#bringbackourgirls – Bring Back Our Girls

#bringbackourgirls – Bring Back Our Girls

The NigeriaN Child

Bring back our girls

My good people of Nigeria, join me and search

For her as I implore the church

To pray for the return

Of my daughter, our daughters, who has gone to learn

Modern techniques and prevailing

Processes and skills in solving

Our numerous problems as a nation

That is seeking for care and attention.


She is my daughter with the name; Grace.

I gave her a mark near her nose to differentiate her face

From that of her identical twin

Whom she used to call her “next of kin”.

She is yet to return from school,

And I had thought this to be an April fool

Now my sun had been set at noon

And my darkness seizes to brighten, even at the fool moon.


In my absence, they had taken away

To were I knows not on a school day

By men with bazooka and antiaircraft gun

They had darkened my day, even my midnight sun.

Separating our love several distances apart,

Kai! Things have fallen apart



All my income I spent to buy her any book

She desires, now, they came and took

Her away from my reach,

From watching her recite the part of speech

Which she always sings like a song

In her good time all day long.


My heart is broken in pieces

My misery has seen an unusual increase

My eyes has refused to stop weeping

My ears are tired of their daily press briefing.

Bring back my daughter

Bring back our daughters



Making my moments so miserable, as I weep

Like a heart broken lost sheep

Whose shepherd had gone astray

In the search for the right direction or way

In which she could be found.

Like a music speaker with a quaking sound

My heart beat.

Like as if am sitting on a hot seat

My whole body ruins in disorder.

Who shall restore my peace to order?


Come hell or high water,

My long is to see my child, my daughter

Our daughters, the Nigerian Children who

Had been taken away with no one knowing what they’re passing through.

Bring back my daughter

Bring back our daughters


My spirit is broken

And my hope had been taken

Away. Who will be to me a mildest daughter?

Like Grace, my daughter.

Who will drink with me our kunu and well water?

Who will take our farm produce to chibok market?

Who will make me walk on a red carpet,

As you promised when you become a celebrity

That our lives will flourish with fun and activity.


Bring back my daughter

Bring back our daughters


12 thoughts on “#bringbackourgirls – Bring Back Our Girls” by Chiazo Egbukwu (@Pkc)

  1. Please join in the campaign to ensure everything is done to #BringBackOurGirls. @Innoalifa, Namdi, @dees-hive, @jarume, @charla, @funpen, @Nalongo, @jofiak, thanks.

  2. #BringBackOurGirls they definitely should do all they can to bring back our Girls …

  3. @dees-hive, thanks for your comment and concern.

  4. @Pkc, this is emotionally appealing… this poetic piece is really a clarion call to all of us that we should not remain silent and allow our girls disappear and never return. I absolutely share your sentiments and empathize with you especially for Grace, your daughter?

    Let’s do all that is within our power to #BringBackOurGirls. We love them, we adore them, we cherish them, we trust them, they are our hope, our future and destiny…

  5. I say a prayer every day for God to bring about the rescue of the chibok school girls.
    At night, I try to imagine how they’d be feeling; surrounded by strange,pyschotic,brainwashed and menacing men.
    Possibly in a strange and unfamiliar land…
    In a forced marriage,mistreated and driven to madness by absolute terror and frustration that No one has yet come to find them
    I could have been one of those girls (if this was 12 years ago) and the pain that overwhelms me when I realise that I could have never been allowed to become ME is paralyzing.
    May God help #BringBackOurGirls
    And finally may he crush the menace that is Boko Haram.

  6. A poem well constructed. May they all be brought back! AMEN.

  7. I pray daily for the safe return of these girls, and I wonder really who book haram think they are fighting? innocent Nigerians of the government? I wonder if they think terrorism has made anyone sympathetic to their cause. I wonder, do they think that we will cower back and stop educating our female children because of this act. I wonder about this war on western education that they claim to be waging when they are clear using equipment developed by people educated in the west. I wonder why they seem to still head in the same direction when the whole world has denounced their actions.

    For those of you wondering, God still hears prayers and he answers if we humble ourselves and cry out to Him. These children are dear to Him, and there is nothing He cannot do.

    O Lord, hear from Heaven, and bring back our girls!

  8. @innoalifa: thank you so much Sir for your inspiring and stirring comment, it is really a huge boast to this struggle to ensure they #BringBackOurGirls. I greatly appreciate as we pray for the return of our daughters. thanks.

    1. @Pkc, the girls carry the same blood as mine… hoping they return soonest…

  9. @charla: I will begin by thanking you specially for your heartfelt, continued prayer to ensure they #BringBackOurGirls, God bless you. Its been my muse of grieve this long, but with God on our side, we hope they will return peacefully back to us. Thanks and remain always Blessed in the Lord.

  10. @empresssewande: Thank you so much for stopping by not minding you tight schedules and for also joinning forces to ensure they #BringBackOurGirls.

  11. My dear @funpen, thank you so much for yes, your heartfelt prayers and believing comments. This is what we need, this is what we grave for, this is what our desperate wish, for them to #BringBackOurGirls.
    While we seek for the face of God to ensure their return, for with Him all things are possible.
    Thanks again for your prayers and comments, God bless.

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