Caro VS Ada

Real friends and social media friends know my lust for Caro is real…!! I’ve looked for that bae, even went to a club in London when someone claimed to know she was around. That skin color, the thighs, her hair, ohmigosh!!!

But then I get sober, and all I just want is Ada ada. You know, someone I can have deep conversations with, who is ‘home’ and I can prove my masculinity with.

I know many girls claim to be Caro,some really want to be Ada. From my POV( or a guy’s point of view), I’ll put on the table what we think of the duo. Then put yourself beside and tell which you are, or which you prefer to be.

From Wizkid’s lyrics, I’ll define Caro:

Caro your body necessary. Caro fine plenty plenty. Looking for caro:
YEs!! She’s so damn fine. Might not be natural beauty, but the skin toning, red lips, revealing clothes and show stopping gestures, you don’t want to miss her. She’s always representing.. Caro is the typical lady we look out for at the mall..or let’s say a major reason we go to the mall.

Caro dey fire pass motor, caro dey do she no dey tire:
Caro just has to be a sex goddess. Fetish, ever ready, adventurous, costumes, name it. She never comes last in bedmatics. And to her, its a major way of keeping her man. So trust me, if you want real sexcapades, look for caro.

Caro sweet she no get enemy. Bi o se nse, o fe pami o.
One easy way to know caro, check out her social media life. She’s a twitter celeb,loads of instagram followers. And that’s where you see a 20 # on a picture. Or she says #just woke up and you see rubywoo and mac on her face. She has to meet up to expectation and never downgrade.

No time for all this senrenre, I want to spend all my pepper.
She doesn’t do things small!! Its S4+ I-phone + Nokia Lumia, all at once. Her birthday never just goes by. Has to be the talk among her friends. All the senrere( unnecessary stress) of cooking, being homely, house chores don’t go well with her. There’s money, so let’s just use the money to eat out,get someone to do the chores etc.

Caro carry history.
Because she quite everywhere, and the lust of many, her stories are not hard to get. Put her on your dp, some random people know her,and have something to say, either true of rumored. Also, she really has no secrets, as she does her thing openly. Her movements, daily/best clothe snapshots, and life are all over social media, so her tape is easily rolled.

Caro day make my head dey bang,caro dey make my head dey scatter.
Take it or take it(lol), caro is almost what every man wants now. Only a few don’t like her totality but you just have to love some of her flavors. Well, no one is perfect, so she’s justified.

Ok, so let’s meet Ada ada. Flavor sang mostly igbo, so I can’t ascertain the qualities of Ada via lyrics,But I’ll try,based on perception.

Ada no dey lack ada,ada get am for up and down.
Well,who says only caro has it? Ada is endowed also, but my conclusion is, Ada doesn’t flaunt it to everyone. Its probably for her boo and maybe very close friends. She leaves a lot for our imagination. The endowments are only slightly noticeable, but not flaunted or purposefully exposed.

Ok,so that’s basically all I know in the lyrics. But then,I’ll keep describing,based on assumptions,highly debated arguments especially with Tumininu Oloko and guy gist.

Ada is homely. She’s the one who’ll rather stay home and cook, do the dishes, tuck the kids in bed, and would probably get things fixed herself,rather than pay someone to do them. Aha, so if you want conservation of your expenses and reduced cost of living, get yourself Ada.

Ada’s sexuality,I’ll describe as submissive. She allows the man take charge, and decide/dictate the moves. She might just lye there and allow you do all the work. So the sex might be good, but MIGHT not be too adventurous. Expect the regulars, maybe mind blowing once a while, and maybe time table for sexual intercourse (shoot me).

It doesn’t always have to be big with ada. Ada, even from a very wealthy home, does not always get loud. she’s a definition of conservative. She’s in 3 continents in a month and her dp might really just change twice. Her I-phone and torch light phone are just enough, even if her i pad and mac and porsche and xperia are under her bed. She really doesn’t mind what she uses, or what she has or can afford. As long as she looks good, life’s good.

Ada isn’t so easy to get. Since she’s usually up for long term,serious minded things, then you have to take your time and prove you are worth the while. Undisputed, many Adas fall prey of guys who just want the cookie but then, not too many guys can have history with her.

So that’s it. Apparently, ladies who are judged as caro by man, claim to be Ada…while those who we see as Ada, claim to be caro. You think I’m wrong, just randomly ask.

If I’m to choose who I want, I’ll say Caro for a girlfriend, and Carada as my wife(big grin). Ladies, mix the flavors well, so we’ll never just stop wanting you.

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  1. I think Carol is THEMAIN…

  2. Like you said mix it up!
    Some spelling mistakes.

  3. Lol…….am a mix of both jare

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