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

        @benchmark and @innoalifa thank you guys for reading through… it was written in that moment of spontaneous overflow of emotions…could not help but trap the surging inspiration…

        1. @sambrightomo, that was GREAT! keep on……….

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