Out Of The Blue And Other Vignettes

Out Of The Blue And Other Vignettes

Unto thee Nu; continuous one of heaven and the serpent of emerging light.


OUT the blue you came
With carriages of splendor
And beauty of abundance
Transforming the dust
That grits my teeth
Into cakes of bread
You quenched my thirst
When you gave me to drink
Of your golden chalice
A fool I was without wit
I searched the mountains
I searched the seas
I searched the skies
And gazed at the sun
I searched for Eden
Looking for Sophia’s pearl
Then I stumbled and found
Myself in a vast desert
With none to tell me
“Go thus here or there”
The sun scorched my brow
The moon withdrew it light
The stars showed forth
Resplendent lights and
Left me behind for blind
But thou oh sky was a refuge
And the secret eye that saw
Through me and had my hiding
Thus in the music of nature
I found me solace

THERE is no day without a day
There is no moment without a now
There is no today without a tomorrow
There is no tomorrow without a today
When ever you look beyond a horizon
Always remember from whence you stood

WHEN I am in
And I am within
I see myself
And I see wonder
I see the star beyond
And I yearn
To claim and be
To reach the preach
I feel the light
And in me the greater light
Set on a height
That can not hide
And I want to set
And to get and beget
Yet as the fallen
I am gross

I tried to catch whispers of night
Awakened in the fields of silence
My billows puffing smokes
As my ore remained aglow

I danced to the music of life
Swayed to its rhythm, right and left
Gently hugging the one I love
Brought warmth to my heart and soul

THE perspectives of things
The world looks larger than me
It appears like a dream
And the earth is it beam

Orange ambiance shades over me
Strange and bright it colors
While love takes over my being
In a far horizon setting it cling

Like a lonely adventurer path
Things I see that is to teach me
All I need to know about life
Its essence and truth and strife

How I wish true happiness finds my soul
And true blood runs in my vein
And I begin to live a true will
And watch as time stands still

IN the rustling of the winds
And silence of the eternal
In the gentle sway of shrubs
That is caught in the wind
In the tingling sensation of
Blown dust, and whistling air

Oh! wind were goes thou
I pray thee, carry me away
To a mythical land array
In the comfort of you wings
Where the throne lives on
And in praise and I worship
There is feast through all eternity
Yet, I must go with my body

DIFFERENT thoughts of thought
Flip through the pages of my thought
Pour me another thought, a tot
Draw me something to think, a drink

I tire of thinking what you have to think
I only think what I think, and
It is enough for a blink
My quiet mind has become a temple
Of sacred thoughts

` THE more I see
The more I become free
The less I look
It becomes easy to get of the hook

A lie, lies between believe
I want to know the truth of eve
All that has been forbidden
Has been eaten in the garden

Where fear has become a god
Enabled man has found in it a job
The ordinary mind being tampered
Know not at all of being pampered

GUIDE me into your sanctuary
Where I will worship you
Where I will know the center of your being
While I watch you burn away in ecstasy
While I perform the ritual of love and lust
I will posses your body with immortal pleasure
And allow your yearning pour over me
And with every thrust I will
Until you loose all sense of time and space

SILHOUETTE lurking in the corner of night
Where beauty comes alive in the signs of light
A lonely walk through beautiful houses
Silence walks with me as a companion
Keeping me awake and alive

Flipping through pages of my thoughts
You wouldn’t get to know a book by it cover
Deep down in the depths of dark oceans
Where you will find gold fishes glow
The beauty of life is bold and beautiful

Overwhelmed by the concept of love
A beautiful aura cast by candle light
As we join our hands across the super of love
This dark angel like ten thieves
Came to steal away my diamond heart

11. TRUTH OF GENESIS by Okizona Omang
WHO is the mother of Adam?
Who gave him life?
We know eve was his wife
Thus, the mother of his child

Yet, we ask who her mother-in-law was?
Who was her mother? Someone said Mother Nature
Oh! Mother Nature, the mother-in-law of the bride
And the groom, incest! I hope not

Incestuous figurative in genesis
No wonder the serpent came, nemesis
Evil is victor, good perishes
We were born as a taboo
And so shall we die, me and you
Or you and I, believe the truth, it’s time

YOU bring light to my life like the sun
Everyday at the breaking of the dawn
You are my star, my diamond in my sky
You are my beautiful bird, you are so fly

Like sweet lingering scent smell of rose
You stay on me all day like up close
Like a beautiful glow, I have come to adore you
You are beautiful than all feelings, I god you

I find for you everyday as finding forever
Because keeping you with me makes me better
Like rain clouds to you I pray, do not blow away
Like air around you I beg, always stay

Without you in my life I am nothing
Just as a beautiful wife means something
All things you are to me and all, my call
That is why I am and tall and never will fall

If you will, give me all the love I need
And for you alone, my soul will bleed
If you will, give me all that I need
And it will be only you I have indeed

I, having been purified, pure as fire
It has consumed me and all things
That are of me, that which I require
That my soul may rejoices, and it sings

Once, I was being cast in burden’s furnace
Where I called upon my Lord, Adonis ‘chi’
All things now are possible, and I chase
Within my heart, what the soul can see

Now I am free as a bird, a gentle dove
Flying over the earth, far and wide
And of knowledge, I found me wisdom’s love
As the first serpent thought me to abide

I choose neither right nor left, No!
I did rather walk the path of all or not
That has caused everything to be so
An unimaginable wisdom, which is sought

AS I approached the entrance
Seeing three dark robed monk
One on the left and on the right
Glowing in their heart’s place was light

The glow of these two lights
Where different but the same
The light being of the third, been given
By he who tended the eternal current unseen

I heard a great voice say
“Husbands, my sons have become unto me”
For it was the voice of the all mother
Her heart, broken by the light of love’s flame

”unto thee I come”, I said to her
But the third greeted me with a silent whisper
And I stayed in a dragon state
And beheld beauty clothed blue-gold

WHAT has moral got to do with dogma?
Where morals are the principles of man
And dogma the dictates of another man
The difference clouds my thought and manner

I once was conservative when I knew its science
And my potent potentials feasted in music and dance
And brought forth me merry in my clearance
With kine-energy bursting forces of audience

I had found wisdom as a pearl, encased in an oyster
Yet certain limits that were limitations to my will
Were elder beliefs, stagnant, not knowing, I kill
And I was brought to affirm before the council of stars

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  1. I love this collection… a beautiful set of poetic renditions telling tales about life’s canvass…

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